MICA | June Monsoon

MICA | June Monsoon

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A fragrance based on the scents found in Tucson, AZ? Named after a mountain here called MICA (which is used to create makeup)? Sign us up! Mica Perfume was born out of the fascination by the unique olfactive compounds present in Sonoran scrub, the unique smells that fill the Arizona air. Their fragrances reflect the optimistic, scrappy spirit of the Sonora desert- and they make everything themselves.

is an olfactive reconstruction of the desert phenomenon known as the "monsoon" and a reminder of the life giving power of rain. On scorching Sonoran summer afternoons, the sky darkens to a purple as the first few dusty drops quickly become dark grey sheets that flood the desert floor. As intense and quickly as it arrives, it often lasts no more than a few dazzling minutes, leaving a warm wet mesh of aromatic compounds behind in the atmosphere. For many desert dwellers, this daily summer sky burst is how we are first acquainted with the hypnotic and fragrant beauty of the creosote bush.

As recognizable as it is wild, creosote and its neighbor piñon pine form the wet heart of this petrichor fragrance. Carrot seed and white sage play against a salty ambergris and geosmin, all washed up on a scorched shore of mitti attar, labdanum resin and vetiver root. Water is the gift of life. We must protect it at all costs.

Desert Rain, Scorched Earth, Creosote, White Sage, Carrot Seed, Patchouli, Vetiver


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