Spilling the Tea on our NEW Joshua Tree Palette

Happy Earth Day Beautiful!

Today we’re celebrating Earth Day's 50th anniversary with the launch of our latest crystal-infused, zero waste eyeshadow palette, the Joshua Tree Palette. 

Inspired by the prismatic vistas of a truly magical corner of this Earth, the Mojave Desert! IG-worthy sunsets, sprawling sandscapes, and the contrast of sharp-angled Joshua Trees with bright, calming wildflowers. Our new Joshua Tree Palette is an elevated rainbow that captures the artful majesty of the stunning California Desert landscape.

Officially available now! Share in the Earth Day love with 20% OFF SITEWIDE! Use code EARTHLOVE at checkout until 4/30!


In honor of Earth Day, we're donating 1% of all Joshua Tree palette proceeds to the Mojave Desert Land Trust which helps protect the gorgeous yet vulnerable Mojave Desert ecosystem that we love so much. 


First of all, we LOVE color! This all-matte palette pairs incredibly bright and pigmented artistic hues with ultra-versatile neutrals for looks that span from everyday effortless to straight-up editorial.

It’s an artfully curated rainbow that combines completely wearable and out-there outrageousness. This is the crystal palette with the widest array of potential looks from cool to warm, edgy to easy, and rainbow brite to sunset night.

And the formula: the most buttery, blendable, single-swipe shadows you’ve ever dipped into. Expect incredibly vibrant colors that last well past sunset and radiate on every skin tone.  

And just like all ĀTHR Beauty products, the Joshua Tree is 100% recyclable, certified vegan & cruelty-free, crystal-infused, non-toxic, and made with sustainably sourced, organic and fair-trade ingredients whenever possible.


Drenched in crystal-infused radiance, these 12 seriously saturated ultra-matte shades stir the soul just like a stunning summer sunset over the endless sand dunes!

Pixie Rock: Light Sand Matte

Poppy: Peachy Tan Matte

Tumbleweed: Warm Brown Matte

Rosewood: Maroon Brown Matte

Citrine: Daffodil Matte

Emberglow: Sunset Orange Matte

Prickly Pear: Orchid Matte

Wildflower: Violet Matte

Joshua Tree: Sage Green Matte

Agave: Blue Green Teal Matte

Mesquite: Bark Brown Matte

New Moon: Black Matte



Organic hemp seed oil

The magical natural elixir for hydrated, glowing skin. Full of antioxidant-laden omega fatty acids, hemp seed oil deeply hydrates the skin, regulates oil production, and reduces inflammation. It’s especially beneficial for acne-prone skin as it can reduce excess sebum production.

Organic, Fair-trade Coconut Oil + Organic, Fair-trade Shea Butter 

This rich, luxurious duo moisturizes and softens the skin while reducing inflammation and calming redness. Together, they combine to create our signature uber-smooth, one swipe application.

Organic Rosa Canina Seed Oil (Rosehip seed oil)

This moisture-rich oil is full of nourishing fatty acids that help create that petal-soft, seriously smooth complexion. Antioxidant-rich vitamins A and C boost radiance, combat discoloration, and encourage healthy collagen production.


This honey-hued stone breathes new life into your skin. Known as a regenerative crystal, Citrine helps your skin renew itself by releasing toxicity and restoring radiance. Citrine and all other crystals reflect light away from the skin – camouflaging wrinkles and uneven skin texture.

Spiritually, Citrine is the stone of imagination, inspiration, and manifestation. Its crystal energy awakens your creative intuition and fills you with clear, optimistic energy to act on your visions. It’s one of only two crystals on Earth (plus kyanite) that never need to be cleared as they hold only positive energy frequencies.   

Our crystals are responsibly sourced from the USA and Canada. Our suppliers certify that all crystals are non-conflict, with no use of child labor, and sourced with environmentally-sound extraction techniques. 


Image: @beautyheroes, cover photo: purelynatassja


"The eyeshadow color payoff is incredible, with a tiny bit of shimmer. I love that it is made with sustainability in mind! The packaging is incredible! Who would have thought you could make something sustainable and beautiful. Just Love the whole theme of the palette, Joshua Tree is a very special place and I’m happy that some of the money from this purchase is going towards preserving the Mojave. I use this palette with the crystal grid palette (which I purchased elsewhere) for some extra oomph." - Michelle T. 

"The shades blend so perfectly and the pigment is gorgeous. I work with a lot of clean eyeshadows and this palette is by far the best!!" - Riel P.

"I love that Aether has finally come out with an all matte eyeshadow palette. The colors are awesome and they blend beautifully. I’ve had no allergic reactions in the short time using it. I couldn’t be happier...." - Sylvia F. 

"Love this palette, it has so many essential colors to make a whole look come together. There's blackkkk! And brown. Omg, so essential. Love this. Amazing formula. The only eye shadow I own is aether beauty and I've been able to do so many more looks sense adding this pallet to my collection." - Abigail S.


With a kaleidoscope of colors, the uses are truly endless! Our formulas are suitable for all over the face, with hydrating, nourishing ingredients that actually improve the look and feel of your skin. Some of our favorite ways to multitask with the Joshua Tree Palette:


Truthfully, any shade can be used as an eyeliner – we’re all about a dramatic yellow liner or a pop of purple, so any pan in the palette can do double-duty! But for that traditional dark smokey liner look, these are the shades we recommend:

New Moon: Black Matte

Agave: Blue Green Teal Matte

Mesquite: Bark Brown Matte

Pro-tip: dip your brush in water (or spritz brush with water), then dip into your shadow for the most vibrant, high-impact pigment! 


A near universally-flattering, deeply-pigmented pink for a natural flush that doesn’t feel faux.  

Prickly Pear: Orchid Matte


Depending on your brow color, choose from these shades for an on-the-go brow filler! Even combine a few shades to get your perfectly personalized hue.

Mesquite: Bark Brown Matte

New Moon: Black Matte

Tumbleweed: Warm Brown Matte



On Earth Day and every day, we're committed to preserving this planet and making sustainable, planet-loving choices. All our palettes are made with 100% recyclable FSC certified paper, recyclable aluminum pans, and water-based soy inks. We forego mirrors and magnets to make this palette fully recyclable in your standard recycling bin: 

  1. Once you've used up your shadows, remove the aluminum pans from the paper packaging.
  2. Rinse out the pans and dry them off.
  3. Put the paper package, outer box, aluminum pans, and the tarot card (unless you’re collecting them) into your recycling bin.
  4. Reuse the elastic as a hair tie.
  5. Congratulations, you’ve just saved one more product from the landfill!

If you don’t have access to recycling facilities in your area, you can recycle your empties through our Partner, Terracycle!

For more information on how to recycle your beauty buys and products all throughout the house, visit our blog.  This extra time at home is the perfect chance to learn the ins & outs of recycling and leave this pandemic with a renewed commitment to our beautiful planet!   


We’re so grateful for all the love and recognition we’ve gotten for both our formulas and our sustainable packaging! Just a few awards we’ve received since we began: 

MindBodyGreen Beauty Awards 2018: The Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette won in the Best ‘Earth First’ Beauty Products category

2019 Dirty Thinkers Choice Awards: The Summer Solstice Palette won for ‘Best Eye Makeup’

Refinery 29 Beauty Innovator Awards: The Summer Solstice Palette won for  Sustainability

Innocos x Beauty Heroes Blue Beauty Awards: ĀTHR Beauty won for ‘Zero Waste Beauty Innovation’

Byrdie 2020 Eco Awards: The Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette won ‘Best Eyeshadow Palette’

2020 Elle Green Beauty Awards: Our Radiant Ruby Lip Crème won in the ‘Best Green Makeup’ category



We cannot wait for you to try our NEW Joshua Tree Palette! Tag us in your looks on IG so we can share the multicolored love with the world <3

- ĀTHR Beauty xo

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