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Why We're a Benefit Corporation

Sat, Jun 08, 19

We're so proud to have ĀTHR Beauty recognized as a Benefit Corporation. We're fully and completely aligned with their mission to use business as a force for public good

Good for you + good for your skin + good for the planet #goodvibesbeauty

Natural is good, synthetics are evil. Sound familiar? While we are all about non-toxic, organic, sustainable clean beauty, sometimes natural is not the best option. Keep reading for: 

  • Synthetic vs Natural: what do these terms even mean?
  • Does natural = non-toxic?
  • The synthetics we use and why - our vetting process. 

Cassandra's advice: choose an eyeshadow that applies easily with just one swipe, or that has a coverage that’s very buildable. One swipe of the shadow should give you the pigment you’re looking for, or at least a base to keep building up the color with.

On ĀTHR Beauty: the formulas are very creamy and soft – just a light touch will give you major color payoff. 

What we see in these photos is what we wish for you: to feel beautiful, free, uninhibited, and full of joy and light. Read on to see:

  • The shades brought to life through Chelsea's gorgeous self.
  • Tips on how to wear the shimmers, mattes, metallics, duo-chromes, and satin shades in your palette. Plus, 
  • How to embody the Summer Solstice energies in your life.

Today we're diving into the ĀTHR to show you how we created the industry's first fully sustainable, #zerowaste eyeshadow palette. 

Why does this matter? Waste and plastic pollution is a massive problem in every industry, but did you know that the cosmetics industry alone takes up 1/3 of all landfill space and produces over 120 billion units of packaging?

With all the buzz around vegan cosmetics, it may seem like all your fave makeup items are probably vegan. Because really, what animal product could you possibly need in your eyeshadow? While it’s true, vegan options are growing (by 175% in the last 5 years according to GNPD), the truth is, animal by-products are still very common in cosmetics.