Say hello to our third supernatural blush buffet, the Amber Crystal Charged Cheek Palette! With two soft-focus peachy-pink and coral blushes and a luminous champagne gold highlighter that build effortlessly and blend seamlessly. 

Every shade can be worn alone or blended together for a multidimensional sheen!


Why We Love It

Buttery smooth and perfectly pigmented, this crystal cheek palette is the peaches and cream, apricot dream cousin to our two other beloved Crystal Charged Cheek Palettes. It’s a warm coral, glistening golden glow that feels like champagne on the coast of Italy and sweet peach cobbler at a beachside picnic.   

Saturated with skin-loving, antioxidant-rich plant oils (and a secret utterly exotic bonus extract) these shades nourish, hydrate, and seriously glowify the skin from within.  

And forever and always, it’s vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, sustainably sourced, and fully recyclable. 

The Shades

Courage: Luminous Champagne Golden Highlighter

Balance: Peachy-Pink Matte

Manifestation: Coral Matte


How is this different from the other 2 cheek palettes?

This is the peachy-coral sister to our two other crystal cheek palettes. Infused with a touch of apricot warmth, and blessed with a golden champagne undercurrent, this is the universally luminzing palette for every skin tone under the sun. Warm tones, cool tones, richly melanated tones, and porcelain tones – this cheek palette is designed to showcase your gorgeous complexion in its most glow-worthy light.

In comparison to our other ĀTHR Beauty cheek palettes, the Rose Quartz Crystal Charged Cheek Palette is perfect for the fair-skinned and those on the rosier end of the spectrum, and our Ruby Crystal Charged Cheek Palette is specifically designed for deeper skin tones – with rich, saturated shades that shine bright and exude light. 


How to Wear It

As with all ĀTHR Beauty products, these shades are created to luminize and last on lids, cheeks, décolletage, and any spot of skin that needs a dose of glow, a touch of color, or a splash of indulgence.  

The Crystal Infusion: Amber

The succinic acid found in Amber is a powerful antioxidant – helping to release toxins, encourage renewal, and restore balance to the skin. It’s nature’s golden glow giver.  

Spiritually, this honey-hued stone awakens our self-worth and stimulates our creative expression. It absorbs negativity and helps alleviate stress.

The Luminizing, Skin-Loving Ingredients

INDIAN SAPPANWOOD BARK EXTRACT - FOR BRIGHTNESS: This exotic extract is full of deeply restorative antioxidants that work to alleviate redness and discoloration from acne and sunspots. The result: a brightened, even-toned, cared-for complexion.

ORGANIC ROSEHIP OIL - FOR RADIANCE: The key to hydrated, radiant, glowing skin. Rich in antioxidant-rich vitamins A and C to boost radiance, combat discoloration, and sun damage, and encourage healthy collagen production.

JOJOBA SEED OIL - FOR HYDRATION & HEALING: Jojoba oil is deeply hydrating and ultra-restorative. Rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin B, and other antioxidants, this oil helps fight oxidative stress and irritation that can cause premature aging.

HONEYSUCKLE FLOWER EXTRACT - FOR SOOTHING & SMOOTHING: This extract calms and smooths the skin with its high antioxidant content. Naturally anti-bacterial, honeysuckle fights bacteria on the surface of the skin for a balanced, happy complexion.  

What Early Testers Are Saying

Wow. This is LITERALLY my favorite cheek palette. The shades are super buttery, easily blendable and with such staying power. It even stays on for a day of taking my mask on and off all the light golden highlighter, I even use it as an eye shadow. And the cheek shades are just perfect for my skin. Love the peachy-pink and coral shades. So excited to get this early!!! - ANNE
This is the best powder formula I have ever tried! I love how it is all clean ingredients and the pigment insane! Definitely a great staple in any make up collection!- KASEY


I loooooooove this palette! Such pretty colors and lasts all day. I love that I can wear each shade on its own or mix and blend for more dimension. I love all my Aether products and this is another knockout! So gorgeous.- AVA
The blushes blend out beautifully and give a natural flush to my cheeks and the highlighter is the perfect golden shade for my complexion. I can wear each blush on its own but when mixed they create the most beautiful shade of pink. Not only is this palette gorgeous but I love Aether's commitment to sustainability and environmental causes. Would 100% recommend. -KENDRA



Our Charity Partner

1% of all ĀTHR Beauty Cheek Palette proceeds are donated to Keep-A-Breast which creates resources to empower women with breast health education, early breast cancer detection tools, and overall support.

Bundle up & glow all over

For a warm golden glow from your lids to your décolletage, check out our Golden Hour Glow Bundle which includes: 

Valued at $140, you get this bundle for just $100 – that’s like getting the cheek palette for free! 10% of all bundle proceeds go towards the United Roots Oakland Foundation.



May your glow be glistening, your glam be lasting, and your skin be loved from the inside out ;) 

- ĀTHR Beauty xo

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