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Tue, Jan 07, 20

Here’s the truth: so many things we’ve come to love, that are beautiful and sparkly,  convenient and disposable, that bring joy to our lives, are really just insanely bad for the planet. Glitter is sadly one of those things.

So, in today’s blog we’re chatting about the not so glittery truth about glitter. But also, how to get that irresistible sparkle and shine minus the environmental impact

Four magical words to bring all the radiant, stardusted light to your life: Supernova. Crushed. Diamond. Highlighters. 

Infused with ethically sourced diamonds, these highlighters are like nothing the clean beauty world has ever seen – pure sparkle, no fillers, just glimmering, glistening sparkle and shine. Seriously though, with real diamond powder, you’ll quite literally shine like a diamond.

Joy to the World – the OG, cult-favourite, sold-out Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette is finally back in stock and ready to ship! Just in time to treat yo self and cover your lids and your life in crystal infused happiness. 

To celebrate, we’ve sharing our favourite Rose Quartz looks that you’ve all created with step-by-step guides so you can recreate every look yourself.  

You might guess with a name like ĀTHR Beauty that we love the cosmos – the stars, the Moon, and all the mystical energies that weave their magic through our lives. So, today let’s dive deep into that Moon magic:  

  • How and why the Moon affects us
  • What each moon phase means and how to make the most of it
  • Moon-inspired products to get you in the moonlit mood. 
  • Charging your crystal-infused palettes in the moonlight
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Happy Thanksgiving beauties! To celebrate, we’re sharing our gratitude + giving you 30% off site-wide until Dec. 1st! So, let’s give thanks, and give gifts to all those we’re grateful for. And maybe a gift for yourself for all that Black Friday shopping stamina ;)
Let’s deck the halls with sustainable, #goodvibesonly gifts that bring joy to the world (and to every being on it). Nice to the animals, nice to this planet, and nice to the lucky ladies (and gents) on your gift-giving list!

How important is it to know where your products are made - in which factories and by which people? What about knowing how much workers are being paid or if they’re being treated fairly?

In today’s blog, we’re sharing the unfortunate conditions and realities in some factories in China and around the world. When we know better, when we open our eyes to the truth, change can begin. Keep reading to learn more!