What is the New Moon?

The New Moon happens every month when the moon falls in near-perfect alignment between the Sun and Earth. The illuminated side of the moon is pointed away from us and seems to disappears from our view. When the moon, sun, and Earth are in exact perfect alignment, the new moon becomes a solar eclipse!

This month's New Moon falls on November 15th in Scorpio – the sign of the lightest light and the darkest dark. Scorpio gives us an opportunity to acknowledge and release the darkness so we can transform and move into the light.

For more on every stage of the moon (and how these phases affect us) read our blog, ‘How The Moon’s Phases Affect Us’.

Why does the Moon affect us?

Researchers believe that humans are affected by subtle changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, brought on by the Moon’s phases. When the oceans flow with the tides, the electrically conducting salt water causes fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field. These changes can affect our alpha brain wave activity, impacting our moods, our sleep, our menstruation, and even our love lives.

Ever notice how you feel incredibly energized, ridiculously motivated, and deliciously ambitious for a few days every month? And on the other side, there’s those few days when you feel like the world might end and you kiiind of hate everybody? That’s the delightful moon cycle that we women are directly synced up with.

So how do we deal with the constantly changing moon energy? Connect with it! When we align our energy to the rhythms of the moon instead of fighting the natural celestial flow, everything seems to fall into place – it feels easy, natural, and meant-to-be. The lows don’t feel so low because we’re honoring what our spirit wants, and the highs feel higher because we’re ready for them when they come. Get ready for amazing coincidences and fateful synchronicities to become your everyday reality.   

What does this Scorpio New Moon mean for you?

The low-light New Moon phase usually manifests as low energy for us, but that doesn’t mean low-vibes or negativity, it’s just a much-needed chance to rest and reset before our energy and activity begins to rise again. Honor this lunar moment by allowing yourself to lounge, recharge, and full-on introvert as much as you like.

This month’s Scorpio New Moon starts the day after Mars retrograde ends, signifying a chance to recognize and release any low-vibrational energy so we can move into the light as the moon regains its brightness. So, while you’re introverting, take some time to journal, meditate, and reflect on what needs releasing, forgiveness, or acceptance.

As with any New Moon or Full Moon, the increased magnetic pull can cause sleep interruptions and mood changes. Honor your body by sleeping when you’re tired and waking when you’re not – it may be a departure from your usual sleep schedule and that’s ok!  

Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus will feel this New Moons effects the most, so if you’re one of these signs, don’t be surprised by the sudden energy shift!

Honor the New Moon for a Better Month Overall

Now that you’ve absorbed the low light energy and recharged your spirit, your energy, motivation, and momentum can expand just as the moon’s light shines brighter throughout the month.

When we embrace this low-energy phase and give our body and spirit the restoration it needs, it rewards us with added energy going forward. When we try to fight this natural flow, we feel agitated, exhausted, and guilty for the feelings that we aren’t allowing. So, feel free to enter your cocoon, cancel plans if you feel like it, and don’t feel bad about not returning messages today – you’re in New Moon hibernation!

Clearing Crystals Under the New Moon

The New Moon is the most powerful time to clear and cleanse your crystals of any stagnant or low-vibe energy – and that includes your crystal-charged ĀTHR Beauty products!  

How to: leave your crystals and crystal-charged blushes, shadows, and highlighters near a window during the New Moon. The lunar energy will cleanse your crystals of any unwanted energy and intentions.

Once you’ve cleansed your crystals, take it one step further and fill your crystals with good vibes and personal intentions. Hold your crystals (or crystal-charged palettes) in your hands and think about the energy you’d like them to hold for you – abundance, love, health, compassion – whatever you need more of this month!

ATHR Products to Honor Your Scorpio Side 

Scorpio's signature color is deep dramatic red - the color of their fiery, scorpion spirit. Channel your inner scorpio with our ruby-infused Radiant Ruby Lip Cremes  that bring all the drama - just how it should be for our always confident scorpio friend. 

The Next New Moon

The next new moon is on December 14th and will be a solar eclipse! Lunar-lovers in Chile and certain parts of Argentina will see the full eclipse, and areas of South America, Africa, and Antarctica will see a partial solar eclipse.


We love channeling our early ancestral star watchers and getting in sync with the rhythms and energy of the moon. Try marking the New Moon and Full Moon on your calendar and creating little rituals for yourself on those milestone moon days.

- ĀTHR Beauty xo

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