All I want for Christmas is crystal charged shimmers and deliciously luminous highlights! Even with just one week left to check off your list, it’s not too late to fill those stockings and trim that tree with the presents of their (or your) crystal infused dreams!

Whether you’re shopping for crystal lovers, bonafide beauty gals, new moms, sustainable ladies, or anything in-between, we have you covered with last-minute gift ideas to shower them in shimmer, drench them in crystals, and cover them in so much cosmically aligned color! Don't forget to use code FREESHIP for free shipping anywhere in the US! 


She’s a #crystaladdict who loves everything beauty – why not spoil her with a ridiculously #extra collection of bestselling crystal-infused eyeshadows, highlights, and blushes to fulfill her cosmically-aligned dream gift fantasy!

Throw in a couple loose crystals to really take this high-vibe gift over the top!

Rose Quartz Blockbuster Bestseller Set
  •  Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette: The OG, Holy Grail, rose quartz infused palette in a romantic, universally flattering collection of shimmers, metallic, mattes, and duo-chromes.
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Charged Cheek Palette: The rose quartz infused cheek palette of your champagne tulle, bubblegum pink dreams! Includes 2 soft focus blushes and 1 radiance-inducing highlighter that build effortlessly and blend seamlessly.
  • Ametrine Crystal Quad: A quartet of cosmically aligned, amethyst and citrine infused pinky mauve shadows in shimmer, matte and metallic finishes.

A $164 value for just $126!


She loves pinks, purples, blues and anything icy! If she was a season, she’d be winter – dramatic, majestic, and shimmering like snow on the moonlit treetops.

New Moon Eyeshadow + Highlighter Trio Set

This collection of cool-toned crystal eyeshadows and highlights is the answer to her lunar magic, stardusted dreams. This set includes:

  • Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Palette: An amethyst infused, jewel-toned crystal eyeshadow palette with 12 cool-toned shimmer, metallic, matte and duo-chrome shades. A lustrous, regal, mystical love letter to the color purple.
  • Ametrine Crystal Quad: An amethyst and citrine infused eyeshadow quad with rosé mauve cool tones in shimmer, matte and metallic finishes.


She’s a beauty gal through and through – she loves every color of the rainbow, is never afraid to experiment, and #turnsitout on the daily (even if it’s just at home). Gift her some deliciously artistic, anything-but-ordinary crystal-infused palettes with serious color payoff and blendability:

Joshua Tree Palette

An all-matte rainbow crystal eyeshadow palette with a blend of incredibly bright and pigmented artistic hues, plus ultra-versatile neutrals for looks that span from everyday effortless to straight-up editorial. Infused with citrine and organic hemp for a double dose of restorative radiance.

Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Palette

The ultimate ode to the magically regal, statement-making color purple, this amethyst infused eyeshadow palette has 12 mystical, dramatic, universally flattering hues in every tone and texture under the sun.  



It can be super overwhelming searching for holy grail replacements for all your conventional faves. Gift her our all-in-one, super versatile, crystal infused ĀTHR Beauty bestsellers for all over the visage!

Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette

The cult-favorite, rose quartz infused holy grail crystal eyeshadow palette with 12 radiant, universally flattering mattes, metallics, shimmers, and duo-chromes.

Rose Quartz Best Seller Duo Set

To really spoil her (and take 3 more products off her swap list), treat her to a bundle that covers it all! With 2 multidimensional rosé blush shades and an illuminating crystal highlight, plus the crystal eyeshadow palette to end all palettes, she has everything she needs to get on her merry moonlit way.

This set includes:

A $104 value for just $76!


Melanin rich ladies and gents are seriously underrepresented in the clean beauty world, and as a result, often have no choice but to select conventional products. We formulated these clean, crystal charged creations specifically to illuminate and shine bright on all you deep-toned beauties:

Ruby Crystal Charged Cheek Palette

2 incredibly buttery soft-focus blushes and 1 luminous, beautifully blendable highlighter in luminescent, yet sophisticated shades that can be worn alone or together for a multidimensional sheen. Perfectly matched for medium to deep-toned beauties.

Supernova Crushed Yellow Diamond Highlighter

A bright gold yellow diamond-infused highlighter specifically designed for deeper skin tones. It creates a lustrous, touched-by-the-sun golden glow. Use anywhere you crave a touch of light-catching shimmer!

Desert Moon Eyeshadow + Highlighter Trio Set

An all-in-one collection of matte, shimmer, and metallic crystal eyeshadows, plus a seriously stunning diamond highlight that will illuminate her eyes and shimmerize her skin tone. This collection includes:

A $120 value for just $96!



Under $25 yet magically memorable, these petite singles and mini crystal eyeshadow palettes will light up her life. After all, good things come in small, sustainable, crystal-infused packages.

Topaz Single Eyeshadow

A topaz infused antique gold metallic hue that looks like literal molten 18 kt gold shining bright on your lustrous lids. It’s a serious statement shade all by itself or stunning when combined.

Rose Gold Single Eyeshadow

An amethyst and citrine infused rose gold metallic that feels like rosé champagne with a hint of golden glimmer. Perfect worn solo or combined with other hues!  

Topaz Mini Crystal Palette

A starlit alchemy of celestially-inspired golden, bronze, and mixed metallic shades for a precious metal, dripping in glimmering gold vibe. Perfect for the golden goddess in your life.

Ametrine Mini Crystal Palette

A gorgeous mix of champagne pink with a hint of warmth and a dose of rose gold goodness, these shades come together to create a bathed in radiance, showered in moonshine glow. 



Let’s be real, most new moms don’t have time for a full beat, but if there’s a moment for one beauty boost, blush is it! She’ll look flushed, awakened, and aglow with a dusted in crystals luminosity.

Crystal Charged Cheek Palettes  

2 magical, multifaceted blush hues for every skin tone, plus a light-catching highlight – just a quick stroke of a brush for some gorgeous glimmer and a flush of color. Choose the perfect shade for her with 3 multi-toned crystal cheek palettes to choose from:

Rose Quartz Crystal Charged Cheek Palette: For fair to light skin tones.

Amber Crystal Charged Cheek Palette: For light to medium skin tones.

Ruby Crystal Charged Cheek Palette: For medium to dark skin tones.



For help picking the perfect ĀTHR Beauty present for every sun sign, read our Astrologically Aligned Holiday Gift Guide!

- ĀTHR Beauty xo

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