Summer Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes

Did you know that only 8% of the World's population has blue eyes? Basically, you’re a rare and magical creature that should be celebrated.

Today we're honoring you with looks specifically made for your eyes only, using summer magic shadows from our Desert Sunset Palette! And while we firmly believe you should wear whatever you want and express yourself freely, we also love a little color theory to show which colors will make your ultra-rare blue peepers pop the most!

Coral Afterglow

Coat your upper lid in those gorgeous warm golds, bronzes, and coppers that make your baby blues shine the brightest, then add a surprise swipe of vibrant pink coral along the lower lashes because we always love a surprise.

Incandescent Light

This blend feels seriously ethereal with it's artful mix of textures and tones. It's your classic smokey eye gone golden desert glam. Embrace the shimmer on the center of the lid, highlight the inner corner and brow bone, and build those mattes in the crease for definition. Mirror your tones on the lower lash line.

Always #Extra

Who said the Desert Sunset Palette was a calm neutral palette?! Love this artistic, unapologetically #extra take on the tones.


  • Start with Desert Coral all over the lid
  • Blend Twilight into the inner corner and through the crease.
  • Swipe an artful curve of Mesquite above your crease.
  • Layer Twilight and Desert Coral just below the brow bone.
  • Take Desert Coral along the lower lashline.

Morning Rays

Warm tones like rich buttery gold bring out blue eyes the best. Drench your lips in the super saturated metallic Golden Hour for a simple look that draws everyone in. Pop Twilight in the inner corner and under the brow bone to capture every iota of light.  

Golden Halo

Give us a neutral halo eye but make it shimmer and shine. Apply a darker sunset shade along the inner and outer corner of the lid, then pop Twilight in the center of the lid. This makes your eyes look rounder, wider, and larger. A magically eye-opening look especially for hooded eyes!

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