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Tue, Sep 29, 20

The first most sustainable thing we can do as beauty buyers is change our buying habits:

  • Buy fewer products (and choose quality, long-lasting products that multitask)
  • Choose sustainably packaged products wherever possible

And the next best thing we can do: recycle. Keep reading for facts and tips to help you navigate the confusing world of beauty recycling!   

We’ve decided not to accept that summer’s ending, so to keep it going all year long, we created our Never Ending Summer Bundle! A deliciously warm, sunset-inspired, glow-giving collection that’ll take you back to those lazy beach days while adding a dose of fall luxury. 

To celebrate this bundle (that’s only available for the month of September), we’re sharing our 14 favorite Summer Solstice looks created by all of you!

Are synthetics more sustainable than natural ingredients? The short answer: sometimes. The truth is, sustainable sourcing goes much deeper than natural vs synthetic – it’s a seriously in-depth process that’s A LOT to think about!

Keep reading to learn more about how we evaluate ingredients for sustainability, and why in some situations, a safe synthetic is the most sustainable option.

Say hello to our third supernatural blush palette! With two soft-focus peachy-pink and coral blushes and a luminous champagne gold highlighter that build effortlessly and blend seamlessly. 

Every shade can be worn alone or blended together for a multidimensional sheen.

Found in almost every compact, lipstick, and palette, magnets are a mainstay in the beauty world. They keep products shut, create that satisfying ‘click’, keep refillable inserts in place, and recently they’ve even been put inside products like false eyelashes and as actual ingredients in skincare masks (scary).

Whether dusted atop your cheekbones, patted under the brow bone, or packed onto the lids, there's no wrong way to bathe yourself in golden, yellow diamond-infused otherworldly shimmer #amiright!

In today's blog we're sharing all our favorite Supernova Crushed Yellow Diamond Highlighter looks created by you - lid looks, all-over-the-visage looks, and even a magical elixir to use as a light-catching body shimmer! 

Almost every cosmetic product contains some sort of palm oil or palm oil derivative. To grow palm oil, growers burn down forests to clear the land. Animals lose their homes, developers aggressively seize land from indigenous groups, and the fires give off huge amounts of greenhouse gases, formaldehyde, cyanide, and small particles that cause serious health conditions and many deaths. 

To share the love with all of you, we created our new Limited-Edition Protection Bundle: infused with our favorite spiritual protection crystals, and filled with vibrant, illuminating all-over shades to bring you joy and inspire your creativity!

The Protection Bundle includes:

  • Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Palette
  • Ruby Crystal Charged Cheek Palette 

A $102 Value for just $64 – that’s 38% OFF! Plus, Free Shipping!

Say hello to our Supernova Crushed Yellow Diamond Highlighter. It’s a bright gold yellow diamond-infused highlighter that’s beautiful for anyone craving a gilded glimmer, but specifically designed for deeper skin tones.

The texture is super soft, buttery, and deliciously blendable for that lustrous, twinkling, touched-by-the-sun golden glow. And with real diamonds built-in, you’ll quite literally shine like a canary yellow diamond.