Can we just say - the amount of creativity, artistry, and graphically gorgeous looks you’ve all created with this palette fills our color-obsessed hearts with joy. We created this unconventional, all-matte rainbow palette to stir up imagination, encourage experimentation, and embrace color in our beauty regime. And all of that has happened X a million!

Keep scrolling to get inspired by the straight-up editorial, edgy experimental, drop-dead gorgeous artistry that you’ve all brought to life with the ĀTHR Beauty Joshua Tree Palette. We have how-to’s for some looks, but many are off-the-cuff creations made without a recipe.

The main moral of this color story: paint freely. Be inspired with no restrictions or rules!


Berries & Honey 

It turns out the perfect pairing for a deep berry lip is a bright yellow lid! For real though, does this not make you almost gasp with joy? Oh, and we may be drawing on some moles with those darker shades now that we've seen this. 


 Image: katiejanehughes - Katie used Citrine all over the lid 
Gilded Smoke

Matte with a touch of molten metallic. The perfect marriage for a seriously sultry, yet dramatic & graphic metallicized statement eye. 


Image: gaotha_saoirse (She used The Joshua Tree Palette in Tumbleweed, Citrine, and Agave & The Summer Solstice Palette in Midsummer and Amber)

Flights of Forest Fancy

Like a magic forest nymph sprinkling her glitter dust along the leaves. Ok yes, random but we're all about a look that takes us away! P.S. try using the shade 'Mesquite' to draw on some freckles just like these. 


Image: kelseyh.beautyblogger

Citrine Dream 

Yes, that seriously flawless liner is created only with eyeshadow! All you need is a super-thin angled brush (and a lot of patience). And we're so here for that yellow shadow along the waterline! 



  • Apply 'Ember Glow' in the crease and blend upwards and outwards, ending in line with the tail of the brow. Then brush the shade along the lower lash line.
  • Blend the shade ‘Poppy’ over "Ember Glow" above the crease. 
  • Use the shade ‘Tumbleweed’ in the crease and pack it into the inner and outer thirds of the eye. Brush along the outer third of the lower lash line also. 
  • Use ‘Divine’ from the Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette in the center of the lid and blend the edges. Pop into the inner corner also.
  • Apply ‘Citrine’ along the waterline. 
  • Use ‘New Moon’ to draw the graphic liner slowly and carefully. 
Neon Gold 

Yellow is the new gold! A surprisingly illuminating color on chocolate brown eyes. Try bringing the color down along your waterline for next-level impact. 


 Image: kristina_moen

     24 Kt Mustard 

    We're all about a gorgeous mustard yellow. And paired with its summer sunset cousins, this feels warm, sumptuous, and gloriously golden. 


    Image: mariv_xoxo
    Golden Hour

    While we love us some shimmer, there's nothing more sophisticated than a perfectly blended all-matte shadow look. Neutral shades with pops of inner-corner light create that kissed-by-the-sun, born-with-it lid look we're all going for. 


    Image: lexidbeal
     Tie-Dye Eye

    Green and yellow may sound crazy but the result is serious can't-look-away editorial magic that we're definitely going to try at home. 


    Image: kendra.lspringer - Kendra used the shades Wildflower, Agave, Joshua Tree, Citrine, and New Moon to create this look 


    Pink Lemonade 

    This orange-pink combo is giving us all the summertime cocktails at sunset vibes. It's colorful and bright, yet completely doable for every day. And embrace using eyeshadow as eyeliner - whether classically black or bright and look-at-me. 

    pink-eyeshadow-look-joshua-tree-paletteImage: karina_motd - Karina's wearing the Joshua Tree Palette & Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette

    Rich Ruby 

    Like the most glittering red ruby, this look feels both luxe and edgy. Try bringing your pink shadow shade down to your cheeks and the tip of your nose for an-all over ruby flush. 


    Amethyst Artistry

    There's something so regal about a pop of purple on brown eyes. We love this elevated everyday eye look for showcasing the more sultry, sophisticated side of the palette. 


    Image: ijeomaoluo


    Prism Precision  

    Smoky eye done rainbow-style. Start with purple and paint with all the colors of the rainbow, blending and fading each shade into the next. Embrace mustard yellow as your new golden matte brow bone highlight. 


    Ocean Sunset 

    An IG-worthy sunset over the sapphire-colored waters, this look feels like perfect summer nights right at the last sign of light. Pop a lighter shade in the center of the lid on any look for a dose of light-catching dimension. 

    rainbow-look Image: xrizztina

    I Woke Up Like This  

    A lid full of colors you've always been afraid to use! Doesn't this make you want to dip into those lesser-known hues for an at-home editorial beauty spread?


    Image: gabriellalampone

    Paint With All The Colors  

    Rhian used all the shades but two to create this kaleidoscope of colors - how many can you use in one look while still looking perfectly put together?!


    Image: rhian_hy


    • Brush 'Pixie Rock' under the brow bone.
    • Apply 'Poppy' in the crease.
    • Blend 'Citrine' just above the crease.
    • Pop 'Agave' on the inner third of the eye. 
    • Apply 'Joshua Tree' in the inner corner and along the front half of the lid. 
    • Put 'Rosewood' on the outer third of the lid and blend outwards to create a wing. 
    • Pop Mesquite in the outer corner of the lid. 
    • Pat 'Ember Glow' in the center of the lid. 
    • Apply 'Wildflower' along the lower lash line. 
    • Layer 'Pixie Rock' over 'Wildflower' along the lower lash line. 
      Rainbow Is The New Black 

      This look is what we call a 'triadic color scheme' in color theory class - three colors evenly spaced along the color wheel that creates the perfect balance of contrast and harmony. If you haven't dived into color theory yourself, it's a great place to start when mixing shadows! 


      Image: mariv_xoxo

      Rainbow Brite

      Vibrant bright colors blended and blended = a soft, pastel rainbow that's both artistic and romantic at the same time. If rainbow brite was under a soft glow filter! 


      Image: katie.artistry

      Rainbow Reality 

      Rounded corners and flawless rainbow blending make this look feel super unique and somehow futuristic. 


      Sherbet Seductress 
      High-impact hues pair with dusky neutrals for an eye you just can't look away from. Finish with razor sharp liquid liner to turn up the drama to top volume. 

      Image: gaotha_saoirse (She used The Joshua Tree Palette in shades Citrine, Emberglow, Rosewood, Mesquite, and Wildflower)


      Thanks to all of you for creating the most gorgeous, artistic, endlessly innovative looks with our palettes! Visit our blog to see looks from our Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette, our Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Palette, and our Summer Solstice Palette

      - ĀTHR Beauty xo 

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