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What Does Fair Trade Mean in Beauty?

Wed, Aug 17, 22

Fair Trade is a sustainable sourcing certification that protects workers, farmers, and the environment.

How can we have a more balanced, mindful relationship where both parties can thrive? Keep reading for all the ways we can #dobetter and love on the planet this Earth Day and every day.
From the beginning, we’ve designed all our packaging with recycled and biodegradable materials that could be easily recycled in your standard recycling bin. Having said that, the world of recycling has changed (with many facility closures) and standards vary in every area. So, we’ve put together a guide to help you recycle everything ĀTHR!
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The problem: when recycling streams become contaminated with trash, the costs of collection and processing go way up. With rising costs, these facilities start losing money and as a result of this issue, over 40% of the facilities in the U.S. have been forced to close down in the last five years.

Since the beginning, we’ve made recyclable packaging to ensure that none of our products would ever end up in a landfill. When we heard that hundreds of recycling facilities across the US were closing, we partnered up with TerraCycle so that customers without access to recycling could still recycle our products.

We’ve now made the switch from TerraCycle to Pact Collective. Keep reading to find out why + tips on what brands can do for more sustainable packaging (and how you sift through the claims as a beauty buyer).

In a long list of things we’ll never use (or do) for sustainability reasons, human rights reasons, and just plan #donoharm reasons, black plastic is high on that list. In today’s blog, we’re sharing the truth about black plastic in the hopes that we as consumers and brands can start eliminating it from our lives #justsayno.