As the last major moon event of the winter season, a cycle is simultaneously ending and beginning with the restorative new moon energy.

Falling on Saturday March 13th, this month’s new moon falls in Pisces – the deep-feeling, almost psychic, intuitive of the zodiac. Pisces brings an imaginative, dreamy energy – a merging of heart and head, emotions and thoughts. (Psst..also check out our astrological gift guide to help you choose the best products for each zodiac sign!)

Like all new moons, now’s the perfect time to reset your energy, and love on yourself as a new moon cycle begins. Think of as a reset – time to release anything holding you back, manifest what you want more in your life, and give yourself permission to just be. Keep reading for how the new moon can affect your mood, plus how to maximize the Pisces new moon energy. 

For more on why the moon affects us, read our blog. 

What the Pisces new moon energy means for you

New moon energy is very introspective and thoughtful, and when combined with the imaginative, dream-big sign of Pisces, you have a perfect storm to reflect on the past & present, and dream big for the future! Pisces is incredibly intuitive (some would even say a little bit psychic), so you may notice an elevated sense of other people’s energy and a newfound sense of compassion for others during this new moon phase. 

How to make the most of this energy

When we align ourselves with the natural cyclical rhythms of the moon, we start to feel more flow. Suddenly life feels easy and filled with synchronicities as we match our vibrations with that of the energy all around us. How to align with today's moon phase:

Start a dream journal

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac. They have extremely vivid dreams in sleep, and are visionary dreamers in real-life. With the new moon in Pisces, your own dreams are likely to be more vivid, meaningful, and prolific than ever. Use these stronger subconscious messages to your advantage and start a dream journal to record all your nocturnal discoveries.

The best way to do this: leave a notepad and paper (the notes app in your phone will work too) on your nightstand or the pillow next to you and immediately write down your dreams upon waking. If you wait any longer, the dream is likely to slip away. 

Then, when you’re more awake, google the meaning behind the parts of the dream that stood out to you. See how these interpretations fit into your life – usually your dreams are trying to tell you something and Pisces energy is the perfect background energy to help you decode the meaning.

Let yourself get carried away in daydreams

While we’re in this Pisces-led new moon phase, allow yourself to fully indulge in the daydreams that come up for you. Whereas usually you would pull yourself out to get back to being busy, this new moon, dive right in and pay attention to what your subconscious is trying to tell you.  There’s infinite intelligence just waiting to be accessed if we just allow our busy mind to quiet long enough to witness and hear it.

If you’re not much of a daydreamer, try a meditation. Instead of getting hung up on keeping the mind silent, stare at the backs of your closed eyes and follow the colored lights. As new ideas and interesting pictures come up, follow their path and see where it leads.

Write down any insight and observations without editing and re-read later to see how they apply to your life.

Manifest your desires

With all that dream journaling, daydreaming, and limitless imaginative Pisces energy flowing around you, you’ll have some clear and exciting ideas for your future. Manifest your ideas and desires into reality with the power of your intentions.

How to manifest:

  1. Get clear on your intentions – use some of your discoveries from your dream journal and those forays into your waking daydreams to get insight on what you truly want in your life. If you’re already clear on your deepest desires, that’s great too! 
  2. Acknowledge & release your limiting beliefs to lift your vibration – sometimes the only thing holding us back from our highest potential is the limiting beliefs and negative stories we’re telling ourselves. If we’re bogged down in negative self-talk, we’re vibrating at a lower level than our manifestation, and we can only receive vibrations that we’re aligned with. Release that negativity and choose to see yourself with love – the highest vibration emotion of them all. 
  3. Trust & believe in the power of the universe – thank the universe in advance for bringing this manifestation to your life and act as if it has already arrived to you. Align with the energy of the thing, situation, or reality you’re seeking to attract it to your life. Hold your favorite high vibration crystal and use its stable frequency to magnify your intentions. For more on crystal energies and vibrations, the science of crystals, and the spiritual meaning of crystals, check our our crystal guide!
  4. Take action - do one concrete, real-life action to help bring your manifestation to life. It can be small, but it’s a signal to the universe that you’re ready to bring this manifestation into reality.
  5. Pay attention to signals from the universe. Rarely will your desire be delivered directly to your doorstep. Usually it will come in the form of guidance, synchronicities, and easy flow telling you you’re going in the right direction. Stay open to guidance, whether it comes in the form of advice from other people, an unexpected flow in your life, or even a sign on the street that’s relevant to the answer you’re seeking. The more open and high-vibe you can stay, the more easily you will attract (and recognize) your manifestation coming to you.

Let yourself introvert

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned to do better during COVID, it’s introverting. And Pisces is all about that life. Easily drained by the energies of others that they can so powerfully feel, Pisces take time to recharge their own energy supply often. Especially during this new moon, give yourself permission to turn off your phone, push back some things on your to-do list, and just love on yourself. Don’t worry - you’ll have lots of time for achieving after the new moon, and definitely during next month’s Aries-ruled new moon energy.

The next new moon

The next new moon falls on April 11th in Aries, the fearless, high-achieving trailblazer of the zodiac. Stay tuned for a full blog as we get closer to the day of the new moon! In the meantime, you can read up on the #goodvibesonly ingredients we use in our eyeshadows, blush palettes, and highlighters!

- ATHR Beauty xo

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