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Is Clean Beauty Safer Beauty?

Tue, May 12, 20

Today we’re chatting about what makes beauty products safe (as in bacteria-free) – in both the clean and conventional world. Keep reading for: 

  • What is Clean Beauty and how did it start?
  • But is clean beauty a scam?
  • The safety of clean beauty (and all beauty)
  • Why preservation & how it works
  • True or false: conventional beauty is preserved well and clean beauty isn't
  • The types of preservatives & how we preserve our products

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve created our new Limited-Edition All You Need is Love bundle: a crystal-infused, ode-to-pink trio to gift or split #oneforyouoneforme. Because all you need is love – well, and maybe some crystal-charged blushes, shadows, and highlighters ;)

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The All You Need Is Love Bundle includes:

  • Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette
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In an ode to our new hemp-infused Joshua Tree Palette, we’re talking all things hemp -  the miracle plant that not only gives a gorgeous glow to our shadows, but is truly transformative for the environment. Keep reading for all the ways that hemp benefits this beautiful planet we call home!  

Inspired by the rainbow vistas of the Mojave Desert. IG-worthy sunsets, sprawling sandscapes, and the juxtaposition of sharp-angled Joshua Trees with bright, calming wildflowers. Our new Joshua Tree Palette is an elevated rainbow that captures the artful magic of the stunning Mojave Desert landscape.

Slow beauty, much like slow fashion, is a more thoughtful and aligned approach to producing and consuming cosmetics. It means taking the time to evaluate our beauty products’ impact on the planet, on people, and on animals.

It means choosing consciously and producing sustainably for better quality, ethically-created products that aren’t just a try-and-toss impulse buy. It means sustainability for the planet, but also joy for the individual.

Bathed in radiance, dusted in luminosity, gilded in glow – the Crystal Charged Cheek Palettes are the rosy-cheeked answers to your crystal infused prayers!

These supernatural cheek palettes come with 2 soft-focus blushes and 1 luminous highlighter that builds effortlessly and blends seamlessly. Every shade can be worn on its own or blended together for a multidimensional sheen. Available exclusively on our site and Sephora online

The best way to combat the darkness: be the light! In a situation like this, with so much fear and uncertainty, how can we shift our perspective to see the pockets of light, to find lessons in the gloom? 

Keep reading for:

  • Some silver linings of this pandemic
  • Lessons to take with us when this is all over
  • How we're giving back to help fight this pandemic and heal the planet 

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We get asked almost daily “how do I choose between your eyeshadow palettes?!” So, we’ve put together a little guide to help you make up your mind!