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How to Celebrate Women's Equality Day Today & Everyday

Mon, Aug 23, 21

While women have come a long way since the 1920s, there's still work to be done for true equality. Keep reading for more about the gender gap that still exists, plus how you can fight for women’s equality today and everyday. 

Summer vacay beauty is all about products that multitask and give that effortless, all-day, playing-in-the-waves, under the moonlight, touched-by-a-sunbeam, hydrated glow. It’s about packing light and shining bright. Keep reading for our fave do-it-all ATHR Beauty must-haves that will beautify your summer vacay (and keep your luggage light!) 

The stars have aligned to bring your crystal dusted wishes to life. The Rose Quartz Gemstone Palette has returned, this time reimagined, revamped, and only $48! The new 10 pan palette includes 3 of your favorite, OG, can’t-live-without shades, and 7 completely new, magically cosmic, crystal-infused shades that will stir up your shadow-loving soul! Available for pre-order now!

Keep reading for the full tea on what we’ve changed, and what we’ve left alone (because you don’t mess with perfection).

Mercury is taking its second backwards spin of the year, this time in the slightly frenetic sign of Gemini. This time, air signs Aquarius and Libra will get an easy ride, while mutable  signs Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo will weather a rougher storm.

In a long list of things we’ll never use (or do) for sustainability reasons, human rights reasons, and just plan #donoharm reasons, black plastic is high on that list. In today’s blog, we’re sharing the truth about black plastic in the hopes that we as consumers and brands can start eliminating it from our lives #justsayno.

We love aligning ourselves with the cosmic energies of the universe and harnessing that mystical universal energy and applying it to our own lives! Today's blog is about one of the year's major astrological events, the spring equinox - what it its, how it can affect us, and how to apply its energy to our lives. 

Oh and just to make the start of spring that much brighter, we're giving you 25% off everything ATHR using code SOLSTICE! 

Falling on Saturday March 13th, this month’s new moon falls in Pisces – the deep-feeling, almost psychic, intuitive of the zodiac. Pisces brings an imaginative, dreamy energy – a merging of heart and head, emotions and thoughts.

Like all new moons, now’s the perfect time to reset your energy, and love on yourself as a new lunar cycle begins. Think of as a reset – time to release anything holding you back, manifest what you want more in your life, and give yourself permission to just be. Keep reading for how the new moon can affect your mood, plus how to maximize the Pisces new moon energy. 

Today’s blog is all about our crowdfunding campaign with start-up investment specialists, Republic!  If you’re a beauty lover and want to invest in the growth of our small, industry-disrupting clean beauty brand, join our campaign and invest with as little as $100!

Keep reading for more details like:

  • Who we are
  • Why invest in Āether Beauty
  • Women and investing: the stats that matter
  • How this investment works
  • What we’ll use the capital for