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Sun, Aug 18, 19

This ingredient was first in the spotlight a few years ago when users of a popular mineral makeup line were having allergic reactions to their bismuth oxychloride-based products. It exploded on the internet and people started avoided any product containing this ingredient. So, what’s the deal? Is this ingredient safe? Can it cause allergic reactions? 

    You know those little cards at the crystal shop that tell you the meaning/benefits of each crystal? Do you ever wonder how they come up with these meanings? And how the crystals actually work? Keep reading to find out: 

    • The science behind crystals – how they affect us
    • Crystals and your chakras
    • Our Crystal Shop - our fave high-vibe crystals for chakra balancing
    • Crystal-infused ATHR Beauty products 

      Sephora is refining what clean means to them by expanding their no-no list to 50 ingredients that all ‘Clean at Sephora’ products must be formulated without!

      We’re here with tips and truths for your Plastic-Free July (and beyond). Keep reading for:

      • Why this movement matters
      • The truth about recycling
      • How to cut down your plastic usage
      • Recycling tips & truths
      It’s that time again - computer glitches, flight delays, emotional ups and downs, texts from your ex: Mercury Retrograde has arrived. While many of us know retrograde as the ultimate disruptor, downer, chaos-creator, we’re here to give you some tips to turn that darkness into light!
      As a cruelty-free & vegan brand, we want to do everything we can to end animal cruelty in cosmetics. We're here to share the truth and help you make informed, aligned, and compassionate buying decisions

      Summer is here! And our Summer Solstice palette is back in stock just in time for bonfires at sundown and dancing until dawn. 

      To celebrate its return, we're showing you how to create three star-dusted Summer Solstice looks

      We use a combination of natural and synthetic mica. When we use natural mica, we source only from suppliers in the US or Malaysia. These areas have (and enforce) ethical labor standards which prevent the use of child labor. We avoid all mica from India or Madagascar where labor standards are unregulated and child labor is rampant. 
      Today’s a special day for us – ĀTHR Beauty’s 1st anniversary! To celebrate, we sat down with our Founder, Tiila to chat about how it all started, the highs, the lows, and what’s coming next!