It's that time again - computer glitches, flight delays, emotional ups and downs, texts from your ex: Mercury Retrograde has arrived. While many of us know retrograde as the ultimate disruptor, downer, chaos-creator, we're here to give you some tips to turn that darkness into light! Keep reading for:

  • What Mercury Retrograde is + how it affects us
  • Our favorite ways to turn it around
  • A gorgeous crystal-infused Mercury Retrograde protection eye look!

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Though retrograde means "to move backward", Mercury doesn't actually reverse its orbit during a retrograde – it's simply an optical illusion that we see on Earth. Mercury has a much shorter orbit than Earth, so about three or four times a year, the planet speeds past us, leaving behind a strong "wind" that shakes up our lives. And when it passes us, it gives the appearance of moving in reverse.

This month's retrograde runs though Leo and Cancer from July 7 – July 31.

How does Mercury Retrograde Affect Us?

Mercury is the planet of communication, so it's retrograde can scramble interactions in our lives and disrupt our own clarity of thinking. Technology, contracts, and agreements are also known to be affected during this time.

The common experience: frustration, stress, anxiety, and just heightened emotions overall. Fun times all around!

Mercury Retrograde Collage

How can we not just get through, but grow through this time?

Considering Mercury is in Retrograde for about 3 months every year, we have to find a way to make it work for us. I mean, we can't just avoid the world for a quarter of the year! The good news is: we can use these heightened emotions and complications as tools to help us grow. We can use every setback and frustration as a chance to let go of resistance and to accept what is instead of wishing for a different reality. This can be a magical period of growth and self-awareness if we work with it.

Our favorite ways to transform Mercury Retrograde into Mercury YEStrograde:

Reflect, Renew, Reunite

Now's the time to revisit past ideas, feelings, relationships, and decisions. Avoid starting anything new and instead focus on strengthening and reviewing what is already in your life. Reflect on your decisions, renew your mind/space/spirit/look, and reunite with old friends.

Gratitude Journal

Start each day by recognizing what's going right in your world. Choose to focus on the positive, thereby manifesting more goodness in your life.

Interrupt anxiety with gratitude – Danielle Laporte


Give yourself a few minutes every day to just be still, breathe, and connect to our own inner wisdom. This doesn't have to mean crossed legged on a meditation pillow – it could mean walking outside or getting totally absorbed in a creative project.

Spend Time In Nature

Even if it's in your backyard - take off your shoes and get right in contact with the healing energy of the earth. Imagine the positive vibrations coming up through your feet and cleansing you of any negativity. Absorb some of that gorgeous sunlight (spf'ed of course!), watch the trees, and soak up all the calm around you.


Protect your aura by limiting your exposure to negativity like the news, violent TV shows and movies, and especially negative people. Now is the time to really safeguard the energy around you #goodvibesonly.

Crystal Healing

Our favorite tool to help us transform negative, limiting energies is crystals. Crystals in all our rooms, crystal jewelry, and of course, crystal-infused makeup!

Our Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette contains some of our favorite Mercury Retrograde-reversing crystals – Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Amber. Keep reading for the meaning of each stone + a gorg crystal-infused look you can create with the Crystal Grid Gemstone shadows!

Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette with Crystals


Connected to the crown chakra, Amethyst's crystal energy purifies negative thoughts and helps release stress, anxiety, and fear. Amethyst is a protective stone, removing darkness and connecting us to the light.


Amber absorbs negativity and helps alleviate stress. It enhances our self-confidence and stimulates our creative expression. Plus, it's the stone of patience – a must-have quality when facing the chaos of Mercury Retrograde.


Seen as a 'psychic shield', Tourmaline's crystal energy helps deflect negative energy from our mind and spirit. It transforms low vibe energy into positive, creative action.

Mercury Retrograde Protection Look

Try out this shimmery crystal-infused look for yourself and tag us on Instagram so we can see what you come up with!

Photo credit: @radulescu13oana

To create this look:

  • Start with the shade "Tourmaline", a rust red to emerald green duo-chrome, infused with Tourmaline. Apply all over the base of the lid and into the crease. The duo-chrome finish creates this iridescent effect with just one shade.
  • In the inner corner, use the shade "Amber", a golden sunset metallic infused with Amber.
  • For the lower lash line, use the shade "Amethyst", a violet shimmer infused with Amethyst.

Awaken Yourself

Every ĀTHR Beauty Palette also comes with a keepsake Tarot Card. These cards help bring out your own inner wisdom and awaken you to your purpose. Helpful any day and especially during retrograde.

ĀTHR Beauty Tarot Cards

Thanks for tuning in beauties! Wishing you a happy, high-vibe July <3

– ĀTHR Beauty xo