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Tue, Dec 29, 20

Let’s all dance and sing and clap our hands that 2020 is O-V-E-R! As we say #bye to this year, and gratefully enter 2021, we step fully into the Age of Aquarius. Just like Aquarians themselves, this moment is about uplifting the collective. It’s about raising the vibrations of the whole by raising ourselves up individually - it means loving each other by loving ourselves.

In today’s blog, we’re sharing #goodvibesonly rituals to uplift your energy, raise up your consciousness, shake off last year’s bad juju, and enter 2021 feeling cosmically and joyfully aligned!  

All I want for Christmas is crystal charged shimmers and ludicrously luminous highlights! Even with just one week left to check off your list, it’s not too late to fill those stockings and trim that tree with the presents of their (or your) crystal infused dreams!

Whether you’re shopping for crystal lovers, bonafide beauty gals, new moms, sustainable ladies, or anything in-between, we have you covered with last-minute gift ideas to shower them in shimmer, drench them in crystals, and cover them in so much cosmically aligned color!

Today’s new moon and total solar eclipse falls in Sagittarius – the charismatic trailblazer of the zodiac whose adventurous, infectious energy we all need more in our life. It’s the perfect sign to usher in a new year and gratefully wave goodbye to the #nothanks that’s been 2020.

As with every new moon, now’s the time to rest, recharge, and allow your energy to recalibrate as a new lunar cycle begins. You may feel disruptions to your sleep schedule and periods of low-energy – embrace these shifts and listen to your body’s signals. Take time to listen, receive, and plan for activity later in the month. The addition of a solar eclipse signals a turning point that shifts the direction of something important in your life.

What does a 2020 Holiday look like? It might mean zoom parties instead of IRL festive gatherings. But in true 2020 fashion, when life throws us limitations, we find ways to keep things glimmering in new and never imagined ways.

So, whether you want to shower yourself in glitter and gold, or keep it more low key, we have a cosmic, crystal-infused look for you. Plus, we’ve created some ridiculously magical ĀTHR Beauty downloadable backgrounds to bring some celestial, crystal-charged ambience to every holiday call you answer.

How do we deal with the constantly changing moon energy? Connect with it! When we align our energy to the rhythms of the moon instead of fighting the natural celestial flow, everything seems to fall into place – it feels easy, natural, and meant-to-be. The lows don’t feel so low because we’re honoring what our spirit wants, and the highs feel higher because we’re ready for them when they come. Get ready for amazing coincidences and fateful synchronicities to become your everyday reality.   

We love learning how the cosmic energies of the stars, planets, and celestial bodies affect our lives here on earth. So, it’s only fitting that our holiday gift guide use the magic of the stars to help narrow down your holiday shopping list!

Whether you’re gifting yourself or someone else, we’ve put together a little help-you-decide guide to choosing the most astrologically aligned ĀTHR Beauty gift.

A palm-sized, curated collection of 4 cosmically aligned shadow shades in shimmer, matte, and metallic. Paint your lids with the stardusted magic of crystal-infused hues inspired by the super new moon.  

Expect our signature buttery, effortlessly blendable, skin-loving formula, just in a more petite package. And of course, both palettes are vegan, cruelty-free, crystal-charged, non-toxic, sustainably created, and fully recyclable. #nosacrificebeauty

A term coined by Jeannie Jarnot of Beauty Heroes, Blue Beauty is the new green beauty. It means safe, sustainably sourced ingredients PLUS ocean-safe ingredients and zero-waste packaging. It’s about limiting our impact on this planet and its inhabitants + actively contributing to a healthier planet.  

To be truly blue, brands must consider A LOT of different aspects in their product lifecycle. Keep reading to learn more about what it takes to be true blue.