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Today’s blog is all about our crowdfunding campaign with start-up investment specialists, Republic! Thanks to all of you, our brand has grown tremendously since its launch in 2018. You invested in us right from our very first crystal eyeshadow palette launch and you keep investing with every ATHR Beauty purchase. Now, we’re coming back to you with a chance to take it one step further! To help grow a brand you already love, and reap the rewards of that growth yourself! With your investment of as little as $100, you’re voting for, and investing in, a more sustainable, cleaner, #goodvibesonly future for beauty.  

Keep reading for more details like:

  • Who we are
  • Why invest in ATHR Beauty
  • Women and investing: the stats that matter
  • How this investment works
  • What we’ll use the capital for

Who We Are

Our Founder Tiila Abbitt, a former Product Developer at Sephora created ATHR Beauty to push the industry forward – to create gorgeous, clean, crystal-charged formulas that rivaled the very best in conventional beauty. To constantly innovate and make the most sustainable choices possible. To serve all skin tones and skin types. And to always stay aligned with our ethos of #donoharm to people, planet, or animals.

Instead of the usual trade-off between performance and ingredients, we’ve shown it’s more than possible to create #nosacrificebeauty – with beautiful, high-performing, lustworthy formulas that nourish your skin and never cause harm. To always source ethically; ensuring growers and workers receive fair wages and a healthy work environment. To create the world’s first 100% zero-waste eyeshadow palette and show the industry that sustainable (and stunning) packaging can be done! 

We've taken sustainability further with carbon-neutral shipping, infinitely reusable boox shipping boxes, and free Terracycle recycling programs so that everyone can recycle our products. We also give 1% of our sales back to 1% For The Planet, a charity that supports environmental initiatives that restore and preserve our oceans, help reverse climate change, reduce pollution, and conserve and protect land. We lead the change for a more sustainable, ethical beauty industry. 


Why Invest in ATHR Beauty?

We are the future of beauty – richly pigmented, crystal-infused, sustainable, ethical, clean – truly #zerosacrificebeauty. This is where beauty needs to go - no more skimping on ingredients, no more wasteful packaging, no more poorly performing formulas. We lead by example and push the industry to #dobetter.  

By investing in ATHR Beauty you’re investing in a better future for beauty. With over $2 million in sales and 80,000 products sold since 2018, we’ve grown tremendously and organically thanks to you. As the highest rated clean makeup brand, we’ve built a cult following with zero outside investment – just pure, genuine alignment with you - our likeminded customers.

With this crowdfunding campaign, our growth potential is endless. We’re pros at taking a little and turning it into A LOT of stunning products and blissed-out customers. With more capital and resources, we can take ATHR Beauty into the ether together!

We’re bringing this opportunity to all of you so that our growth can = your financial growth. Of course, a return on any investment is never guaranteed, and you should only invest if you have the extra disposable cash, but if this feels aligned for you, we’d love to have you join ATHR's beauty revolution!

Women taking control of our financial futures 

Instead of working with an almost entirely male dominated investment firm, we’re coming directly to you – our people. You use our products, you know our vision, and you know beauty. You are the people who should directly benefit from the growth of ATHR Beauty.

Here’s the truth: 99% of all investment management companies are owned by white men. And under 3% of their capital goes to women-led businesses. That’s a mind-boggling picture of inequality. What’s more, only 8% of women invest their money. That’s despite the fact that women are statistically better investors than men.

We think it’s time to change that picture. It’s time to take control of our financial futures and invest in what we believe in, to help shape the future we want to see by growing the businesses that are leading the change. It’s time to get in the game and start closing the massive gender income gap – the one that shows women make 51% less than men, on average.

How this investment works

You invest as little as $100 and help fund our short and long term plans to expand ATHR Beauty! As we grow, your potential return expands. You get your investment (plus any increases) back in the event of:

  • An acquisition - ATHR Beauty gets purchased
  • IPO – ATHR Beauty gets listed on the stock market
  • Change of control – ATHR Beauty gets taken over by another person or entity

We’d love for you to be a part of our growth and continued success, however we want to be completely honest with you (as always): you should only invest money you won’t miss. Your return won't be immediate, and as with any investment, there is potential you will lose what you put in.

Of course, we have all the confidence in our ability to grow ATHR endlessly, but we want you to know the risks up front, and please don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose or have held up for years to come.

We can’t wait to take you along with us if this investment feels exciting and aligned for you!

What's in it for you: a potential scenario

To help you envision how your ATHR Beauty investment could play out, we've put together a potential scenario. Keep in mind, this is purely hypothetical and while it's definitely possible, it's not a guaranteed outcome. 

Let's pretend you invest $100 today. Now imagine our next round raises $2 million and the company is valued at $12 million (before receiving funding), with 166,666 additional shares issued. We'd now be at 1,166,666 shares total.

  • Now let's convert your investment! Here's how your equity would be calculated: At the time of our funding round, there are 1 million shares worth $12 million total, which makes each share worth $12. Because we've put a $6 million valuation cap, you'll get $6 per share. That means your $100 investment converts to 16.67 shares.
  • Now let's pretend we sell ATHR Beauty to a big corporation for $144 million and an additional 166,666 shares are issued. Now we're at about 1,333,333 shares total. That sounds like a lot of money, but to put things in perspective, Tarte Cosmetics was sold to Kose for $144 million, Hourglass Cosmetics was sold to Unilever for $250 million, Deciem was acquired by Estee Lauder for $1 billion, and Charlotte Tillbury was acquired by Puig for $1 billion also! 
  • After this hypothetical sale, your shares would be worth $108. Since you own 16.67 shares, your investment is now worth about $1800! That's a return of 18X! Pretty great for just a $100 investment. 

The more you invest at this early stage, the more you stand to make! Let's say you invested $500, your return would be $9000! Keep in mind, this is just one potential outcome. As with any investment, there are always risks and could result in total loss. 

What we’ll use the capital for

The most exciting part for all you ATHR Beauty lovers: this investment means So. Many. New. Products! With four products ready to go for 2021, including the world’s first fully recyclable mascara that will solve all your clean mascara woes, this investment means they'll launch even sooner! 

In the next 2-3 years, we plan to launch 25 new ATHR Beauty products in total! All clean, sustainably sourced and produced, vegan, crystal-infused, and of course jaw-droppingly stunning, richly pigmented, good-for-you formulas.

We also plan to expand the ATHR Beauty team, creating more job opportunities in the beauty space and amplifying our brand even further. 

With our growing product line, and expanded marketing strategy (read our full plans here), we plan to expand into the EU, and grow our sales into the ether with the goal of growing your investment as well. With your help, we’ll establish ATHR Beauty as the leading global brand for clean and sustainable beauty. 


To read more about investing in ATHR Beauty, or to ask us any questions about the process, click here! Thank you all for your support along the way! 

-ĀTHR Beauty xo

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