Even though the weather’s getting colder, doesn’t fall still somehow make you feel warm? Just thinking about luxe cozy sweaters, warm turmeric lattes, and crunching through the leaves makes us feel positively filled with warmth. So, in an ode to fall, on this Autumn Equinox, let’s chat about:

  • What is the Autumn Equinox?
  • The spiritual, cosmic meaning of this Equinox
  • What it means for you & and your life
  • Equinox-inspired beauty & eyeshadow
  • Fall Equinox crystals

What Is The Autumn Equinox?

The Autumn Equinox marks the first day of Fall - the moment the sun crosses the equator. It’s the magical equilibrium when the day equals the night all over the planet. This year the Equinox is on September 23 at 12:50 am PST.

Autumn Equinox  ĀTHR Beauty Palettes

What It Means For You

On the Autumn Equinox, the sun moves into the zodiac sign, Libra. Lady Libra’s balanced scales signify the equal length of day and night, calling us to mirror this balance in our own lives.

If your sign is Libra, now’s your moment to shine. You’re the Queen of harmony and the master of diplomacy, bringing peace and balance to every situation. Channel your gift, holding space for those around you. For all of us other signs, it’s a time to take a page out of the even-tempered Libra’s book. To make harmony, calm, and balance the goal.

The Fall Equinox also signifies abundance – we’re harvesting what we’ve sown over the spring and summer months. Long ago, that would’ve meant crops to store for the winter. Now, it means the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual progress we’ve made. We can bring this growth, deeper knowing, and a stronger sense of purpose into the next season.

How To Make The Most Of This Time

On the Equinox, masculine and feminine energies are perfectly balanced, making it a perfect time to combine all sides of yourself. Channel your emotions into action, and look internally to make changes externally. Uplifting, balance-creating things you can do:


Fall’s the perfect time to reflect – take out your favorite journal and write down three lists: what you’re grateful for, what you want to release, and what you want more of in your life:

  1. Gratitude: Write down all that you’re grateful for in this moment and in your life. If there’s something magical you’re still waiting for, send gratitude out in advance. Trust that it’s coming and give thanks that it’s on the way.
  2. Release: As we align with the changing seasons, consider what areas of your life need to be let go of. What’s no longer serving you and needs to wither away like the plants around you? Think about limiting beliefs, fears, doubts – anything that’s blocking your growth and expansion.
  3. Call forth: What would you love to manifest more of in your life? Think about what qualities and emotions to call forth in yourself, and what opportunities or abundance you’d like to create around you. This could be more joy, more authenticity, creativity, work opportunities, connection with others – anything that feels aligned for you this new season.

Consult the tarot cards to align with the highest manifestation of yourself this season.

Tarot Cards


Go for a walk through the changing leaves. Watch the sky, smell the air, feel the dropping temperature, hear the crunching leaves under your feet. A new season is a powerful reminder that the world is always changing, growing, expanding – just as we’re meant to. We’re born to always grow, never to remain stagnant. How can you expand towards a more aligned version of yourself?


Now’s the time for abundance-creating, balance-inducing crystals that bring more clarity to your purpose. Our favorite season-changing crystals:

Topaz: the stone of creativity and abundance, topaz helps bring your highest intentions to life.

Ruby: a grounding stone, ruby connects you to the nurturing, vital energy of the earth. It helps align your spirit with the expansion of the changing season.

Amber: helps absorb negativity, alleviate stress, and open our hearts to abundance. Amber helps shift our perceptions from cold-weather dread to the expansive possibilities of fall.

Amber Ruby Topaz Crystals

Autumn Equinox Beauty

Fall doesn’t mean saying goodbye to that bronzy summer glow – it just means saying hello to the drama. Fall brings forth deeper, richer, and more luxurious colors. It’s the season for those moody mauves, sensuous reds, and earthy oranges.

This fall, in particular, beauty is original, expressive, and whatever you want it to be. Feeling a little brow glitter or metallic red liner? Now’s the time. Your face is the canvas and you are the artiste!

Our Favourite Palette For Fall – Summer Solstice

Created for the warmth and rays of summer, this palette transitions perfectly into the earthy, mystical woodland feel of fall. Burnt oranges, sensuous reds, glistening golds, and warm browns – you're the essence of the nature around you – whether it’s the sun’s rays or the changing autumn leaves.

Infused with ruby, amber, and topaz, our magical mix of season-changing crystals - theSummer Solstice paletteis the perfect palette to transition you into the new season.

Some of our favorite, uncommon Fall looks to try with this palette:

The Single Shade Look

Pop just one bright color on your lid. Don’t worry about blending multiple shadows or toning down the color – let that one shade shine. Shades to try it with:

Amber – Golden metallic, infused with amber

Sol - Apricot matte, infused with amber

 ĀTHR Beauty Summer Solstice Palette

Colored Shadow As Liner

Why not try a pink metallic or ruby red liner? Wake up in the morning and create with joy. Wing it out along your top lid, or try a subtler version along the lower lash line. Wet your brush for extra impact! Shades to try:

Ruby – pink ginger metallic infused with ruby

Energy– Rust metallic, infused with amber

Balance – sienna matte infused with amber

Unexpected Glitter + Metallics

Maybe you can’t rock teen glitter tears a la Euphoria, but you can have fun with glitter and metallics in unexpected ways! How you can try it out:

On your lips or as a blush

Wet your brush and dust these shadows in the middle of your upper and lower lips for a touch of unexpected shine when the light catches your face. Or wear them as blush for extra wattage – just a light dusting is all you need!

Ruby – pink ginger metallic infused with ruby

Energy– Rust metallic, infused with amber

Solar Eclipse– Peach metallic, infused with topaz


Matte lids with pops of glitter

Start with a matte lid and add unexpected pops of glitter for a shimmer that leads the eye around your face. Pop a generous dose in the inner corner, under the brow bone, along your cupid’s bow, along your cheekbones for a new take on glitter. Wet your brush for next-level gleam and glimmer.

Citrine – Light Sand shimmer, infused with topaz

Fall Beauty + Moisture

As the temperature drops and the inevitable dry, redness-inducing air approaches, our skin needs a new level of moisture and protection from the elements. Reach for products that nourish, moisturize, and detoxify for that glow even in the depths of winter. For fall and winter skin that always looks loved, our Summer Solstice Palette is infused with:

Organic, Fair-Trade Coconut Oil & Organic, Fair-Trade Shea Butter

This moisturizing, skin-softening duo helps seal in moisture, reduce inflammation, and calm cold-weather redness.

Organic Prickly Pear Oil

Prickly pear is high in omega 6 and 9, vitamin E, and amino acids which calm down redness, inflammation, and help stimulate collagen production. Vitamin K helps brighten and hydrate moisture-starved skin.



Happy Autumn Equinox Beauties! Wishing you a warm, expansive, magical fall season.

- ĀTHR Beauty xo