The day has arrived beauties - you can now shop our sold-out Summer Solstice palette at Sephora!

To celebrate, we collaborated with the stunning @thatschelsea to capture the essence of our Summer Solstice shadows in a magical Palm Springs photo shoot during the Alt Summit!

What we see in these photos is what we wish for you: to feel beautiful, free, uninhibited, and full of joy and light. Read on to see:

  • The shades brought to life through Chelsea's gorgeous self.
  • Tips on how to wear the shimmers, mattes, metallics, duo-chromes, and satin shades in your palette. Plus,
  • How to embody the Summer Solstice energies in your life.

Summer Solstice Palette Swatches

Stardusted Shimmer Shades

Our shimmer shades are for fun! To add that light-catching luminosity to your look and your life.

Citrine – Light Sand Shimmer, Infused with Topaz

This one shade goes a long way in illuminating your whole look! Apply in the inner corner of your eye, along your brow bone, atop your cupid’s bow, and even as a highlighter along your cheekbones. You can also layer over other shades for added dimension and sparkle.

ĀTHR Beauty @thatschelsea Palm Springs

How to feel more Shimmer energy in your life: follow what brings you joy, gets your heart beating faster, and lights you up inside. Embody 'shimmer' by feeling the luminescence that you are.

Sultry Mattes

Warm, luxurious matte shades that look natural for day and elevate to smoky, sultry, and dramatic for nighttime.

New Moon – Sandstone Matte, Infused with Topaz

A light, neutral base shade for all over your lid. Start with this shade and add others as you go.

Sol – Apricot Matte, Infused with Amber

Apply along your crease for some amber-infused warmth.

Balance – Sienna Matte, Infused with Amber

Another stunning crease option – slightly darker and moodier, layer over Sol for your after-hours look.

Sistere – Milk Chocolate Matte, Infused with Ruby

Apply in the outer corner of your eye & blend outwards and upwards for that everyday ombre eye look.

ĀTHR Beauty @thatschelsea Palm Springs

How to feel more Matte energy in your life: Feel gratitude for the little, everyday moments in your life. Check in throughout the day and notice what is right in your world and thank the universe for all that it is.

Cosmic Metallics

An instant dose of summer-inspired glow. Use the lighter metallic shades on the main part of your lid (by themselves or over a matte shade), and use the darker shadows for your crease or for that dramatic ‘outer v’. But let's be real, there are no rules - use your fingers or a brush and create freely!

Lighter Shades

Solar Eclipse – Peach Metallic, Infused with Topaz

Amber – Golden Metallic, Infused with Amber

Ruby – Pink Ginger Metallic, Infused with Ruby

Darker Shades

Energy – Rust Metallic, Infused with Amber

Intrinsic – Red Brown Metallic, Infused with Ruby

ĀTHR Beauty @thatschelsea Palm Springs

How to feel more Metallic energy in your life: Feel the sun and light on your skin, make time for the passions that make you feel alive, ignited, and inspired.

Vibrant Duo-Chrome

Solstice – Pink Quartz to Golden Brown Duo-Chrome, Infused with Amber

This multi-faceted shade appears as either pink quartz or golden brown depending on how the light hits your face. Dimension like a diamond! Just one duo-chrome shade will give you the effect of multiple shades all on its own.

ĀTHR Beauty @thatschelsea Palm Springs

How to feel more Duochrome energy in your life: Embrace all sides of yourself. You are a multi-faceted, completely unique, ever-evolving being who shines from every angle.

Soft Satin

Midsummer – Golden Saddle Brown Satin, Infused with Amber

A soft, sultry shade with a slight shimmer. Use along your crease or outer corner with lighter mattes or metallics.

ĀTHR Beauty @thatschelsea Palm Springs

How to feel more Satin energy in your life: Give yourself the grace to relax and reflect. Allow yourself to embrace those slower energies that nourish your soul and recharge your spirit.

Thanks for tuning in to our blog! And thanks to:

@thatschelsea for bringing our shadows to life with her vibrant, gorgeous energy.

@brookeclark_the_stylust_life for her stunning makeup expertise.

@arleneeasterwood for the magical, life-giving photography.

@cassandramcclure for organizing this shoot and bringing all of these talented women together.

– ĀTHR Beauty xoxo