Mascara Tips For Your Longest Possible Lashes

Whether your lash look is thick & juicy, brow-reachingly long, or just naturally curled & coiffed, there’s a mascara tip to get you there! Today, we’re sharing our favorite lash tips and hacks to use with our black-diamond-infused, 5-star-rated Big Bang Mascara! 

For the Longest Lashes

Wiggle the mascara wand back and forth from the base of lashes to the very tip. Tease out as much length as possible from the very root to the pointiest point. Close your eyes to get the most out of this method.

When Thickness Is Your Business

Coat both sides of your lashes for dramatically fuller-looking lashes. Start with the underside as usual, then coat the back side of your lashes pulling upwards. Then, add another coat on the underside to maintain your lifted curl.

For the Curliest Curl

Focus application on the base of your lashes to enhance every last lash with a curlifying hold. Pair this method with a lash curler for the maximum lift. Tilt the curler up towards your lid and pump the curler slightly open and closed for 5-10 seconds.

Cat-Eye Vibes

Apply an extra coat (or two) on the outer half of your lashes for that fanned-out, feline feel. Keep it light on the inner lashes to enhance the cat-eye illusion. Add a winged out shadow liner to take the upwards & outwards vibe even further.

Say No to Clumps

Wipe all the exess product off your wand before applying. Layering multiple thin layers rather than one ultra-thick coat will create the most clump-free, elongated lashes that stay curled and lifted all day long!

TikTok Tip for "See Them From Space" Lashes

This sounds strange, but try it out for insanely volumized, lash-extension-level lashes!

  1. Apply the first coat of mascara on just one eye
  2. Allow to dry for a few seconds.
  3. Using a medium sized shadow brush, brush face powder all over the front and back of your lashes.
  4. Apply another coat of mascara on front and back of lashes.
  5. Brush through with a clean spoolie to remove clumps.
  6. Repeat in layer to build up as much volume as your heart desires! Duplicate on the other eye.

Choose a Nutrient-Infused Mascara to Improve the Health of Your Lashes

So many mascaras, liners, and shadows are made with drying, damaging ingredients that hold back healthy lash growth. Ingredients like PVP, paraffins, certain alcohols, dimethicone, and methicone strip lashes of essential moisture and block follicles, inhibiting them from releasing toxins.

Our Big Bang Mascara is infused with lash-loving, lash-lengthening ingredients like Castor Oil, Jasmine Extract, Quinoa, and Black Diamond powder that help prevent breakage and premature fallout. No more gaps in your lashes or randomly shorter hairs than the rest – just a lustrous fan of luxuriously long, healthy lashes.

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Mascara Tips For Your Longest Possible Lashes