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5 Desert Inspired Looks to Recreate Today with Your Desert Sunset Palette

Wed, Jan 19, 22

Skinminimalism is all about love and acceptance for our skin. It’s about embracing our natural texture, our freckles, our sun spots, and releasing the compulsion to hide our natural skin. It means embracing products that do more to nourish, hydrate, and glowify our skin to be its most naturally gorgeous self. 

2022 is here and it's the perfect year to throw away all your tried-and-true routines and embrace the new, new. Play with color, reminisce on spice girl moments and say goodbye to any color rules you had about blush. Keep reading for the 6 top beauty trends to try no matter what mood you're in. 

This mascara truly does it all - it lengthens, strengthens, and fortifies for a fan of full, glossy, super strong lashes that won’t flake or smudge. Infused with black diamond for a lustrous shine and diamond-level strength + nourishing plant-based ingredients to prevent breakage. Just one swipe for sky-high lashes that last from dawn till dusk. 

Falling on Wednesday, October 6th this month’s new moon is in the balance-loving sign of Libra – the undisputed Queen of Harmony. Libra brings its effortlessly social, fun, calming energy to this lunar cycle - an uplifting, connection-building vibe that we all need more of right now!

The problem: when recycling streams become contaminated with trash, the costs of collection and processing go way up. With rising costs, these facilities start losing money and as a result of this issue, over 40% of the facilities in the U.S. have been forced to close down in the last five years.

Since the beginning, we’ve made recyclable packaging to ensure that none of our products would ever end up in a landfill. When we heard that hundreds of recycling facilities across the US were closing, we partnered up with TerraCycle so that customers without access to recycling could still recycle our products.

We’ve now made the switch from TerraCycle to Pact Collective. Keep reading to find out why + tips on what brands can do for more sustainable packaging (and how you sift through the claims as a beauty buyer).