Mercury Retrograde Thrive Guide For Every Sun Sign - Spring 2021

Mercury is taking its second backwards spin of the year, this time in the slightly frenetic sign of Gemini. This retrograde, air signs Aquarius and Libra will get an easy ride, while mutable signs Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo will weather a rougher storm. Keep reading for every sign's personal tips to thrive through this retrograde! 


While retrogrades can also be counted on for texts from exes, tech glitches, and communication faux paus, each one has its own personality depending on which signs it’s flowing through. With this retrograde in connection-happy Gemini, the ex-factor will be extra real, and you’ll likely feel an overall energy of impatience and impulsivity. Take time to listen to your intuition and make decisions that feel right and never rushed.  

Why retrograde doesn’t have to be scary

Here’s the thing, everything in the universe goes through cycles – ebbs and flows designed to direct energy in the most efficient, harmonious, and overall beneficial way for all. Retrograde is just another cycle in the universe – in this case a chance to slow down, reflect, choose our words and actions with more care and thought, and give yourself a chance to tie up any loose ends.

If we all operated on high every moment, we would eventually burn out. When we align with the flow of the universe, we’ll find ourselves resting and reflecting when we need to, conquering when we must, and everything in between for a high-vibe existence that swims downstream and never wastes energy struggling against the tide.


This retrograde hits you in your normally enviable gift of gab. You’ll likely struggle more with getting your point across, and possibly end up saying too much. The solution: give yourself time to reflect before sending emails and texts. The theme of the month: think before you speak.

This is a great time to work on your listening ear –  we know you're usually the lead speaker Miss Aries – this month try listening to truly understand, not just planning your response while others speak. This little shift just might strengthen all the bonds in your life, as people feel more heard, and you learn the deeper meaning behind the words. Oh, and #justsayno to gossip this month – it won’t end well during retrograde (or really ever!)



This month is all about the money, honey. Usually you’re the queen of cash– saving, spending responsibly, and always on top of your finances. This retrograde’s backwards wind is blowing through your bank account and potentially stirring up some chaos.

Keep a close eye on your accounts, passwords, and bills and you should be just fine. This retrograde is also the perfect time to start thinking more creatively about how you earn a living – the energy is right for potential change. Maybe more flexibility (and joy) can be found in your pay check.



This retrograde falls in your sign Gemini, which may be scary for other signs, but since Mercury’s your ruling planet, you know its vibe well.

How it may affect you: mostly the way you express yourself and are perceived by others - there could be a disconnect. To avoid any misunderstandings, just be super clear about your intentions and take time to tune into the energy of others. Use this month to hone your intuition – both to read your own truth and the vibrations of those around you.



    This month’s retrograde falls in your cyclical 12th House which governs new beginnings and completions.  So, this month, look for an ending of some kind–possibly a revisit and closure of a situation left unresolved (don’t be surprised if an ex comes calling).

    This is your chance to tie up any loose ends, release any unresolved feelings about past situations, and allow yourself a clean slate. You can leave this retrograde into a new, fresh, drama-less beginning.

      LEO (JULY 23 TO AUGUST 22)


      Mercury has chosen this month to stir up your 11th House of social connections. That means lots of potential drama in your friend group, work collabs, or on social media. You may see some shifts where certain connections deepen and others naturally dissolve.

      Use this month as a chance to look at the people in your life – who’s bringing good energy and who’s consistently creating drama or toxicity? Now’s the time to trim the hedges of your social circle to only those with good intentions and loving vibrations.

        VIRGO (AUG. 23 TO SEPT. 22)


        This retrograde runs through your 10th house of career and social status, Virgo. You’re likely so close to some big milestone at work – finishing up a project, getting a shiny new title, or receiving some well-deserved recognition.  Don’t let the chaotic retrograde energy trip you up right before the finish line. Keep your ‘Organizational Queen’ crown on tight and make sure nothing gets missed.

        In other news, give yourself some love and spontaneous un-structure at home to balance out all that perfectionism at work. Miss that workout, (gasp) leave your bed unmade, and eat that decadent dessert you’ve been dreaming of.

          LIBRA (SEPT. 23 TO OCT. 22)


          Your sign’s getting an easy ride this retrograde, Libra, so you can pretty much just relax and enjoy your mostly drama-free start to summer.  One area you may be affected by is travel. This retrograde falls in your ninth house of travel and perspective, so if you’re planning a trip, just keep an eye out for snags and expect the unexpected.

          This is a great month for you to gain a bigger, more expensive perspective on whatever’s troubling you. Take some time to journal on your feelings and you might just have a big shift in your thinking. 

            SCORPIO (OCT. 23 TO NOV. 21)


            This Spring’s retrograde is rolling through your 8th House – the ruler of merged energies and money that isn’t yours. So, expect some #backwardsday vibes in your close relationships – misunderstandings, old resentments popping up, and deep discussions. Be open and let down your scorpion shell when these conversations come up.  Remember, the outcome will always reflect your energy going in.

            You also might encounter some surprise debt or issues with borrowing.  Just keep an eye out and don’t make any big financial commitments this month if you can avoid it.

              SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22 TO DEC. 21)


              Mercury’s doing its backwards spin through your 7th house of relationships and partnerships. The energy is right for deep chats and feelings with a capital ‘F’ between you and your personal and professional partners. Stay open and try to be in a space of responsiveness instead of reactiveness when emotions flare.

              The people in your life are a mirror of your own self and the glass has never been clearer than this month. Use your interactions to look at your truth reflected back at you through others.  This self-reflection can deepen and strengthen the relationships you already hold close.

                CAPRICORN (DEC. 22 TO JAN. 19)


                Even though you’re already the astrological worker bee, this retrograde is going to take your to-do list up another notch. Luckily ‘doing’ is what you do best, so you’ll be just fine.

                This retrograde runs through your 6th House of health, so amongst all that work, take time to recharge, chug a green juice, and commune with your crystals for an energetic reset at the end of a long workday.

                  AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 TO FEB. 18)


                  As an air sign, this retrograde will be pretty chill for you–not the usual chaotic wind storm, just a casual light breeze.

                  For you, this month is about creativity and reconnecting with your inner child. Focus your energy on what brings you joy and let your artistic flag fly in new and experimental ways. Put your feet in the grass, wander around in nature, and luxuriate in the free-spirited energy at your core.

                    PISCES (FEB. 19 TO MARCH 20)


                    As a mutable sign, this may be a bit of a chaotic month for you, Pisces. This retrograde falls in your 4th House of home and family, so expect some distress in your nest.

                    To flow with this month’s energy, spend time putting positive energy into your home –charge your crystals, do a little energy clearing, and maybe some decluttering.  Combat the chaos with calm and comfort. Now’s also a great time to connect with family and strengthen those bonds you may have been neglecting.

                      Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

                      No matter your sign, crystals are a powerful tool to magnify your positive intentions and combat any negative, chaotic energies in your life (hello, retograde). Meditate with your crystals to raise your vibrations, and in the ATHR tradition, wear them in your makeup and skincare to never be without your high-vibe crystal energies.

                      Our favorite palettes for Mercury Retrograde are our Joshua Tree Palette + our Ametrine Mini Crystal Quad, infused with two of the highest vibration crystals for removing negativity and bringing forth more light: 

                      Citrine is the stone of imagination, inspiration, and manifestation. Its crystal energy awakens your creative intuition and fills you with clear, optimistic energy to act on your visions. It’s one of only two crystals on Earth that never need to be cleared as they hold only positive energy frequencies.   

                      Ametrine: A magical marriage between amethyst and citrine, ametrine connects us to pure wisdom and the light of consciousness. It helps us release negativity and let go of our imagined limitations. 

                      For more on how crystals work + the science of crystals, read our blog. 

                      The Next Mercury Retrograde

                      This retrograde runs until June 22nd and then we're free and clear until September 27th when Fall Retrograde comes back to visit. Stay tuned for another Mercury Retrograde blog as we get closer to the day! 

                      - ĀTHR Beauty xo

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