Mask Makeup: All About The Eyes

With masking-wearing mandatory in many places, eyes are now the main focus, and that means eyeshadow - our favorite topic! Let's dip into those brighter shades, try out that more severe shape, and use all the time we save on the rest of our face to amp up our eyes. 

Why even waste your time though when most of your face is covered? For fun! So much of our life has changed, and we're surrounded by uncertainty-fueled stress. Makeup can be a spark of your joy in your day, a chance to be creative, and funnel your anxious energy into something beautiful. Plus, we all feel a little boost when our lids are glammed.

And the best part about mask makeup: you can let your skin breathe! Forego those heavy concealers and foundations, focus on skincare instead, and let your lids take center stage.

Here are 11 of our favorite eye-centric looks (created by you) to try out whilst rocking that mask! 


Mix your metallics and shimmers for a gorgeously reflective, gilded precious gemstone vibe. And we mean that literally - these shades (like all our shadows) are infused with real gemstones – in this case, sapphire and topaz. Recreate this look using ‘Sapphire’ and ‘Topaz’ from our Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette. SOLD OUT on our site but available at The Detox Market and Petit Vour.


 @gaotha_saoirse created this look using 'Sapphire' and 'Topaz' from the Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette


Dip into that soft blue shadow and apply imperfectly all around the eye for that eye-opening soft pastel haze. Try creating this look yourself by layering ‘Aphrodite’ and ‘Astarte’ from our Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette - just voted Best Shimmer Shades by Marie Claire!


Makeup:, Model @briannapeeples, Photo: @leylasapad, Retouching: @fuel_retouching  


If you’ve got a few extra minutes before leaving the house, indulge your fancy in a Lisa Frank inspired rainbow eye – except the grown-up, seriously chic version. Try out our Joshua Tree Palette for crystal-infused rainbow vibes, and get multiple looks out of every shade by applying wet or dry. Wet = high-impact, dramatic hues, and dry = gorgeous pastel realness.


anniquina created this look using Moonlight, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Amber from the Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette & Sol, Balance, and Sisterne from the Summer Solstice Palette 


Pick two colors on the opposite ends of the color wheel for creative contrast, or two shades beside each other for monochromatic focus. Pack the colors on and blend where they meet for a split-eye look that’s oh-so-simple, yet satisfyingly symmetrical. Take both colors down to the bottom lash line and line up the seam with your top lid. And don’t forget the brows to tie it all together!


Photo: anniquina created this look using the Joshua Tree Palette in shades Citrine, Wildflower, and New Moon


Embrace all the shades of the sunset with warm-toned hues from our Summer Solstice Palette. Perfect for summer, this look says gilded, golden, and lit from within. Keep the shades closest to your top lash line nice and light, and darken it up through the crease, outer corner, and along your lower lash line.


xrizztina created this look using our Summer Solstice Palette


Pink and purple and shimmer all over! Kendra is the master at creating the most gorgeous ombré gradient eye looks. She filmed a full tutorial for this one – you can read the how-to highlights below or watch the video to follow along!  


Look by: kendra.lspringer using the Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette & the Rose Quartz Crystal Charged Cheek Palette

How to recreate this look: 

  • Use 'Sandstone' from the Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette to set the crease and lightly buff it in. Also apply along the lower lash line.
  • Apply 'Compassion' (from the Rose Quartz Crystal Charged Cheek Palette) lightly along the outer corner of the eye. Keep building gradually.
  • Apply 'Self-Love' (from the same palette) very lightly to the outer corner with small circular motions. Then pack it on with more intensity. Bring the color outwards a bit to elongate the eye.
  • Blend everything together to get rid of harsh lines.
  • Coming back to the Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette, brush ‘Reawakening’ all over the center of the lid.  
  • Pack ‘Aura’ on the inner corner of the eye, blend upwards.
  • Apply Scorpio along the lower lash line.
  • Dust ‘Divine’ under the brow bone and in the inner corner.


Since masks are the newest fashion accessory, why not start incorporating them into our makeup look! We love this monochromatic approach of matching your shade to your mask – it takes the whole mask situation from obtrusive to complimentary!  

Jennypatinkin is wearing ‘Joshua Tree’ from our Joshua Tree Palette


The easiest way to add a dose of drama and an element of edge to your look – a simple swipe of statement liner. And the best part: you can do this with shadow. Stop at just liner, or add more shadows to amp up the interest like you see here. Wet your brush first, then dip into your chosen shade with a thin angled brush – voila, avant-garde, editorial eye look!


radulescu13oana created this look using Citrine, New Moon, Sol, Balance, Sisterne, Amber from our Summer Solstice Palette


A cut crease opens up the eye and creates the illusion of a more elongated, wide-awake eye. Plus, it's eye shadow drama at it's finest. Try using matte neutral shades (plum is a neutral in our books!) and an almost skin-tone center lid for a  toned-down, sophisticated version of the classic cut crease. 


Mackieguzman created this look with the Summer Solstice Palette



Shadows don’t have to be dark to be look-at-me. This drenched in moonlight, effervescent eye look is as doable as it is dreamy. Recreate this eye brightening, champagne look with shades Citrine, New Moon, Sol, and Balance from our Summer Solstice Palette.


Image: radulescu13oana


We are so on board for a tangerine orange eye look! It’s an unexpected choice that brings warmth and depth to the eyes. Try it matte for a bright yet sophisticated citrus sunset. Recreate this look yourself using shades ‘Poppy’, ‘Citrine’, and ‘Emberglow’ from our Joshua Tree Palette.


Image: katysamaniego


Thanks as always for tagging us in your ĀTHR Beauty eyeshadow artistry! Can't wait to see you all recreate and reinvent these amp-up-the-mask eyeshadow looks! 

- ĀTHR Beauty xo

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