Hello ATHR Beauties!

It has been A WHILE, and we are so, so excited to be back! To celebrate our relaunch and leave no detail unshared, we sat down with Audrey, the woman behind the relaunch, to chat about what's to come. Keep reading to find out which OG products are returning, what new products are coming (eek!), and whether or not we're going to change everything you know and love about ATHR (hint: that's a big no). 


Tell us a little bit about you & your background in beauty and music

Beauty and music are deeply woven into my personal and professional life. They are a part of my biological makeup. As an award-winning, multi-platinum DJ and Producer, I’ve had the pleasure of working with incredibly talented people in both industries—composing original music, overseeing the creative direction, and starring in campaigns for brands like Heineken, Sephora, and Dolls Kills. When I retired from my music career, I wanted to create a company that combined my passions and supported emerging music artists' growth through beauty brands.

Today, Gostrider is a portfolio company of award-winning brands dedicated to supporting the growth and success of music artists by creating innovative brands that reflect their unique styles and images, enabling them to connect with their fans on a deeper level.

Our strategic partnerships and unique approach ensure the growth of the artist’s fanbase and listeners, empowering them to achieve their full potential by connecting them to a broader audience while simultaneously elevating the beauty industry.  

After the success of multiple music-led beauty brands, we couldn’t resist the call of ATHR Beauty, a much-beloved, cult favorite, sustainable beauty brand that has it all – innovative, clean formulas, sustainable packaging, and cosmic magic woven into every aspect of the brand. After meeting Tiila, whose expertise came from her position as a former Product Developer and Head of Sustainability at Sephora, we knew without a doubt that we had found a brand we could support and grow.

Speaking of cosmic magic, what’s your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign?

Sun: Aries

Moon: Scorpio

Rising: Taurus

Intense, I know!

Why were you drawn to ATHR Beauty?

Have you tried the eyeshadows?! Your life will never be the same once you feel that blend. But mostly, we were just so excited about the community of ATHR Beauties, who are passionate about the products, the sustainable packaging and ingredient sourcing, and the cosmic goodness ATHR shares. Even a year after closing, 45,000 people on Instagram couldn’t bring themselves to unfollow – it’s a connection that runs deep. The amount of creativity and artistry constantly being shared by that community is so fun to watch and be a part of. 

We couldn’t wait to announce ATHR’s return, and the reactions did not disappoint! The community is bursting with excitement; it’s infectious – we're all buzzing, waiting for launch day.   

What products are you launching with? And when??

We’re bringing back four of our bestsellers with the same formulas everyone knows and loves:

  • The Big Bang Mascara
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Eyeshadow Quad
  • Citrine Crystal Eyeshadow Quad
  • Summer Solstice Crystal Eyeshadow Palette

AND we’re launching three brand new products we cannot wait for everyone to try (with the same clean standards, high-pigment dreamy formulas, and sustainable packaging, of course):

  • The Comeback Mascara
  • Infinity Eyeliner
  • Aurora Glow Lip Oil

We’re launching on June 20th, the Summer Solstice—exactly six years after Athr Beauty originally launched in 2018—and there are many more surprises and delights to come.

athr beauty relaunch

Can you tell us a little more about the new products? Just some hints!

I don’t want to give too much away but what I’ll say is:

The Comeback Mascara: this mascara is simply incredible—no, scratch that, it's IMPRESSIVE! Its ability to stay put without smudging or transferring above or below my eyes sets it apart for me. This is especially important for me because I have oily skin, and regular mascaras tend to smudge a lot during the day. And the best part? It gives my lashes a stunning 'Va Va Voom' look that mimics false lashes without the hassle. 

Infinity Eyeliner: this eyeliner is a game-changer for many reasons! One of the things I love about it is how well it stays in place. The applicator is perfect for both young and older eyes as it goes on smoothly without skipping, making applying eyeliner a breeze and so much more fun. The fine point at the base of the brush allows for precise application, which I really appreciate. The fact that it works so well for all eye types is a really great feature, catering to a wide range of individuals with different eye shapes. I'm really impressed with its versatility!

Aurora Glow Lip Oil: this super juicy lip oil is designed to infuse your lips with deep hydration while providing a stunning, multifaceted shine that's ideal for the summer season. It is formulated to be glossy without any stickiness, and its nourishing properties come from a blend of organic oils and carefully selected plant extracts.

You know how some brands get bought out and then change everything that made the brand great? Tell us that’s not the case!

We know better than to mess with ATHR's magic! We’ve always seen how special ATHR Beauty is, and we’re simply here to continue the legacy with the same clean standards, innovative, high-performance formulas, sustainable packaging, and ethical practices.

The relaunch will bring several exciting updates to our product line, including new and innovative formulations, an extended range of more must-have, crystal-charged products, and original products that our customers know and adore, like the most blendable, buttery eyeshadows on the planet! 

ATHR Beauty customers can trust that our formulations and brand position will remain unchanged, and they will continue to receive the same level of quality they know and love. They can expect the same level of genuine care and commitment from us, and we can’t wait to get to know each and every ATHR Beauty wearer, see all your looks, and continue to create products you love to wear. 

athr beauty makeup

Is Tiila, the original Founder still involved?

Yes! Tiila is still involved in ATHR, and we are committed to upholding her values and high standards. If you’ve ever met Tiila or watched one of her interviews, you know she is uncompromising in her integrity, transparency, and commitment to fair, ethical, and sustainable practices. She does not cut corners and always digs deep for the most innovative, high-performing, earth-friendly answer and we are committed to continue operating at that level.  

What are your plans for the future?

We are collaborating with several boutique retailers to carry our products for the 2024 holiday season. By 2026, we aim to make ATHR available in our original 1,200 retail locations, including major retailers such as Sephora, Credo, The Detox Market, Free People, Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie, and Douglas.

Truly, the limit does not exist for our growth, and with the overwhelming support we’ve seen from the ATHR community, we know this relaunch will be a great success. Together, we can achieve greatness and make a positive impact on both the beauty industry and the world at large.


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