We love thinking about how the cosmos influence and shape our lives. Combine the magic of the stars with our love of beauty, and we're so here for it. 

We matched our shadows to your sun sign (the position of the sun when you were born), but if you resonate more with your moon sign or rising sign, those can fit too! If you haven't learned about either, that's a whole other ether for you to dive into! Start by calculating your birth chart, then look up your moon and rising signs individually. 

So let's get started on how we can paint our lids (and our lives) with the magic of the stars. 


Your color: red

As the first sign of the Zodiac, you blaze the trail. And we mean literally blaze. Your color is red because you’re ablaze with fire – a passion to achieve the life you envision. Your ruling planet, Mars, ‘The Red Planet’, is the most eye-catching color, just like you. You can’t help but draw attention with your energy, excitement, and strong point of view.  

Your Palette: Desert Sunset Palette

Your shades are rich, dramatic, and eye-catching - hues of red to stir your soul and enhance your natural luster. Amber infusions further awaken that fiery, passionate spirit within.

Afterglow – Copper to brown duo-chrome shimmer

Sedona – Dark sienna brown matte

Sunrise – Bronze to gold duo-chrome shimmer 


Your color: pink

You’re the anchor in the zodiac, and the same is true in your life. You’re blessed with lifelong friendships and partnerships thanks to your honest, trustworthy, and drama-free nature. You work hard but also thoroughly enjoy the fruits of your labor. Ruled by the feminine planet, Venus, you love to indulge in the luxurious, the sensual, and the transformative. Your spirit color is pink, symbolizing the feminine energy that you are.

Your Palette: Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette

Honoring your spirit color, these shades are soft, romantic, and oh-so indulgent. Rose Quartz crystal energies deepen your connection to your heart’s desires. 

Vibes – Warm rose metallic, infused with rose quartz

Moonstone – light white pink shimmer, infused with rose quartz

Quartz – Light pink sparkle topper, infused with rose quartz

Universe – Pink to peach duo-chrome, infused with rose quartz




Your color: yellow

Your two-sided, quick-witted nature means a magical ability to adapt your energy and connect with anyone. Your spirit color is yellow, symbolizing your life-giving, always optimistic self. You’re as warm as the sun, brightening the lives of everyone around you.

Your Palettes: Desert Sunset Palette & Citrine Crystal Eyeshadow Quad

Shadows in soft yellow tones help focus the mind and channel your energy. You’re an enchanting, inspiring force when you’re aligned with your truth. Yellow citrine and amber help bring your highest intentions to life.

Citrine – Warm gold shimmer, infused with citrine – Citrine Crystal Eyeshadow Quad

Desert Sand – Sand matte, infused with amber – Desert Sunset Palette

Golden Hour – Antique gold metallic, infused with amber – Desert Sunset Palette


Your colors: white and silver

You’re intuitive, deep, and in touch with your emotions. Some may even call you psychic with your uncanny ability to sense the intentions and feelings of others. Follow that intuitive voice, it’s the deeper truth within you. Ruled by the moon, your spirit colors of white and silver reflect its bright, reflective surface and symbolize your pure spirit and clarity of vision.

Your Palette: Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette

Mirroring the colors of the moon, your shades enhance your internal clarity and deepen your connection to the divine. Rose quartz infusions activate the heart chakra – opening the mind and spirit to feelings of understanding, love, and compassion.

Moonstone – Light white pink shimmer, infused with rose quartz

Trust – Light pink to violet gray duo-chrome metallic


Your color: gold

You’re the Queen of the Jungle - the regal lioness. The name is fitting, you’re a natural-born leader, though a benevolent Queen you’ll always be. Ruled by the sun, your confident exterior houses a warm heart and generous, loyal spirit. You’re passionate, adventurous, and always ready to fight for justice. Gold is your spirit color, a symbol of the warmth, power, and positivity within you.

Your Palette: Desert Sunset Palette

Lustrous, glistening shades of gold awaken your lioness spirit and bring forth the light that you are. Amber crystal energies enhance your natural self-confidence and stimulate your creative expression.

Golden Hour – Antique gold metallic, infused with amber

Eternal – Golden bronze metallic, infused with amber

Manifest – Bronze to gold duo-chrome shimmer, infused with amber


Your colors: green and dark brown

You’re an always-grounded Earth sign, and like the majestic plants of this Earth, you’re always growing, beautifying, and reaching closer to the perfection you strive for. As a natural-born organizer, your life is enviably Pinterest-perfect, but luckily, you’ll always share your secrets. Your spirit colors of brown and green symbolize your stability and meticulously ordered approach to life.  

Your Palettes: Desert sunset palette & Moonlight Crystal Palette

Earth-toned shades symbolize your connection to the natural order of life, bringing calm and serenity to your everyday. Amber and Sapphire crystals transform negative energies into creative, positive action. 

Mesquite – Dark brown matte infused with amber – Desert Sunset Palette

Libra – Spring green duo-chrome metallic – Moonlight Crystal Palette

Afterglow – Copper to brown duo-chrome shimmer – Desert Sunset Palette



Your colors: pink and light blue

If harmony was a person, it would be you. You’re the master of diplomacy, bringing peace to every situation. Your internal life is rich and colorful – dreaming up the grandest of visions with your ever-vibrant imagination. You see the big picture, and you have a gift for communicating your vision to others. Your spirit colors of pink and light blue symbolize your calming, creative presence.

Your Palette: Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette

Hues of light pink symbolize your penchant for connection and imagination. Rose quartz crystals inspire the love of beauty – in yourself, in others, and in the world around you.

Quartz – Light pink sparkle topper, infused with rose quartz

Self Love – Rose to pink duo-chrome shimmer, infused with rose quartz

Universe – Pink to peach duo-chrome sparkle topper, infused with rose quartz


Your colors: black and deep red

You’re expressive, independent, and a little bit mysterious. That scorpion shell may look tough, but inside you’re soft – deeply connected to your emotions. Your beliefs are strong and you’ll never turn down a debate - expressing your truth is essential to who you are. Your spirit colors, black and deep red symbolize your constant transformation, always questioning, releasing, and moving forward.  

Your Palettes: ALL

Look for the deepest, richest, most enigmatic shade in every palette, symbolizing your strong and passionate spirit. There’s even a moody, sexy shade named just for you! Rose Quartz crystals help balance intensity with compassion, while Amber crystals transform negative emotions into creative action.

Scorpio – Rose brown matte, infused with rose quartz – Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette

Trust – Light pink to violet gray duo-chrome metallic, infused with Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette

Balance – Dark sienna brown matte, infused with amber – Desert Sunset Palette

Afterglow – Copper to brown duo-chrome shimmer, infused with amber – Desert Sunset Palette

Eclipse  Purple black metallic, infused with sapphire - Moonlight Crystal Palette


Your color: rich purple

You’re the trendsetter, the groundbreaker, the innovator. Never afraid to go against the grain, you love adventure, travel, and exploring the world and your own imagination. You always tell the truth, whether it’s pretty or not. This honesty inspires a strong sense of trust – everyone knows you’ll never spill the tea. Your spirit color, purple symbolizes your natural luck and positivity, and encourages constant growth and exploration.

Your Palette: Moonlight Crystal Palette

The highest vibration color, purple symbolizes your connection with the divine – the place where your inspiration and creativity flows from. Sapphire crystals inspire continuous growth protects against negative energies.

Manifest – Amethyst metallic, infused with sapphire

Insight  Lilac shimmer, infused with sapphire

Psyche – Electric violet duo-chrome, infused with sapphire

Eclipse – Purple-black metallic, infused with sapphire


Your colors: earth gray and brown

You embody the saying “create your own reality”. You put in the work, follow the plan, and always reach your goals on schedule. You never take shortcuts, and always present the perfect picture – you can tell with just one at your flawlessly curated Instagram feed. Your spirit colors grey and brown symbolize your stability, reliability, and never-fail structure.

Your Palettes: ALL

Your muted, sage-like shades complement your stable, steadfast spirit. Not to mention, they’ll create a gorgeous, earthy smoky eye! Rose Quartz balances practicality with passion, while sapphire and amber heals the mind, body and spirit while providing your skin with radiance and brightness.

Sandstone – Neutral tan matte, infused with rose quartz – Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette

Sedona – Dark sienna brown matte, infused with amber- Desert Sunset Palette

Intention – Charcoal gray matte, infused with sapphire – Moonlight Crystal Palette


Your colors: electric blue and turquoise

You’re an independent – truly unique, a little bit eccentric, and always evolving. You’re utterly unconcerned with labels, and always concerned with the greater good. You see the deeper truth – the big-picture that others may not. Your spirit color, electric blue, symbolizes your role as ‘water bearer’ and mirrors your blue-colored planet, Uranus. This color encourages the smooth flow of ideas, interaction, and experimentation. 

Your Palette: Moonlight Crystal Palette

This vibrant blue hue feels very Aquarius – unique, creative, and uncommonly brilliant. Infused with Sapphire, one of the most sacred stones, this crystal helps facilitates self-expression, allowing you to express your truth, and connect to a deeper understanding of yourself.

Sapphire – Teal black duo-chrome, infused with sapphire



Your colors: ocean greens and blues

You are creative, smart and incredibly perceptive – perhaps even a little psychic. Your balance of deep internal knowing and logical processing is impressive to witness. Never lonely, you prefer small groups or time alone to balance your inner and outer selves. You’re sensitive, but not just internally – you deeply feel the emotions of others as well. Your spirit colors, green and blue encourage healing, renewal, and a deep connection with your inner self.  

Your Palette: Moonlight Crystal Palette

Colors of the ocean help filter your intense emotions and insights through a lens of calm, healing energy. Sapphire allows you to express the truth you know intuitively, and tourmaline transforms heavy energy into joyful, creative action.

Sapphire – Teal black duo-chrome shimmer, infused with sapphire

Ritual – Teal matte, infused with sapphire



Thanks for tuning in to find out your cosmic eyeshadow matches! Did our shade picks resonate with you? Let us know below <3

-ĀTHR Beauty xo

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