The first new moon of 2021 falls in the steadfast, tireless, goal-oriented sign of Capricorn. As a cardinal earth sign, Capricorn is the initiator of projects – always presenting groundbreaking new ideas, and working hard to bring them to fruition.

What this Capricorn New Moon energy means for you   

The new moon is a time for recharging, resetting, and planning for the month ahead. It’s a time of new beginnings and direction changes. With Capricorn in charge this month, we’re inspired to #makeithappen, achieve our goals, and lay the groundwork for our future.


While last month’s Sagittarius New Moon was about adventure and expression, this month, it’s all about harnessing and tapping into that super motivated, driven, disciplined Capricorn energy. It’s a powerful moment to direct the course of our future with the help of Capricorn’s #neverquit motivational vibrations. When we can align with the ever-shifting energies of the Universe, we start living in flow rather than struggle. Our lives start to feel lighter, more joyful, and effortlessly right.

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How to align with and integrate this Tony Robbins – level action-oriented new moon energy:

Create a roadmap of your goals

Capricorns are their own life coach – constantly getting clarity on their goals and putting all their sea goat energy into achieving them. Take some time this new moon to reflect on your life path – are you heading in the right direction, what are you long-term and short-term goals for your future?

Remember, Capricorn is a marathoner, not a sprinter, so focus on deeply fulfilling, meaningful goals rather than quick fixes that might bring only momentary satisfaction. Feel into what would really bring you joy and what path feels most aligned for you.  

Develop a daily planning system

Especially in the era of COVID, it’s easy to fall into a less-than-motivated, loungey slump. And girl, don’t feel bad about it – we’re right there with you! Luckily we’re getting a dose of Capricorn energy to reengage our blah pandemic-fueled spirit.

The perpetual achiever, Capricorns are super diligent in their efforts – not wasting a moment in non-productive endeavors. Take a page from their book and make a daily schedule that ensures all your goals get the attention they deserve.

Whether that’s penciling in a meditation moment, working in a workout window, or slotting in a slice of time for that big project you’re planning – add it to your schedule for added focus! And remember, it’s about what feels aligned for you – if you’re focusing on getting more sleep, that’s amazing! If you’re geared towards getting in shape – work it! And if you’re looking for more calm – allow that in.

Organize your space

Clean up your space to help declutter your mind! It’s amazing how our outer surroundings can affect our mood and motivation. Take a page from The Home Edit on Netflix and invest in some storage containers and rainbow color coding logic to get your workspace, workout room, Zen space, or creative space in aesthetically pleasing order. You’ll feel relaxed, recharged, and ready to harness that goal-crushing Capricorn energy.

Release limiting beliefs

There’s a reason you haven’t finished that project or reached that next step – and it’s usually a long-held limiting belief you’re holding onto. We’re all our own worst saboteur in one way or another, and now’s the time to release the limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that’s holding us back and dimming our light.

Whether you feel like you don’t deserve it, wonder if you’re capable, believe you’re not ready, this new moon is the time to acknowledge and recognize these beliefs and release them. Let’s step into our truth and embrace who we’re meant to be without fear and self-doubt.   

How to move beyond limiting beliefs:

  1. Think about that next-step you’re yearning to reach.
  2. Dig deep and think about why you’re not there yet.
  3. Write down all the thoughts that come up.
  4. Circle any thoughts and beliefs that feel limiting, fearful, doubtful or negative.
  5. Notice how these thoughts make you feel and make a conscious decision to release them.
  6. Cross each one out and replace it with a belief that feels both uplifting and true. Repeat that belief and notice how it makes you feel.
  7. Repeat your upgraded positive beliefs every morning and whenever you’re feeling low-vibe. It’s time to reprogram and realign with the infinite, limitless consciousness that you are!

Invest in help if you need it

The Capricorn spirit is all about laying the foundation for the future in the most logical, sustainable way. Invest in the resources and help that will make reaching your goals doable – whether that’s hiring help, investing in an online course, or purchasing some new equipment – Capricorn energy is long-term and fully believes in investing in a great idea to make it happen.

Love on the planet

As an Earth sign, Capricorn is all about protecting, preserving and honoring this planet. So, now’s a great time to commune with nature, focus on projects that uplift our planet, and try to greenify your own life. With Veganuary underway, think about integrating more plant-based meals and vegan beauty products into your life to both feel better and show the earth some love.  


The next new moon falls on February 11th in the eccentric, innovative, slightly rebellious sign of Aquarius. Stay tuned for more on the Aquarius New Moon energies next month!

- ĀTHR Beauty xo

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