Today’s new moon and total solar eclipse falls in Sagittarius – the charismatic trailblazer of the zodiac whose adventurous, infectious energy we all need more in our life. It’s the perfect sign to usher in a new year and gratefully wave goodbye to the #nothanks that’s been 2020.

As with every new moon, now’s the time to rest, recharge, and allow your energy to recalibrate as a new lunar cycle begins. You may feel disruptions to your sleep schedule and periods of low-energy – embrace these shifts and listen to your body’s signals. Take time to listen, receive, and plan for activity later in the month. The addition of a solar eclipse during this time signals a turning point that shifts the direction of something important in your life.

For more on what the new moon is, plus why it affects us, read our blog. 


When we learn to sync up with the cyclical rhythms of the universe, we begin to see more alignment in our lives – we feel more joy, more abundance, and a sense that everything seems to just “work out” effortlessly. We live in flow rather than in struggle.

How to make the most of this expansive, adventurous energy from the Sagittarius new moon:

Find adventure in daily life

Sagittarius is the explorer, the adventure, the renegade – and while our restricted world seems like the least likely time to find adventure, it just means getting creative. Harness the Sagittarius new moon energy to find adventure in the everyday. How, you ask? Here’s some ideas to get your adventurous juices flowing:

  • Go tobogganing! Yes, you’re never too old and you’ll love it, we promise!
  • Build a fort with fairy lights! Are you noticing the return-to-childhood vibe? Kids know how to have fun and find adventure even in their living room - we need to take some cues from them this month.
  • Take a cue from Nailed It and bake a ridiculously intricate dessert – like a triple layer cake or a magical decorated tart. You’ll have something to laugh at with joy or disbelief either way.
  • Learn a TikTok dance! What better way to spend your time indoors? Turn on a tutorial and dance the night away. Sagittarius rules the hips, so now’s the time to get them moving to the music!
  • Amp up your makeup game. Legendary MUA Katie Jane Hughes does a weekly tutorial on her IG stories with looks you’d never think to try yourself – think a red glossy eye, a matte pink lid, or a glittery smoky effect! Tune in on Fridays or Saturdays or watch the replays on her story highlights! You’ll seriously amp up your makeup game + have a super aesthetic IG photo to post when you’re finished.

Start that new venture

Sagittarius is the sign of publishing and entrepreneurship. So, whether you’ve always wanted to write that book or start that online shop, now’s the time to get it all lined up. The energy from the new moon is right for set up and planning, and by the time you’re ready to go, the moon will have reached Capricorn – the sign of action and productivity.

Let yourself be seen

Sagittarian energy is loud, bold, and never apologetic. Harness that new moon energy and do the thing you’ve been wanting to do but didn’t feel ready for, good enough for, or even slightly embarrassed about. Now’s the time to release the fear, say #bye to the doubt, and take the leap into the ether without looking back!

Listen for wisdom

The Sagittarius spirit is always seeking a new level of wisdom and insight without any judgement of its source. So, channel your inner guru and start your search for wisdom in whatever way speaks to you: 

  • Look inside for the wisdom you’ve gained yourself. We don’t usually take the time to reflect on our experiences and sift through the lessons. Now’s the time! Take a few minutes to clear your mind with deep breathing, then write out the insights that come to mind. See how you can integrate this new wisdom into your daily experience.
  • Finally crack open that self-help book you’ve been meaning to read. If you’ve been called to a certain book, trust there’s a message inside that’s meant for you. Snuggle in for some reading with a relaxing cup of chai or glass of red wine.
  • Connect with your elders. Whether your parents, your grandparents, or even seniors in the community looking for letters, now’s the time to connect, listen to their stories, and download the lessons they’ve learned into your own life.
  • Be open to receiving wisdom from unexpected sources - kids, supermarket cashiers, and random people on the street all have lessons to pass on with their unique life experiences and outlook. Open your mind to what’s being shared, and check with your intuition if it’s meant for you.

Manifest a better 2021

New moons are the time for new beginnings, and as we say goodbye to the year that must not be named, we’re also saying hello to a new year – a chance to hit reset (and hopefully get out of this mess). Add your positive energy and intentions to the collective vibration and help usher us into 2021 surrounded by hope and light-filled energy. 

How to manifest if you’re new to the practice:

  1. Get clear on your desires – manifesting can be very powerful so spend some time gaining clarity on what you truly want. It can be as broad as “more joy” or as narrow as “a job with more freedom”. Be open to the Universe’s interpretation of your manifestation – it will deliver what aligns with your desire and is of your highest good.
  1. Acknowledge & release your limiting beliefs – pay attention to all the stories you’re telling yourself that are blocking this manifestation. Do you believe you don’t deserve it, do you think it’s not possible, or are you just terrified of it coming true? Realize these beliefs are just stories and you can choose to release them at any moment.
  1. Trust & believe in the power of the universe – the more we believe that the universe is supporting us, the more surely our manifestations will come to life. Align with the energy of the universe and believe that your manifestation is already on its way to you.  


The next new moon will fall on January 12th in Capricorn – the sign of planning, action, and achievement. Stay tuned for more on the Capricorn energies next month as we get closer to the day!

- ĀTHR Beauty xo

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