It’s peachy, it’s beachy, it’s positively dreamy. We’re diving into Pantone’s Color of the year and recreating Hailey Beiber’s go-to peachy beachy summer look using our Summer Solstice Palette – an irresistible ode to golden hour with not one, but two rich peach hues in both matte and metallic. 

The color of joy and warmth, peach is the vibe for summer – easy, effortless, and full of completely present moments of unexpected joy and meaningful connections made over sunset toasts and beachside jaunts.

Keep scrolling for an easy step-by-step guide to recreating this sunkissed, peach creamsicle look with just two Summer Solstice Palette shadows for lids, lips, and cheeks. Oh and ICYMI, your favorite palette is coming back to stay and play this Summer Solstice! Alexa, cue the countdown. 

athr beauty summer solstice palette

Why you’ll love our Summer Solstice Palette

Designed to capture the delicious sunlit magic of summer, from that glass of wine on the patio to a full day lounging by the water, or that perfect spur of the moment beachside bonfire you still talk about. Warm, golden, and filled with all the light peachy tones and velvety luxurious dark tones, she’s a glowy by the water energy and a dramatic cocktails at dusk moment all in one.

Infused with amber, rubies, and topaz, she’s not just aesthetic, deeply pigmented, and effortlessly blendable, she’s nourishing on a soul level - balancing, replenishing, and infusing your energy with positivity, abundance, power, and creativity.

With mattes, metallics, shimmers, satin, and duo chromes, she has a sundrenched texture, finish, and tone for every mood and moment this summer.

peachy beachy makeup

How to create the peachy beachy look

We’re fully embracing the bronzey peaches and cream energy with this monochromatic look. Using only two deeply pigmented peach shades for lips, lids, and cheeks for an effortless yet otherworldly aesthetic that takes less time than your morning Starbucks run.

Peaches and cream eyes

  • Apply ‘Sol’ all over the lids and along the lower lash line. Dust Solar Eclipse overtop for a metallic sheen.
  • Pat “Citrine” into the center of the lid and the inner corner for a pop of shine that brightens the eyes.
  • Wet a thin brush, then dip into ‘Sistere’ and draw a thin winged liner at the outer corner.

Just peachy blush and Highlight

  • For a matte peach cheek, dust ‘Sol’ over the apples of your cheeks and across your the bridge of your nose.
  • For a blush that gleams, dust ‘Solar Eclipse’ on top.
  • Apply ‘Citrine’ and on the high points of your face for an instant multifaceted highlight.

Peach Cobbler lips

  • For a matte peach lip, apply ‘Sol’ to your lips using your finger or a brush. Finish with a lip balm or gloss for the perfect peachy pout.
  • For a shimmery metallic peach lip, pop on ‘Solar Eclipse’ before your balm or gloss.

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