Spring Equinox: What it Means + SURPRISE SALE

We’re entering Spring during the most surreal season of most of our lives. Many of us are stuck at home and overall the energy doesn’t feel very springy. So, we’re here with some much-needed light and perspective for the new season! Keep reading for: 

  • What is the Spring Equinox?
  • What it means for you
  • Ways to find joy in this so-surreal spring
  • Our favorite Spring Solstice crystal

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Equinox happens when the sun crosses the celestial equator, creating equal hours of day and night all over the world. It also marks the first day of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) which means more sunlight hours and later sunsets.

This year, the Spring Equinox is on March 19th at 8:50 pm PST – the earliest start to Spring in 124 years!


Equinox signifies balance – the balance of light and dark, of passive and active energies. And while there’s so much fear and uncertainty right now (the dark), there’s still so much room to bring in light.

Spring represents growth and renewal – and combined with our current worldwide situation, it’s the perfect time to renew all the areas of our lives that we’ve neglected in favor of working and doing. So many of us have such jam-packed schedules filled with work, kids’ activities, the gym, social engagements, and all our aesthetic upkeep. And while it feels like a loss to give up much of this, it’s only temporary, and it’s a beautiful opportunity to slow down. To take our connections to a deeper level, to rediscover what brings us joy, to focus less on doing/achievement/external success/consumption, and focus more on connecting with our internal essence.



During such an incredibly surreal and fear-filled time in our lives, let’s try to focus on creating more light for ourselves and for others. Some ways to channel the Spring Equinox energies during the Coronavirus era:

Create with no purpose

Remember when you were little and you painted, drew, built, and stacked things for absolutely no reason at all? Remember those summer holidays when you were super bored - when there was no social media, no smartphones and you just had to explore around the house to find things to do? Let’s bring that back! So many adventures, laughs, and creativity result from unplanned boredom.  

Learn that thing you never had time to learn

You know the thing – playing the guitar, learning to cook/bake, perfecting a cut crease or a winged liner, doing a yogic handstand, learning a language, making jewelry. Now is your golden hour of freedom and free time, of lessened obligations. Let’s do the things we always wanted to, that we’ve never had time for! 


Move your body freely

Blast the music and move your body! Dance around like your little daughter or nephew would – overenthusiastically, joyfully, ridiculously. Do it for no reason but to laugh!

Experiment with makeup

Even if you’re already a pro, take this time to create – with no external opinions, no timeline, no look that’s too outrageous. Dip into those too-bright-for-the-office colors on the fringe of your palettes and have fun with no restrictions! Create totally freely or finally follow along with some of those YouTube tutorials you love watching.

Let’s wear a poppin highlight and a MAJOR bright eye at home just for the sheer joy of it. Let’s dress up with nowhere to go and love it.

aether-beauty-makeup-looksFrom top left: @gaotha_saoirse wearing Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette, @cantarafarouk wearing Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Palette, chillonaxchingona wearing Supernova Pure Diamond Dust Highlighter, @untitled01.jpg wearing Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Palette, @merrady wearing Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette, graciegrace_makeup wearing Supernova Pure Diamond Dust Highlighter, lifemeetsteph wearing Summer Solstice Eyeshadow Palette, radulescu13oana wearing Summer Solstice Eyeshadow Palette, @vidathediva40 wearing all palettes. 

Connect with people on a deeper level

Whether it’s in-person at home, or long-distance over phone/ Skype, take advantage of less obligations and distractions to reconnect, laugh, talk, and slow down enough to really see and appreciate those special people in our lives. 

Our other favorite way to connect with those long-distance people (and even those in the area): write letters! Let’s bring back the penpal, and reignite that joy of getting a real-life letter in the mail!

Reach the outer limits of your to-do list

Ok, let’s not get caught up in the frantic productivity vortex where we replace all our old obligations with new ones. But if to-dos are bringing you joy, do it up! Think minimalizing your closet, organizing your makeup, or redecorating your living room.


Our favorite crystal to encourage self-renewal and light during the coronavirus era: Rose Quartz!

The stone of self-love, Rose Quartz helps us reconnect to our heart – to access the truth, clarity, and compassion that lies beneath the fear, control, and judgement. When we listen from our hearts, to that deep inner knowing, we can access the calm and love beneath our mind’s hysteria and worry. And when we feel love within, we can spread it all around us – exactly the medicine we need right now. 

Pair your crystals (whether solid crystals or your crystal-infused shadows) with clear, loving intentions. Close your eyes, hold your crystal (or wear them) and thank the universe in advance for what you’d like more of in your life right now.



Wishing you light, love, and calm during this Equinox and beyond.

-ĀTHR Beauty

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