Our Ethically Sourced Crystal Shop

We’re so excited to unveil our ethically-sourced crystal shop! Hand-selected, glimmering, high-vibe crystals from responsible artisan miners to bring light and healing to your life. Crystals that never harmed another human or this planet. With this exciting launch, we also want to talk about what ethical sourcing means, and why most of the crystals you find come with questionable ethics.


No traceability

Most crystals will go through countless hands before reaching you, the buyer – making it impossible to know where that stone came from and if it was mined ethically. After the miner extracts the crystal, it could go to a broker, a wholesale dealer, another dealer, a distributor, a retailer, and many more possible middlemen. In the end, you have no idea what conditions that crystal was mined under.

Child labor

In some parts of the world where crystal deposits are rich, children as young as 7 are working as crystal miners. In mineral-rich Madagascar, a mecca of crystals and gemstones, an estimated 85,000 children are working in the mines.

Unsafe working conditions & unlivable wages

Mineworkers are paid per crystal they extract - and the going rate is pennies per kg. The crystals then sell for more than 1500x that price to customers.

The working conditions in these unregulated mines can be incredibly dangerous. Besides the unavoidable risk of landslides, workers inhale dust and particles that can manifest into serious respiratory problems and lung cancer. Broken bones and serious cuts are common, and sometimes mines completely cave in on workers, trapping them inside.  

Environmental destruction

While crystal mining can be done on a much smaller, more sustainable scale than diamonds for example, most crystal mines are completely unregulated. In some areas, mining comes at the expense of protected rainforest land and endangered animals. And many mines leak heavy metals and toxic wastewater into local waterways, endangering the people and wildlife nearby. 

How We Source Ethical Crystals

All our crystals and minerals are hand-selected, raw natural crystals sourced from artisan miners with responsible operations in the USA. We’re lucky in our country to have:

  • The Fair Labor Standards Act which ensures minimum wages, safe working conditions, and absolutely NO child labor or forced labor.
  • Environmental regulations which mining operations have to follow.

We know the exact origin of every crystal in our shop and can verify they were mined ethically and responsibly. We love crystals for their healing energy and natural glimmer, but we never want our stones to have harmed other humans or the planet. #goodvibesonly

Our Ethically-Mined Crystals


Origin: Herkimer, NY

Known as the Alignment Crystal, Herkimer Diamonds help align you with your truth and bring crystal clear clarity to the murky, misaligned areas of your life. It's the most powerful of all quartz crystals and can be used on all chakras to clear the body and spirit of fears, low-vibration emotions, and toxicity.


Origin: Gunnison County, CO

Known as the Stone of Transition, Lepidolite calms and stablizies the inner storms to connect you to your highest self and highest good. It's a powerful stone to balance and calm your nervous system, and neutralize fear and anxiety. Keep your lepidolite on hand during turbulent times when tension and uncertainty are high.


Origin: Lost Trail, CO

Known as the stone of flow, Fluorite embodies the go-with-the-flow, happy, holiday vibes. It helps us release negativity and see the light, easeful side of life. Fluorite also helps with concentration and confidence - giving us the internal tools and resilience to make difficult decisions.


Origin: Arkansas

Known as the Master Healer, Clear Quartz harmonizes all the chakras and helps release negative energy and bring your body, mind, and emotions to a state of balance. It helps connect us with higher planes of consciousness and level up our thinking and actions to reach our highest potential.

Mercury Retrograde Protection Crystal Duo - Smokey Quartz + Black Tourmaline

Origin: Mesa County, CO + Chaffee County, CO

Smokey Quartz

Known as the Grounding Stone, Smokey Quartz takes us out of our head and into our body - dissolving negative thoughts and connecting us with feelings of calm, safety, and serenity. The perfect amulet to counteract the chaos of retrograde (or any difficult or uncertain time in your life).

Black Tourmaline

Known as the Protection Stone, Black Tourmaline balances your lower chakras - making you feel safe, secure, nurtured, and confident. This stone neutralizes anxious vibrations and dark energies and helps let in the light. Carry it with you during retrograde for a constant source of protection.

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