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Tue, Feb 23, 21

Fluorinated chemicals like Teflon don't break down in the environment – they’re found in oceans, local waterways, and in animals, fish, and people. They’ve even been found in super remote regions in the polar ice caps.

How does this happen? Let’s say a face wash with PTFE is washed down the drain – it then enters our waterways and gets ingested by fish, which eventually end up on human plates. Once it enters the body (human or animal), it just continues to accumulate, never breaking down.

Vday is all about embracing the energy of LOVE! So, whether you’re treating your bestie for galentines, shopping for your beauty-obsessed lady, or just showing yourself some crystal-infused love, we’ve got the gift for you.

All our Vday picks are infused with Rose Quartz – the stone directly connected to your heart chakra. This rose-colored stone helps you open your spirit to the energy of love – aligning and unblocking your heart chakra.  

It’s no secret that women of color have been seriously underrepresented in the clean beauty space for a long time. But the truth is, black women have been creating gorgeous products with clean, sustainably sourced natural ingredients far before clean was even a thing. So today, we’re spotlighting and spreading the world on some innovative, black-owned beauty brands to support today and everyday. 

While Mercury Retrograde has become known as a dreaded messenger of mix-ups, miscommunication, and madness, we firmly believe that when we align ourselves with the energy of the universe instead of fighting it, life will always be in harmonious flow.  

So, we’ve put together a mercury retrograde mini manual for each zodiac sign! We chat about how this retrograde might affect you, and how to not only get through it, but use this powerful energy to propel yourself upwards and onwards! 

Even though most of us were stuck at home 24/7 this year, beauty was still very much alive. Lockdown (and possibly boredom) awakened our creativity and we experimented with everything eyes, perfected our zoom meeting glow, and took ah-maazing care of our skin (plus gave it a much need break from foundation).

Now in 2021, with many of us still living the lockdown (or semi-lockdown) life, we’ll keep upping our beauty game whether it’s paired with pyjamas or actual go-outside ensembles.   

A month-long compassion challenge, Veganuary is your chance to try out the vegan life for the month of January. While it started with just food, Veganuary is broadening its horizons to include vegan beauty, skincare, and fashion. Keep reading to find out:

  • Why take part in Veganuary?
  • All the ways to participate: food, beauty, and fashion.
  • All the resources to get you on your merry, vegan way.

The first new moon of 2021 falls in the steadfast, tireless, goal-oriented sign of Capricorn. As a cardinal earth sign, Capricorn is the initiator of projects – always presenting groundbreaking new ideas, and working hard to bring them to fruition.

New Moons are a time for recharging, resetting, and planning for the month ahead. It’s a time of new beginnings and direction changes. With Capricorn in charge this month, we’re inspired to #makeithappen, achieve our goals, and lay the groundwork for our future.

In our new face-half-covered life, why not kick up the shadow drama a notch, get creative and maybe a touch theatrical (even if it’s only seen by you)? Keep reading for 10 of our favorite Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Palette looks – our Amethyst-infused, deliciously regal, ode to the color purple.    

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