We’ve decided not to accept that summer’s ending, so to keep it going all year long, we created our Never Ending Summer Bundle! A deliciously warm, sunset-inspired, glow-giving collection that’ll take you back to those lazy beach days while adding a dose of fall luxury. 

To celebrate this bundle (that’s only available for the month of September), we’re sharing our 12 favorite Summer Solstice and Ruby Cheek Palette looks created by all of you! Scroll down for step-by-step instructions on how to create most of these looks!

The Never Ending Summer Bundle Includes:

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Smokey Burgundy

Deliciously smoky yet refreshingly bright, this look makes a statement without screaming out loud. Gorgeous on any eye color, these shades are an ode to fall’s changing leaves. Build up color as you go to dial up the drama to your liking. 

Makeup by @kendra.lspringer, beautiful model: @ouikayla. Miyayla’s wearing our Summer Solstice Palette & Our Ruby Crystal Charged Cheek Palette.


  • Pat ‘Sol’ in the outer corner of the lid and along the lower lash line.
  • Blend ‘Energy’ into the outer half of the lid and blend.
  • Pat ‘Ruby’ into the center of the lid.
  • Brush ‘Amber’ into the inner corner and first third of the lid.
  • Blend out all the hard edges.

Watch the full how-to video here! 

    Golden Depth

    Build up those darker shades through the crease and along the lower lash line, then add a pop of gleaming gold in the center of the lid and in the inner corner. If you have hooded eyes, take that color up extra high so you can see that gilded smokiness.


    Video: @chidi.mma, watch the full tutorial here! 

    The Golden Age

    The opposite of subtle, this look is gleaming, glistening, and ready for her close-up. Whether you’re glamming for a night out, or in the COVID era, getting creative at home, this is one to try out for yourself!

    Image: @anniquina 


    • Start with the shade ‘Sol’ – apply in the crease and blend. Bring it down to the inner third of the eye.
    • Deepen the crease with ‘Balance’ and bring along the lower lash line. Blend, blend, blend.
    • Apply ‘Sisterne’ onto the outer corner of the eye and bring down to the lower lash line.
    • Pack ‘Amber’ into the center of the lid and the middle of the lower lash line.
    • Pop ‘Citrine’ into the inner corner of the eye.
    • Clean up the edges with concealer. 

    Sun-kissed Summer Solstice

    You can't help but smile big when you're glowing with sun-drenched, literally #lit luminosity! Embrace that highlight shade not just on your lids, but over all the high planes of the face for #cantstopwontstop all-over glow. 


    Image: kristinsbing

    One Shade Wonder

    Sometimes all you need is one shade to make those eyes pop. Aisha’s wearing ‘Solstice’ all over the lid to bring out those deep brown eyes, and capture light on her favorite feature. Bring that shade down onto cheeks for a super cohesive, yet unexpected look.


     Image: aishabeau

    Sultry Wings

    Don’t be afraid to wing that shadow way, way out there! Elongate the eye, and make a serious shadow statement by dipping into those pink and purples in the palette. Especially gorgeous on brown eyes, and majorly magic on close-set eyes. 



    Next Level Forest Nymph

    Ok so you might not have tiny flower petals and vines on hand, but even without all the woodland magic, this look is seriously gorg. And if you’re feeling extra creative, why not try to recreate it fully – time to forage! Image: gandalf_sandwich


    • Apply ‘Sol’ into the crease and along the outer edges of the eye.
    • Pack ‘Sisterne’ into the outer v and along the lower lash line.
    • Dust ‘Citrine’ along the brow bone.
    • Pop ‘Amber’ into the inner corner and along the brow bone.
    • Apply ‘Ruby’ all over the lid.
    • Use ‘Midsummer’ on the outer third of the lid.
    • Brush ‘Energy’ along the lower lash line.

    Crystal Charged Cheeks 

    Not only can you create a gorgeous ruby glow with our Ruby Crystal Charged Cheek Palette, you can contour and illuminate for a lifted, sculpted, seriously glowy visage! Plus, these shades work gorgeously as shadows!

    Makeup by @kendra.lspringer, model: @ouikayla.
    • Apply an overall layer of 'Aphrodisiac' on the cheeks.
    • Apply 'Divinity' at the hollow of the cheeks.
    • With what's left on the brush, pull the color through the t-zone and lightly along the temples.
    • Blend the edges of your blush with a foundation brush to soften any harsh lines. 
    • Apply 'Pure Love' to the high planes of the face - cheekbones, bridge and tip of nose, middle of chin, atop the brows, inner corner of eyes. 

    Watch the full tutorial here! 

    Starry Eyed

    With or without those festival-esque stars, this look feels celestial, magical, and seriously mood-boosting. Pair with brushed up, boy-brows to complete the vibe.

        Image: @biancaehill 


        • Define the crease with ‘Sol’.
        • Apply ‘Ruby’ on the first third of the eye and lower lash line.
        • Blend ‘Solstice’ into the outer V.
        • Pack ‘Amber’ into the center of the lid and lower lash line.
        • Pop ‘Citrine’ into the inner corner of the eye.


          Cut Crease

          A cut crease opens the eye and creates depth and definition. It’s the ultimate optical illusion for those with hooded eyes or small eyelids. To keep it casual, go light on the brow defining. Image: radulescu13oana


          • Prime the lid with concealer or an eyeshadow primer.
          • Blend ‘Balance’ into the crease and wing it out. Blend ‘Sol’ on top to create more dimension.
          • Apply ‘Balance’ along the lower lash line.
          • Use concealer to map out your cut crease area.
          • Apply ‘New Moon’ over the concealed area. Layer ‘Citrine’ overtop and bring along the brow bone and into the inner corner also.
          • Pack ‘Sisterne’ into the outer v and bring along the lower lash line.
          • Dust the Supernova Crushed Pure Diamond Highlighter along the cheekbones for extra #glowfactor.

          Metallic Mist

          With a mix of mattes, metallics, and shade-shifting duo-chromes, this look is a multidimensional mash-up that’s got us mesmerized. Start with light pressure and build as you go to create your desired level of intensity. 

          • Brush ‘Sol’ into the crease as a base.
          • Apply ‘New Moon’ into the crease, bringing it outwards and upwards.
          • Brush ‘Sistere’ over ‘New Moon’ and along the outer edge of the lid.
          • Apply Solstice’ all over the lid.
          • Apply ‘Sistere’ along the lower lash line. Layer ‘Energy’ overtop.
          • Bring ‘Amber’ into the inner corner. 


          A subtler version of a cut crease with mostly mattes and just a touch of shimmer. Dip into those warm browns and taupes for a rich mocha latte look that’s giving us all the early fall, boots and cozy sweaters vibes. 

          -ĀTHR Beauty xo

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