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Tue, Sep 08, 20

Are synthetics more sustainable than natural ingredients? The short answer: sometimes. The truth is, sustainable sourcing goes much deeper than natural vs synthetic – it’s a seriously in-depth process that’s A LOT to think about!

Keep reading to learn more about how we evaluate ingredients for sustainability, and why in some situations, a safe synthetic is the most sustainable option.

Found in almost every compact, lipstick, and palette, magnets are a mainstay in the beauty world. They keep products shut, create that satisfying ‘click’, keep refillable inserts in place, and recently they’ve even been put inside products like false eyelashes and as actual ingredients in skincare masks (scary).

In an ode to our new hemp-infused Joshua Tree Palette, we’re talking all things hemp -  the miracle plant that not only gives a gorgeous glow to our shadows, but is truly transformative for the environment. Keep reading for all the ways that hemp benefits this beautiful planet we call home!  

The best way to combat the darkness: be the light! In a situation like this, with so much fear and uncertainty, how can we shift our perspective to see the pockets of light, to find lessons in the gloom? 

Keep reading for:

  • Some silver linings of this pandemic
  • Lessons to take with us when this is all over
  • How we're giving back to help fight this pandemic and heal the planet 

So, bioplastics – where did that topic come from? Well, we've gotten this question a few times from you - the super discerning, dig-deep-for-truth beautiful people that you are! You've seen bioplastics pop up in beauty packaging, you want to know the whole truth, and we are so here for it!

Keep reading for:

  • What is bioplastic, how is it made, & why was it created?
  • Are bioplastics the answer? The drawbacks.
  • Biodegradable vs degradable vs compostable vs recyclable
  • Where to send bioplastic/plastic when we’re done with it
  • How to reduce our plastic usage overall 

In today’s blog, we’re telling the truth about cosmetic packaging, and helping you decipher the truth from the claims when it comes to sustainability. Keep reading for:

  • The current packaging situation in beauty
  • Terracycle: the end-all solution or a band-aid?
  • Why we use Terracycle
  • Why recycling began in the first place
  • How we do sustainability
  • The never-recyclable packaging elements to watch out for

As creators of the world’s first fully-recyclable eyeshadow palette and first fully recyclable & 100% recycled plastic lip component, we take sustainable packaging seriously. In fact, we refuse to launch any product until we’ve found a fully recyclable, sustainable way to package it.  

That’s why we’re so excited to announce our new partnership with Terracycle, a recycling company that’s taking waste-transformation to the next level!

You might guess with a name like ĀTHR Beauty that we love the cosmos – the stars, the Moon, and all the mystical energies that weave their magic through our lives. So, today let’s dive deep into that Moon magic:  

  • How and why the Moon affects us
  • What each moon phase means and how to make the most of it
  • Moon-inspired products to get you in the moonlit mood. 
  • Charging your crystal-infused palettes in the moonlight

How important is it to know where your products are made - in which factories and by which people? What about knowing how much workers are being paid or if they’re being treated fairly?

In today’s blog, we’re sharing the unfortunate conditions and realities in some factories in China and around the world. When we know better, when we open our eyes to the truth, change can begin. Keep reading to learn more!