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Fri, Oct 11, 19

In today’s blog, we’ll chat about:
  • What is carbon-neutral shipping?
  • How carbon-neutral shipping works and why it matters
  • Shopping online vs shopping in-store
  • Your carbon footprint
  • How to calculate your carbon footprint + how to shrink it

Fair-trade is finally starting to take root in beauty #itsabouttime! In today’s blog, we’ll chat about:

  • What is fair-trade & why does it matter? 
  • Fair-trade & beauty products
  • Our fair-trade Ingredients + why they aren’t all fair-trade
  • What fair-trade means to us
  • How to find ethical beauty products 

We’re here with tips and truths for your Plastic-Free July (and beyond). Keep reading for:

  • Why this movement matters
  • The truth about recycling
  • How to cut down your plastic usage
  • Recycling tips & truths

We're so proud to have ĀTHR Beauty recognized as a Benefit Corporation. We're fully and completely aligned with their mission to use business as a force for public good

Good for you + good for your skin + good for the planet #goodvibesbeauty