Happy Thanksgiving beauties! To celebrate, we’re sharing our gratitude + giving you 30% off site-wide until Dec. 1st! So, let’s give thanks, and give gifts to all those we’re grateful for. And maybe a gift for yourself for all that Black Friday shopping stamina ;) Tis the season for gratitude and giving!

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WHAT WE’RE GRATEFUL FOR – in the world of beauty

Sustainability rising

We’re so grateful to see more brands starting to consider sustainability in their packaging and sourcing. When it comes to wasteful toxic packaging, destructive ingredient sourcing, and unethical labor standards, the truth is being told, consumers are demanding better, and some brands are starting to listen. This is so important - we need to cherish and protect our planet and the people producing our products.

And a special source of sustainable gratitude for us: we’re grateful to have won a Sustainable Beauty Award from Refinery 29 for our zero waste eyeshadow palettes!


Clean going mainstream

2019 was the year of clean beauty. The biggest boost was Sephora’s launch of a stricter, more expansive clean beauty program with new regulations and a dedicated clean beauty section in all their stores. Other department stores expanded their clean selection also, and of course, the Queens of Green, Detox Market, and Credo Beauty are gaining more and more popularity with every passing day.

Hopefully, very soon, clean, non-toxic beauty will just be the norm. This year took us one step closer!  

Consumers asking hard questions

Almost daily, we get asked questions about how our mica or palm oil is sourced, what exactly our packaging is made of, and in-depth questions about individual ingredients. And honestly, we love this! It’s great to see consciousness rising and you as consumers expecting more. This is the fastest way to create change in the industry – brands will only produce what consumers will buy! #choosebetterbeauty


The women behind the Ingredient Safety Laws  

Many laws have been proposed to strengthen cosmetic safety, yet so many of them fail to be passed. Despite this, certain Senators and Congresswomen are still working tirelessly to make these changes happen. We’re so thankful for these women and their unwavering commitment to increase regulation, safety, and transparency in cosmetics.

Who are these ladies and what are their proposed laws?

Senators Dianne Feinstein and Susan Collins are the women behind the Personal Care Products Safety Act, which would give the FDA the power to truly regulate cosmetics. You can support their bill by writing to your local senator.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky has been championing The Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act’ which includes greater ingredient disclosure and ingredient safety transparency.

Progress in animal testing laws  

Animal tested products are already banned in the EU, India, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan, and New Zealand. And in the US - California, Nevada, and Illinois have passed laws banning the sale of animal-tested cosmetics. Now we just need the rest of the country to follow suit!  

Countrywide animal-testing bans have been proposed in both the US and Canada, but they haven’t gained enough support to become law. What can you do? Write to your US representative (or Member of Parliament in Canada) with your support for banning animal-testing, share your views with beauty brands, and vote with your dollars by only buying verified cruelty-free products. Let’s create more reasons to be grateful!


Credo’s new Fragrance policy

Did you know: brands are not required to disclose any ingredients that make up their ‘fragrance’? So, they could be using dozens of toxic chemicals, but can group them all together under the word ‘fragrance’ and we as consumers have no idea what’s inside. Insane, right?

Well, Credo has just created a new fragrance policy that means even more transparency for the already clean Credo brands:

  1. All 120+ brand partners are required to categorize the source of their fragrances for every product. The categories are: Fragrance-Free, Essential Oils, Certified Organic, Natural, Naturally-Derived, and Synthetic.
  2. Credo has challenged its brand partners to fully disclose all fragrance ingredients. And we are happy to report that 71 of them rose to the occasion (so far). This is unprecedented— not just in conventional beauty, but in clean beauty as well! 

Disclosing all ingredients is so important – you should know what you’re putting on your body and have the right to choose! At ĀTHR Beauty, all our palettes are fragrance-free and we always list every ingredient on our website and packaging.  

More inclusivity and celebration of all

At long last, the beauty industry is starting to move away from the stifling, narrow, non-representative standard of beauty of the past to a new broader beauty world that we can relate to, that feels genuine and non-manufactured. And while there’s a long way to go for true inclusivity, we’re heading in the right direction.

All of you

It fills us with joy every time we see you wearing our shadows – in your car selfies, #motd looks, and oftentimes in your wedding photos – we cannot get enough! Thank you for supporting ĀTHR Beauty, we send you all the love and crystal-charged sparkle!  


THINGS WE’RE GRATEFUL FOR – in the world overall  

Family and Friends  

The humans we were born with, and the ones we chose ourselves, they all bring a lot of joy, connection, laughs, cries, and memories to our lives. There’s nothing more sustaining than connection and we’re grateful for our circle of love and support every day!

From Tiila: "I am so personally grateful for all the family members and friends that have come to support me and my family while I've been busy creating this brand. You've all gone above and beyond to help me in so many different ways. I am eternally grateful for your love and support (and help!)"

A beautiful, supportive community of female founders

As a female-founded brand, it fills us up to see so many talented, innovative, tireless women bringing about change and creating sustainable, healthy, unique creations that enrich our lives. 

We're so grateful to be a part of the Female Founder Collective, whose mission is to enable female-owned businesses to positively impact our communities, both socially and economically. These women lift each other up and root for the others' success. It’s a beautiful thing to watch and be a part of.


Online Shopping

Forever thankful to avoid the holiday crowds, shop in our super-soft pajamas (maybe with some wine), and wake up to brand new goodies on our doorstep. It’s a beautiful thing! The only downside to all this instant joy is the impact it has on the environment. 

We're grateful to be able to offer a carbon-neutral shipping option that offsets those extra emissions through Cloverly. It means you can still enjoy shopping online, except minus the added carbon. 

The snooze button

As sunrise gets later and later, we’re giving thanks for that extra 5 minutes (or 15) to curl up under the covers in warmth!

Mercury Retrograde ending

We’re grateful for every retrograde we wave goodbye to! And this goodbye was perfectly timed to wave hello to the season of gratitude and good vibes!


The Sun moving into Sagittarius

When the sun and moon align with Sagittarius, we begin to feel more courageous, more expansive, and ready to connect with the outside world. We gain confidence and optimism and go forth with a strong sense that all will go our way. It’s the perfect antidote to the contraction of Mercury Retrograde!

Growing awareness about environmental issues

Even the average person is starting to think about their plastic usage and consumption. While we have a long way to go, it’s gratifying to see more people taking our impact on the planet seriously. Read our blog on reducing your plastic usage to learn what you can do personally!


Vegan S’mores

Ok so we can’t roast them outside, but these vegan s’mores are just as good as the campfire classic (and you can stay warm while you make them). Curl up by the fire, and savor the chocolatey, melty deliciousness on a random weeknight when you need a pick-me-up.

John Legend Christmas Songs

It’s officially acceptable to listen to Christmas songs on repeat. And our current favorite Xmas classics: anything by John Legend.



Experts in Positive Psychology are constantly studying gratitude and consistently the studies show: gratitude is strongly linked with greater happiness. And don’t we all want more joy and happiness in our lives?

It's becoming known that by focusing on the positive parts of our lives, we begin to feel more optimistic overall, to recognize those little bursts of joy more frequently, to handle hard situations better, to interact with people more deeply, and to improve our physical and emotional health. #weareconvinced


Gratitude Journal

Find a gorgeous, luxurious journal that will bring you joy every time you open it. Or, even better, (and zero-waste), do it digitally! Every morning, take 2-3 minutes to write down a few things you’re grateful for. Try to think of new sources of gratitude every day, and if you run out, thank the universe in advance for what you hope will come to you in the future. We promise, after a few weeks, you’ll start looking for things to be grateful for all throughout your day, and as a result, you’ll feel a lasting boost in your mood!

Reflect throughout the day  

If you’d rather not write it out, instead create a habit of reflecting on gratitude every time you get in/out of your car! This will start your traffic-filled drive off on a better note and will have the same joy-boosting effects as a journal.

Thank others

Do you ever notice when you compliment or thank someone, not only do they feel great, but you get a little rush of joy? Sending thank you notes/texts/card/emails will deepen your relationships with others, bring joy to their day, and make you feel better too! Just pick a person every week or so that you want to share your love and appreciation for.


Image: @cosmiccollage

Celebrate Thanksgiving as it was intended

Use this day for the reason it was created – to give thanks! This is a beautiful opportunity to not only count your blessings internally but to share your thanks for all those gathered around the table with you. Why not create a ritual where everyone shares their thanks for a specific thing about someone around the table? #goodvibesallaround


Thanks for tuning in beauties! Don’t forget to shop our 30% off sale before December 1st – no code needed! 

- ĀTHR Beauty xo

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