Must-Try Fall Clean Beauty Trends

Who doesn't love the transition from summer to fall beauty? Deeper colors, more drama, and the perfect climate to keep our art lasting from dawn till dusk. Keep reading for how to recreate our fave fall trends with your ĀTHR Beauty goodies.

Sunburnt Blush (Fall Edition) + Plum Lips

The sunburnt blush trend is here to stay - except this time with deeper, richer, fall-ified shades that say "a magical wind just grazed my face'. Think shades of burgundy, berry, and autumn leaves.

Take these tones to your lips and try the viral Plum Lip trend with shade 'Courage', a deep, perfectly plumified burgundy red.

How to: Apply Desert Rose Lip & Cheek Stain on your lips, kiss your two fingers, and put a dot on the apples of your cheeks plus the bridge of your nose and blend it out. Use our custom audio on IG or Tik Tok with #kissblushblendsnap so we don't miss your looks!


We love a good Tiktok trend, and how freaking gorgeous and fun is this anti-mascara look? Try it out and feel all the gothic glam vibes.

How to: Stipple The Big Bang Mascara above your crease and use a guide (like tape or a brush) to create a sharp connecting wing. Use concealer to dramatize your work and clean up the inside/outside of the shape.

Graphic Liner + Bright Accents

Embrace your inner artist and take your go-to black liner to a color-loving new level. Go all out with seasonal stripes or start out by adding a bright color just above/below your liner.

Recreate this look:

  • Wet your brush, dip into shade 'Desert Coral' from our Desert Sunset Palette and draw a dramatic wing, bringing it to the inner corner.
  • Draw stripes along your liner shape with a pigmented black liquid liner.

Popsicle Stained Lips


The vibe is slightly blurry, lived-in lips. It's an effortless, rosy stain that feels easy yet intentional.

How to: Apply a light coat of Desert Rose Lip & Cheek Stain, then rub off the top layer of shine on the back of your hand, and voila - perfectly popsicled, fall-ready lips that won't smudge or budge.

90s Supermodel Smoky Eyes

Embrace your inner 90s supermodel and smoke it out with the deepest, darkest shades in your Desert Sunset Palette. It's moody, seductive, and heavy on the drama. To keep it now, use mostly mattes with just a touch of shimmer on the inner corner and center of the lid.

Patent Leather Lips

Intense shine and next-level pigment - think lips you can see your reflection in. Apply a luxurious coat of our Desert Rose Lip & Cheek Stain for the gleaming, glossy lips of your dreams. Keep it neutral or live out your plum lip fantasy with our bestselling plum red shade, 'Courage'.

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