The Spiritual Meaning & Skin-Loving Benefits of Diamonds in Our NEW Desert Moon Illuminating Oil

In honor of our new diamond-infused Desert Moon Illuminating Oil, we’re sharing all the metaphysical and skin luminizing benefits of diamonds. Plus, all the ways to wear and love our new deeply hydrating, magically mystifying Desert Moon Illuminating Oil.


Spiritual meaning of diamonds

The highest vibration stone of them all, diamonds align with our crown chakra, connecting us to infinite consciousness and the healing divine white light of the highest manifestation. Its crystal energy awakens our creativity, activates our imagination, and aligns us with the infinite abundance always available to us.

For more on healing crystal energies, and the science of how crystals work, visit our blog.

Skin loving benefits of diamonds

Diamonds stimulate collagen production, reduce the appearance of sun damage, and help brighten the skin. All crystals reflect light away from the skin, masking uneven texture and creating a marble smooth surface. Diamonds, as the stone with the highest refractive index, reflect light the most effectively of any gemstone or crystal.

How we source our diamonds 

All our crystals are sourced from the USA and Canada. Our crystal suppliers certify that all gemstones are purchased from legitimate sources that are not involved in funding conflict, do not employ children, and use environmentally-sound extraction techniques. Their facilities are also powered with solar technology for a reduced carbon footprint. 

As with every ingredient in our formulas, if we can’t find a sustainably sourced, ethically-produced option, we simply don't use it! 

Why you’ll love the Desert Moon Illuminating Oil

Like molten liquid gold, and infused with literal diamond dust (ethically-sourced of course), this comic dry oil is hydration with an otherworldly sun-dappled glow. Crafted with skin-loving ingredients to soothe, luminize, and protect your skin (while giving it a golden diamond bath). Read more about each collagen boosting, brightening, deeply restorative ingredient below! 


Rosehip Seed Oil

This moisture-rich oil is full of nourishing fatty acids that help your skin stay hydrated and youthful. Antioxidant-rich vitamins A and C boost radiance, combat discoloration and sun damage, and encourage healthy collagen production.

Jojoba Seed Oil

Jojoba oil is deeply hydrating full of skin-loving antioxidants. Rich Vitamin E, this oil helps fight oxidative stress that can cause premature aging.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Meadowfoam seed oil seals in moisture by creating a #nomoistureloss barrier against your skin. The result: deeply hydrated, super smooth glowing skin that lasts from dawn till dusk. And the best part: it protects against UV rays and free radical damage.

Honeysuckle Flower Extract

Honesysuckle soothes the skin with its high antioxidant content, and doubles as a natural preservative booster.

As always, this oil is non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and fully recyclable with from-the-earth glass packaging.

How to wear it

Designed to be worn on both the face and body, this dry oil is your all-over glow giver. Whether you crave just a splash of glimmer, or a tip-to-toe moonlit luminescence, apply liberally and feel the stardusted magic.

Dust along your décolletage, wear as an under-makeup base, or apply along the high planes of your face for an ultra-hydrating liquid highlighter.


Charging Your Desert Moon Illuminating Oil

Maximize the highest crystal vibrations of your diamond-infused oil by charging it under the light of the new moon or full moon. 

How to:
  • Place your Desert Moon oil near a window after dusk where it will be exposed to direct moonlight. The new moon energy will activate the diamond dust and cleanse any unwanted energies while aligning to its highest energetic frequency. 
  • Allow your oil to sit in this spot overnight and then douse yourself in your newly charged moon dust for seriously high-vibe hydration. 

Other Diamond-Infused ATHR Beauty Products


Infused with ethically sourced diamonds, these crystal highlighters luminize in low light and gleam in daylight for an ethereal, #ibathedindiamonds gleam. Shine bright like a diamond in shades made for every skin tone and type.

Supernova Crushed Pink Diamond Highlighter – A rosé-inspired, champagne-dusted, rose gold glow for fair to light skin tones. 

Supernova Crushed Pure Diamond Highlighter - an icy, doused in diamonds, moonlit luminescence for all skin tones.

Supernova Crushed Yellow Diamond Highlighter. a bright gold yellow diamond-infused highlighter that’s magic for anyone craving a gilded glimmer, but specifically designed for deeper skin tones.

Sending you all the high-vibe diamond-infused energy. Can't wait to see your Desert Moon Illuminated glow! 
- ATHR Beauty xo

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