Harness the Power of Crystals

We take skincare seriously, which is why our products offer lasting skin benefits with nourishing, good-for-you ingredients. Our shadows and highlighters are crystal-charged and infused to illuminate and transform the skin on a deeper level. These crystals have been carefully curated to help awaken you to your power, your purpose and bring light to your spirit.




- The Power: Topaz brings inner peace and calmness to the mind while eradicating negativity and evil.

- Skin Benefits: Stimulates healthy skin regeneration and releases tension which causes premature aging.

- What to Buy: Topaz Mini Crystal Palette, Topaz Single Eyeshadow, Summer Solstice Palette




-The Power: Ametrine brings harmony, soothes emotions, stimulates creativity and relieves tension. 

-Skin Benefits: Aids in keeping the skin clear, prevents blemishes and promotes healthy skin 

-What to Buy: Ametrine Mini Crystal Palette




-The Power: Diamond purifies and detoxifies the body, improves brain health, increases stamina and protects against electromagnetic frequencies.

-Skin Benefits: Protects collagen, reduces the appearance of sun damage, and enhances hydration of the skin.

-What to Buy: Supernova Crushed Pure Diamond Highlighter, Limited Edition Supernova Crushed Yellow Diamond Highlighter




-The Power: Amethyst balances mood, soothes irritability, dispels anger and anxiety and brings about spiritual protection.

-Skin Benefits: Helps to purify, detoxify, and revitalize the skin.

-What to Buy: Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Palette, Rose Gold Single Eyeshadow


Rose Quartz


-The Power: Rose Quartz restores harmony in relationships, promotes compassion, kindness and dissolves past wounds.

-Skin Benefits: Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and redness.

-What to Buy: Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette, Crystal Charged Cheek Palette Rose Quartz




-The Power: Amber balances emotions, clears the mind and fosters the development of patience and wisdom.

-Skin Benefits: Brightens skin, improves texture texture, fights aging and reduces the appearance of dark spots.

-What to Buy: Crystal Charged Cheek Palette Amber, Summer Solstice Palette




-The Power: Ruby ignites passion, protects from negativity, promotes spiritual vitality and overall wellness, and protects against electromagnetic frequencies.

-Skin Benefits: Helps to restore hydration for a youthful and radiant glow, and prevents the absorption of pollution.

-What to Buy: Summer Solstice Palette, Crystal Charged Cheek Palette Ruby




-The Power: Citrine strengthens self-esteem, stimulates energy flow, enhances creativity, helps manifestation and protects against electromagnetic frequencies.

-Skin benefits: Promotes cell regeneration and a balanced complexion.

-What to Buy: Rose Gold Single Eyeshadow, Ametrine Mini Crystal Palette




-The Power: Mica promotes individuality, and encourages self-reflection of flaws without self-condemnation.

-Skin Benefits: Illuminate the skin with light-reflective properties that help to achieve a shimmery effect.

-What to Buy: All products except highlighters.