While Mercury Retrograde has become known as a dreaded messenger of mix-ups, miscommunication, and madness, we firmly believe that when we align ourselves with the energy of the universe instead of fighting it, life will always be in harmonious flow.  

So, we’ve put together a mercury retrograde mini manual for each zodiac sign! We chat about how this retrograde might affect you, and how to not only get through it, but use this powerful energy to propel yourself upwards and onwards! 

First, what is mercury retrograde?

During Mercury Retrograde, the planet appears to spin backwards. Really, it’s just an optical illusion that we see here on Earth - Mercury has a much shorter orbit than Earth, so three or four times a year, the planet speeds past us, leaving behind a strong “wind” that shakes up our lives.

Mercury governs technology, and travel communication – controlling both how we transmit and receive messages from others. To resist this retrograde’s scrambling chaos effect, stay present in your interactions, think before you speak, and definitely re-read your texts and emails before sending. Take a few breaths before reacting to seemingly offensive or obtuse comments, and respond from a place of high vibration love and acceptance.

What’s the Overall Vibe of this Retrograde?

This month’s retrograde takes place in the slightly eccentric, freedom-seeking sign of Aquarius - the sign of collaboration, networking, platonic relationships, and forward-thinking technology. So, overall prepare for lots of #backwardsday energy when it comes to your friendships, your social media life, and projects or collabs with others.  

In addition to this Aquarius-led retrograde, we’re in the middle of the Aquarius Stellium where 6 planets are currently hanging out in Aquarius territory. That means lots of that delightfully rebellious, collaborative, working-for-the-greater-good Aquarius energy swirling around.  

Keep reading for how to not only survive but yes, #thrive through this retrograde and come out the other side higher-vibe than ever.



As the first fire sign, you’re used to blazing forward, both feet on the gas, with zero attention on brakes. While this fearless forwards motion can be your superpower, it can also be your downfall when caution and patience are needed. This retrograde falls in your eleventh house of networking, meaning you might need to adjust your speed from fast to slow when it comes to group projects, work collabs, and even interactions with friends.

How to get through & grow through this retrograde: Try to give others more grace, even when they’re moving too slow, and let your fire return to a slow burn before responding to any aggravating messages or situations. Use this retrograde as a chance to bring more blissful balance to your life – start your day with a guided meditation, and take a break in your world-conquering schedule to commune with crystals and repeat some calming affirmations:

  • “I am unconditionally supported in all my endeavours”
  • “I patiently collaborate with others and have compassion for myself and those around me”.  



As the leading earth sign, you’re grounded, steadfast, and you love the comfortable and familiar. You’re not a fan of change and are happiest when surrounded by calming certainty. So, Mercury Retrograde is not your favorite time with its constantly changing plans, mixed-up signals, and clouded communication. This retrograde falls in your tenth house of career, meaning there might be a change on the horizon in your workplace.

How to get through & grow through this retrograde: With the energies firmly in your career house, now’s the time to invest your energy in doing your best work. The Mercury Retrograde is not the time for big conversations or life-changing decisions, so hold off on any promotion meetings or client renegotiations, and instead use this time to shine your brightest in your position.

Affirmations to repeat whenever you’re feeling unhinged:

  • “I am rewarded with abundance when I share my talents with the world”
  • “I trust I am always being provided for by the universe”



Mercury is your ruling planet, so not surprisingly, its retrograde affects you the most. Luckily, you’re the master of change and a pro at finding an alternate route when your primary road is blocked. This Mercury retrograde falls in your ninth house of adventure and higher understanding, meaning you may feel compelled to grow your knowledge or expand your skills. Take this chance and be open to always improving. 

How to get through & grow through this retrograde: Harness the powerful energies of growth and expansion to broaden your horizons and learn something new about yourself and your passions. Now’s the perfect time to find a mentor, read that self-help book sitting on your bedside, or take the course you’ve been itching to take. Be open to learning from others – accepting advice doesn’t mean you know any less!

Mantras to repeat during retrograde:

  • “I am expertly guided when I tune into the wisdom of infinite consciousness”
  • “When I focus on one thing at a time, I move forward on my path”



As the almost psychic, emotional hub of the zodiac, retrograde can be a tumultuous time for you. This retrograde affects your eighth house of emotional connections and transformation, meaning your emotional nature will be tested, and likely in your close relationships.

How to get through & grow through this retrograde: You’re already an emotional person, which can be both a blessing and a curse. You have a magical ability to tune into the emotions of others and you feel deeply, meaning you can form deep emotional bonds, but it also means you can get overwhelmed by the heaviness of yours and others’ emotions. During the Mercury retrograde have deep compassion for yourself and allow your feelings to come up, be acknowledged, and then be released without judgement. Don’t be afraid to opt out of interactions or conversations that are draining your energy or pulling you down – now’s the time to learn to honor your own energy first!

Commune with crystals (especially your spirit stone, ruby) and repeat calming, loving affirmations like:

  • “When I honor myself, I am embraced by the world”
  • “I release all energies and stories that are not serving my highest good” 



This Mercury retrograde falls in your seventh house of relationships, and may cause some shakeups with friends or partners. Resist the urge to withdraw when issues come up in your relationship or friendships. Choose to believe the best in others and give them the benefit of the doubt.

How to get through + grow through this retrograde: You mirror the sun with your ability to bring delicious warmth and light or icy cold when you retreat. Use this time to nurture your own light so you can share your warmth and radiance with the world. Cover yourself in crystals and crystal energy and give yourself literal warmth to nurture your spirit – think long, hot crystal baths, sauna sessions, and candle flame meditations.

Mantras to repeat during retrograde:

  • “As I honor myself, I radiate light to others.”
  • “Unconditional love and support are always available to me." 



As the Queen of order, you’re not ok with chaos. You love routine, predictability, and organization and Mercury’s disruptive energy is a very unwelcome bull in your perfectly ordered china shop. Luckily, this retrograde falls into your sixth house of wellness – the house your sign rules over, so you can channel this cosmic energy into some serious self-care.

How to get through + grow through this retrograde: Lean into your organizing abilities and line up some indulgent wellness rituals for yourself – think crystal sound baths, delicious turmeric oat milk lattes, invigorating salt scrubs, and lots of time blissing out. Pencil in some time every day to honor your wellness center especially during Mercury retrograde.

Mantras to repeat during your rituals:

  • “I accept and love myself exactly as I am.”
  • “The universe is here to unconditionally support my path. I can’t choose wrong.”



This retrograde falls in your fifth house of love and romance, so prepare for some ironic turns in the love department – think texts from exes, major déjà vu moments with a partner, or old friends popping back into your life. Expect the unexpected and embrace surprises as much-needed breaks in your daily routine during this Mercury retrograde.

How to get through + grow through this retrograde: Since relationships are your top priority, double down by investing extra time and attention into communicating clearly and showing your love. Luckily you’re the living, breathing manifestation of harmony, so you’ll have no trouble dealing with awkward situations or miscommunications. Lean into who you are and you’ll be just fine.

Mantras to repeat during retrograde:

  • “I trust in my own knowing to find peace in every situation.”
  • “I open myself to the highest good and potential for me.”



As a fixed sign, you don’t love the tumultuous energy brought on by retrograde, but luckily you’re also incredibly resourceful and can adapt to any situation thrown your way. This Mercury retrograde falls in your fourth house of family, meaning you might have some unexpected twists with a loved one.

How to get through + grow through this retrograde: People might think you’re tough, but under your scorpion shell is a deeply emotional, intuitive soul. Lean into that intuitive energy to get through family situations – you can sense the truth behind others' words and tuning into that knowing will result in the best outcome for all.

Mantras to repeat during retrograde:

  • “When I tune into my intuitive abilities, the ultimate truth is always revealed.”
  • “I trust in the divine timing and plan of the universe.”



Since you’re already feeling withdrawals from your normal wanderlust-filled, travel-heavy lifestyle (thanks COVID), retrograde can’t disrupt life much more for you. This one falls in your third house of communication, so any effects might be felt in ambiguous texts, missed phone calls, or plan changes.

How to get through + grow through this retrograde: During COVID and especially Mercury retrograde, now’s the time to embrace your home-life while most travel and adventure is put on hold. Take comfort knowing your grounding is only temporary, and spend some time creating a sanctuary right where you are. Build a sacred space in your home that feels like a beach in Bali – add crystals, meditation cushions, some swathes of luxurious fabric, and delicious scented candles. Hello, travels in your mind.

Mantras to repeat during retrograde:

  • “I am free wherever I am.”
  • “I embrace adventure, even in routine.”



As the zodiac’s tireless achiever, you’re not a fan of anything that disrupts your multi-step master plan. Enter Mercury retrograde, the chaos storm that threatens to throw off those carefully plotted details. This one falls in your second house of finance, possibly creating some money managing snags.

How to get through + grow through this retrograde: Now’s the time to let in a liiiittle bit of spontaneity into your plans – allowing some room for surprises might be just what you need! Put your planning mind into your finances – double checking everything’s flowing, and be open to unexpected streams of income that may come your way.

Mantras to repeat during retrograde:

  • “Everything is leading me to my ultimate path.”
  • “I release struggle and align with flow.”



This month’s retrograde falls within your sign, which is a perfect opportunity to embrace your true self and let your freak flag fly. You’ve always been eccentric and an unapologetic independent – now with the cosmic energy in your corner, release any self-imposed limitations, fear, or judgement, and do and be exactly what you’ve always wanted.

How to get through + grow through this retrograde: Mercury brings disruption, but allow these obstacles to be detours in the right direction – pointing you towards your ultimate path. Embrace what life is telling you and go onwards in the direction that feels aligned to you, regardless of what others may be telling you.

Mantras to repeat during retrograde:

  • “As I pursue what feels aligned, the world around me benefits.”
  • “I am embraced and accepted for who I truly am.”



Mercury may bring mixed messages and miscommunications from the outside world, but luckily you’re the zodiac’s intuitive – deeply connected to infinite consciousness. And that deep inner knowing is never disrupted –it’s an endless source of wisdom and love that can bring calm and comfort in the mercury storm. This Mercury retrograde falls in your twelfth house of spirituality – the very house your sign rules. If there was a retrograde for you, this one’s it!  

How to get through + grow through this retrograde: Filter out any outside noise and trust your intuition now more than ever. Whenever you’re feeling stressed or out of alignment, take time to quiet your mind – ideally doing something creative to channel your artistic energy flow. Now’s the time to embrace the mystical: crystal energies, meditation, tarot, and lots of mental rest. 

Affirmations to repeat to yourself for more calm and clarity:

  • “I trust in the infinite wisdom and guidance that’s always available to me”
  • “I release what doesn’t serve my highest path”

Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

No matter your sign, we love using crystals to transform negative, limiting energies into clarity and joy. Embolden your intentions and bring forth your manifestations with crystal meditations, crystal jewelry, and of course crystal-infused makeup! 

Our favorite palettes for Mercury Retrograde are our Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Palette + our Ametrine Mini Crystal Quad, infused with two of the most powerful crystals for removing negativity and ambiguity:

Amethyst: Amethyst purifies negative thoughts and helps release stress, anxiety, and fear. Amethyst is a protective crystal, removing darkness and connecting us to the light.

Ametrine: A magical marriage between amethyst and citrine, ametrine connects the wisdom of divine consciousness – releasing negativity and perceived limitations. Ametrine's crystal energy brings harmony to what is out of alignment and reawakens us to the infinite light that’s always available to us.

For a more in-depth look at the meanings and intentions behind the crystals in our products, check out our Crystal Guide!

The Next Mercury Retrograde

This retrograde runs until Feb 21st and then we’re retrograde-free until May 29th when Mercury starts its next backwards spin. Stay tuned for another Mercury Retrograde blog as we get closer to the day! 

- ĀTHR Beauty xo

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