Falling on Wednesday, October 6th, this month’s new moon is in the balance-loving sign of Libra – the undisputed Queen of Harmony. Libra brings its effortlessly social, fun, calming energy to this lunar cycle - an uplifting, connection-building vibe that we all need more of right now!

This month, the Moon is joined by the Sun, Mercury, and Mars which are all hanging out in the sign of Libra. Since the Sun rules our outward self, and the Moon rules our inner self, you’ll feel the Libran energy both inside and out.

As with every new moon, now’s the perfect time to realign with your intuition, reset your energy, and manifest what you want more of this month. It’s a time to release any negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and patterns or people that are no longer serving your highest good. Keep reading for how this new moon can affect your mood, plus how to maximize the Libra new moon energy.

What the Libra new moon energy means for you

This month’s new moon brings the energies of balance, cooperation, and extroversion together. Now’s the perfect time to address any areas of your life that feel unbalanced, out of alignment, or somehow in the shadows. Libran energy helps bring a sense of calm to any issues, and makes everything feel more manageable with its laidback, harmonious energy.

The one thing to be aware of amongst all this high-vibe Libran energy – we’re still deep into Mercury Retrograde, so while it feels like a great time to mend bridges, deepen connections, and find more balance and boundaries in our lives, just tread somewhat lightly in your communications. Avoid having any life-changing chats over text or email and choose your words carefully before blurting anything out (a Libran signature move).

How to make the most of this energy

Manifest your month

Your manifestations are most powerful during the new moon, so now’s the time to set intentions for the coming month (and beyond). Tune into the universal flow and align your manifestations with the Libran energies of connection, balance, and relationships this month. Visualize the areas where you’d like more balance in your life, or think about how you’d like to feel in your relationships with others (or with yourself).

Not sure how to manifest? Read our Pisces New Moon blog for a step-by-step guide!

Commune with crystals

Rebalance your energy and tune into your innate wisdom with the grounding energy of crystals. Choose one of Libra’s spirit stones (ametrine, clear quartz, rose quartz, tourmaline) for extra powerful intentions, or any stone that feels right for you in this moment.

Not sure how to use crystals? You can use crystals to help you tune into higher energetic vibrations during meditations, or to help amplify your intentions and manifestations. Crystals have a very stable energetic frequency and can easily influence our own very frenetic, ever-changing vibrations. Simply holding them, or wearing them in your jewelry or crystal-charged makeup can have powerful effects.

For more on crystals, check out our blog on the science of crystals, and our crystal guide for the spiritual meaning of crystals + their skin benefits!

Get Social

Libra is the social butterfly of the zodiac, and with this new moon influencing both our inner and outer selves, even the most introverted of us might be feeling like connecting. Use this energy to spend time with the ones you already know and love, or maybe ask out that person you’ve been thinking about. Stay open to potential new friendships – you may find a new friend in an unexpected place, or reconnect with a friend you’ve lost touch with (it is Mercury Retrograde after all!)

The next new moon

The next new moon falls on November 4th in Scorpio, the fiery, mysterious, irresistibly seductive intuitive of the zodiac. Looking for gift ideas for the Libra or Scorpio in your life? Check out our Astrological Gift Guide for the most astrologically aligned, crystal-charged creation for them!

- ATHR Beauty xo

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