Hello beautiful people!

For all of March we’ve had beauty bloggers and makeup artists take over our Instagram stories to share what they won’t sacrifice for beauty. Now we’d love to hear from you!  

Take part in our #nosacrificebeauty challenge by sharing what you won’t sacrifice for beauty and enter to win a MAJOR collection of ĀTHR Beauty products! 


For one entry: Share what you won’t sacrifice for beauty (health, animals, the planet, performance, or whatever is true for you) on IG stories, tag @aetherbeautyco, and use the hashtag #nosacrificebeauty 

For two entries: Share what you won’t sacrifice for beauty in an Instagram Post, tag @aetherbeautyco, and use the hashtag #nosacrificebeauty 


An all-in-one ĀTHR Beauty goodie bag worth over $320! Good luck to you all, we can’t wait to hear what you won’t sacrifice for beauty!

crystal-charged-cheek-palette-rose-quartzCrystal Charged Cheek Palette in Rose Quartz


We created this campaign because we believe down-to-our-core that you should not have to sacrifice ANYTHING for beauty. It’s why we founded ĀTHR Beauty – to create #haveitall beauty products that not only perform amazingly, but that you can feel good about it in every way! Keep reading for what we will never sacrifice in our beauty products:

Also, visit our ĀTHR Beauty YouTube channel to see the video that started it all! 

Your Health

Non-toxic is our #1 priority – we ban over 1500 harmful ingredients from our formulas and vet every ingredient meticulously to ensure it’s safe for use now and over time. Read our full #Goodvibesonly Ingredient Code for our banned list + how we determine ingredient safety. 


Clean beauty should never mean boring beauty. You can achieve the same gorgeously pigmented, buttery, blendable, long-wearing, shimmery, inclusive, light-reflective, lip-lickingly gorgeous formulas with totally clean, vegan, sustainably sourced ingredients.  


Looks by gaotha_saoirse using the Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette & the Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Palette

The Animals

We’ll never sacrifice the health or lives of animals for our products – we’ll always be 100% Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free. 

Your Skin

You trust us with your skin and we take that seriously. ĀTHR Beauty is not just a shimmery lid or an illuminated cheekbone, it’s lasting skin benefits with nourishing, good-for-you ingredients. That gorgeous smoky eye now, with zero toxic effects (and anti-aging benefits!) down the road.

The Planet

We will not create a product until there’s a sustainable, earth-friendly way to produce and package it. Beauty should never come at the cost of our environment. How we honor this planet:


Human Rights

All people deserve fair wages and a safe and ethical working environment, and we only source ingredients from growers that can guarantee those conditions for us.

Our ingredients are fair-trade whenever possible, and always ethically sourced. That includes never using an ingredient produced with child labor. All our products are produced in the US, Canada, and Europe where we can ensure the ethical treatment of workers.   


Beauty is for everyone – we’ll never sacrifice inclusivity in any product we make. All races, genders, skin tones, ethnicities, skin types, ages, and undertones are honored in the creation of every ĀTHR Beauty product.   

aether-beauty-collageFrom top left to bottom right: @curlz_and_freckles, @rhian_hy, @cantarafarouk, @merrady, @makeupbyaviana, @good1alex, @thebeardedbeautybible@kendra.lspringer@brittneyenora 


Thanks for taking part in our #nosacrificebeauty challenge – we can’t wait to hear your beauty non-negotiables <3

- ĀTHR Beauty xo

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