Whether dusted atop your cheekbones, patted under the brow bone, or packed onto the lids, there's no wrong way to bathe yourself in golden, yellow diamond-infused shimmer #amiright!

In today's blog we're sharing all our favorite Supernova Crushed Yellow Diamond Highlighter looks created by you - lid looks, all-over-the-visage looks, and even a magical elixir to use as a light-catching body shimmer! 


When we create a stand alone diamond highlighter, you better believe it also works as a bomb eyeshadow - especially this one, it's the golden snitch, oscar statue, sun-drenched shade of your dreams! 

When Gold Glows

Let's all run home and brush a clear lip gloss over our shadow to create this glossy, just-jumped-out-of-a-waterfall, ultra-editorial look that comes to life with just one shade! Take your Supernova Crushed Yellow Diamond Highlighter all the way up to the brow bone for a gilded sheen you can't look away from.


 Model: @a.valawrence, MUA: kendra.lspringer

Yellow Gold Goddess 

Layer your Yellow diamond highlighter over a matte yellow shadow (try ‘Citrine’ from our Joshua Tree Palette) for a seriously striking, bathed in sunlight shade that feels one part Goldfinger and 2 parts Queen of the World. 

If you love this combo, check out our Golden Hour Glow Bundle which includes the Yellow Diamond Highlighter, Joshua Tree Palette, and our NEW Amber Crystal Charged Cheek Palette - a $140 value for only $100. You basically get the three-shade cheek palette for free! 


Image: katiejanehughes

ĀTHR Beauty All Over

Amp up the inner corner with a dose of dazzling rich gold to draw attention to your favorite feature - especially stunning on brown and green eyes! Lauren's also wearing the shades Sol, Amethyst, Third Eye, & Spirituality from our Summer Solstice Palette on her lids, plus our NEW Amber Cheek Palette on her cheeks (available for pre-order now!)


Pink Gold Glow

Pair your Yellow Diamond Highlighter with shimmery pink shades from our Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette for a look that feels like rosé all day and night. 


Image: rayofsilver


Dust your golden glow over all the high planes of the face and catch the light from every diamond-dusted angle! Start atop the cheekbones, and pop a little under the brow bone, down the bridge of the nose, and on the cupid's bow. 

Glitter and Gleam

Blinded by the light of your golden diamond highlight! You'll do a double take every time you catch your shimmering, light-catching reflection - hello lustrous, honeyed hottie. 

Video: @xrizztina

Liquid Gold

Being in the sun is so much more fun when your face looks bathed in its glittering rays! To recreate this look, start with a dewy canvas and focus your Yellow Diamond Highlighter on your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, and atop your cupid's bow. You'll look sunkissed, glowy, and gorgeous. 


Image: alidawnart

Light it up

No more playing it safe and ultra-subtle! Let's aim for high wattage and see how much joy that golden glimmer brings. Stand in direct sunlight for the most blindingly beautiful effect. 


Image: Outwithtoxins

 Golden Matte

How to still glow with an ultra-matte canvas? Apply your Yellow Diamond Highlighter before applying foundation! Voila - a lit-from-within, born-with-it glow that's less blinding and more beguiling. 

Image: chidi.mma


Now is the time for a diamond charged, all-over body shimmer while summer's still here! Show your décolletage, shoulders, and even forearms the love and attention they deserve with a DIY glimmer treatment. Scroll down for how to recreate this look.  

  • Shave a bit of your Supercharged Yellow Diamond Highlighter into a container (using a spoolie or even a butter knife).
  • Pour your favorite body oil on top.
  • Mix your elixir with a spoolie or makeup brush,
  • Apply away! Focus the body oil on the high planes of the body – the décolletage, the shoulder, forearms, and anywhere you want to gleam in the sunlight. For best results, use a fluffy, not too flat brush. 
  • Apply 2 layers of the body oil, allowing it to sit for a few seconds in between layers.
  • Use a stippling or buffing motion to really work that shimmer into the skin.
  • Apply the body oil along the high planes of the face, then put foundation overtop for that lived-in, effortless glow. 

Watch the full how-to video with Pro MUA, Kendra Springer!


Thanks to all of you for putting your own unique stamp on our creations and bringing our products to life with your endlessly artistic looks! 

- ĀTHR Beauty xo

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