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Spring Equinox: What it Means + SURPRISE SALE

Tue, Mar 17, 20

We’re entering Spring during the most surreal season of most of our lives. Many of us are stuck at home and overall the energy doesn’t feel very springy. So, we’re here with some much-needed light and perspective for the new season! 

    It’s sort of an oxymoron situation: we use crystals for healing, transformation, beauty, and wellness, yet some crystals can also be the source of incredible human suffering and planetary degradation. So, what’s the answer? Keep reading for:

    • The crystal craze
    • The dark side of crystals
    • How we source our crystals
    • The physical & metaphysical benefits of all the crystals we use
    • How to find ethically-sourced crystals
    • What you can do about this issue

    So, bioplastics – where did that topic come from? Well, we've gotten this question a few times from you - the super discerning, dig-deep-for-truth beautiful people that you are! You've seen bioplastics pop up in beauty packaging, you want to know the whole truth, and we are so here for it!

    Keep reading for:

    • What is bioplastic, how is it made, & why was it created?
    • Are bioplastics the answer? The drawbacks.
    • Biodegradable vs degradable vs compostable vs recyclable
    • Where to send bioplastic/plastic when we’re done with it
    • How to reduce our plastic usage overall 

    Whether you're celebrating your love for yourself or for someone else this Vday, let's take this chance to bring a little crystal-infused love and light to our beauty looks! 

    In an ode to all things love, we’ve put together a little collection of your most romantic looks using our three favorite love-inspired products:

    • The OG Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette
    • Our new Supernova Crushed Pink Diamond Highlighter, and
    • Our new Radiant Ruby Lip Crème (available only at Sephora online)!

    In today’s blog, we’re telling the truth about cosmetic packaging, and helping you decipher the truth from the claims when it comes to sustainability. Keep reading for:

    • The current packaging situation in beauty
    • Terracycle: the end-all solution or a band-aid?
    • Why we use Terracycle
    • Why recycling began in the first place
    • How we do sustainability
    • The never-recyclable packaging elements to watch out for

    As creators of the world’s first fully-recyclable eyeshadow palette and first fully recyclable & 100% recycled plastic lip component, we take sustainable packaging seriously. In fact, we refuse to launch any product until we’ve found a fully recyclable, sustainable way to package it.  

    That’s why we’re so excited to announce our new partnership with Terracycle, a recycling company that’s taking waste-transformation to the next level!

    There’s a trend in the beauty world at the moment to bash clean beauty. And while much of the uproar is just plain mind-boggling and uninformed, there is a nugget of truth that we want to address. And that topic is ‘Cleanwashing’. In today’s blog we’re chatting about: 

    • What does clean mean?
    • What is cleanwashing? And how to spot it.
    • How to vet products and choose truly clean
    • The ingredients to look for & avoid 
    • Our stance on clean
    • Clean at Sephora: is it cleanwashing?
    • What you can do for safer, cleaner beauty