We love aligning ourselves with the cosmic energies of the universe and applying that universal flow to our own lives! Today's blog is about one of the year's major astrological events, the spring equinox - what it its, how it can affect us, and how to apply its energy to our lives. 

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What is the spring equinox?

Equinox means equal night – and in spring, it means a perfectly equal 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. An equinox happens when the sun crosses the celestial equator, giving us the perfect light/dark balance.

The Spring Equinox marks the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere as well as the first day of the astrological new year! This year’s Spring Equinox falls on March 20th at 5:37 am EST in the sign of Aries. With it, comes warmer weather, later sunsets, more light, and an overall feeling of optimism.


What does this equinox mean for you?

As we enter the season of Aries, and daylight overtakes the darkness, we instantly start to feel lighter, happier, and more optimistic. We are literally coming out of the dark and into the light!

With the extra daylight and Aries spirit, comes an energy of renewal, enthusiasm, and motivation! It’s a time of creation for much of the planet and that energy is all around us – ready to be harnessed and applied to our own lives. Aries gifts us its fearlessness, its unquestioning confidence, and its ability to take action!

How to align with the spring equinox energy

Channel the spring energy of renewal and optimism, plus the Aries energy of passion, enthusiasm, and achievement into your life! When we align with the natural energies of the universe, our lives fall seamlessly into place, and our manifestations come easily to life. How to align with this energy:

Start with a Spring Equinox Ritual

All throughout history, humans have marked solstices and equinoxes with ritual and celebrations to commemorate our connection to the sun – our giver of light and life. This spring equinox, indulge in a ritual of your own to honor this moment and energize your intentions.

  1. Create a high-vibe space around you. Light some candles, diffuse some relaxing essential oils, bring in some fresh flowers, and surround yourself in all your favorite high vibration crystals and their crystal energies.
  1. Write down a high-level intention for your spring – it could be more love, more abundance, more relaxation, more connection, more ease.
  1. Hold a crystal and your intention in your hands and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and soak in that crystal energy. On your inhale, visualize your desired manifestation, and as you exhale, imagine releasing any negativity, limitations, or fears that are blocking your highest path.
  1. After 5-10 minutes of deep breathing, repeat out loud or to yourself “this is a beginning, a turning point to bring forth all my manifestations. Thank you universe for aligning me with the path of my highest good.”
  1. Blow out your candles and go forth into your new start! 

Start that new project

The new beginning spring energy combined with the go-getter Aries vibrations is the perfect time to take action and start the new project, idea, or venture that you’ve been thinking about. Your actions are deeply supported by the universal energy, so if you’ve been waiting for the perfect time – this may be it! 

To see success in any endeavor, raise your own vibrations before taking action. When we take action from a high vibration aligned place, we attract outcomes to match our high vibrations.

Connect with the sun

Take some time to connect with the earth and the sun. Take off your shoes and walk around in the grass – feeling your connection to the planet. Imagine roots coming out from your feet, connecting you down into the core of the earth.

Spend time out in the sun (SPF’ed of course) soaking up that life force energy and covering yourself in literal warmth. We’ve just left a period of cold and darkness, so take a few moments to reconnect with the light and let the warm feelings of joy, optimism, and creativity wash over you.


Put your ideas out there

Aries energy is fearless, innovative and trailblazing. Channel that energy and fearlessly bring forth your ideas and observations without trepidation. The energy is right for challenging the status quo, shifting old perceptions, and taking big action! Whether it’s at work, in your relationship, or just taking action within your own life, now’s a great time for it.

Our favorite spring equinox crystal: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz connects us to the energy of love – the highest vibration feeling of them all. This crystal helps us reconnect to our heart chakra, and the divine intuitive wisdom that is always within us, available to be downloaded. When we align with our heart, we disconnect from low-vibe emotions of fear, sadness, disappointment, uncertainty, and enter a clear knowingness. In this high-vibe state, we can take aligned action and easily attract our manifestations.

Pair your crystals (or your crystal-infused eyeshadows, highlighters, and blushes) with clear, compassionate intentions. Close your eyes, hold or wear your crystal, and thank the universe in advance for the great things that are coming to you.

Rose Quartz Infused ATHR Beauty products

Beyond the vibration-raising energies of rose quartz, this crystal is deeply renewing for your skin as well. Like nature’s real-life smoothing filter, it reduces the appearance of fine lines, redness, and wrinkles – like a new beginning for your skin.


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Use on lids, cheeks, and as an eyeliner to cover yourself completely in that rose quartz goodness.



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- ATHR Beauty xo

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