A palm-sized, curated collection of 4 cosmically aligned crystal eyeshadow shades in shimmer, matte, and metallic. Paint your lids with the stardusted magic of crystal-infused hues inspired by the super new moon.  

Expect ĀTHR Beauty's signature buttery, effortlessly blendable, skin-loving formula, just in a more petite package. And of course, both crystal eyeshadow palettes are vegan, cruelty-free, crystal-charged, non-toxic, sustainably created, and fully recyclable. #nosacrificebeauty

Tiila's Inspiration for Her Newest Creation  
I was inspired by the new moon in Libra  ♎, the closest Supermoon of 2020. 

New moons are a chance to start anew, to set intentions, and begin a new cycle. The cosmos encourage us to harness the new moon, to plant new seeds and create a clear vision for the future. A Supermoon amplifies this energy as we experience the moon’s vibrations closer to us than any other moon.

So, I thought, how can I bring the best of ĀTHR Beauty closer to all of you? To inspire you to plant a seed for cleaner and more conscious living and consumption. To make clean beauty more accessible and still fun to use. Thus, our mini crystal palettes were born. - Tiila 

Ametrine Mini Crystal Palette

A gorgeous mix of champagne pink with a hint of warmth and a dose of rose gold goodness, these shades come together to create a bathed in radiance, showered in moonshine glow. 



Connection – Mauve Rose Matte

Copper Rose  –  Rose Gold Bronze Shimmer

Rose Gold – Pink Champagne Metallic

Spiritual Realm – Smokey Bronze Amethyst Shimmer


There’s as many ways to use these shades as there are stars in the sky, but if you’re looking for an ultra-easy, everyday (yet deeply divine) eye look – try these steps out:

  • Apply ‘Connection’ in the crease to build some dimension. Blend well.
  • Take the same shade along the lower lash line.
  • Apply ‘Copper Rose’ on the eyelid. Wet your brush first for next-level impact!
  • Dust ‘Rose Gold’ in the inner corner and along the brow bone. Brush along the high planes of your face if you like also!
  • Apply ‘Spiritual Rose’ in the outer corner, blending upwards and outwards. Dust along the lower lash line for more drama.


Ametrine for your spirit

A magical marriage between amethyst and citrine, ametrine connects the wisdom of divine consciousness with physical action. Ametrine's crystal energy brings harmony to what is out of alignment and reawakens us to the infinite light that’s always available to us.

Ametrine for your skin

Ametrine combines the detoxifying, calming, bacteria-fighting properties of amethyst with the regenerative magic of citrine to create a seriously skin-soothing crystal. Together they illuminate the skin for that bathed-in-radiance, #litfromwithin luminescence.

At ĀTHR Beauty our crystals are responsibly sourced from the USA and Canada. Our suppliers certify that all crystals are non-conflict, with no use of child labor, and sourced with environmentally-sound extraction techniques. 

Topaz Mini Crystal Palette 

A divine alchemy of celestially-inspired chocolatey, bronze, and golden shades to invoke decadence, depth, and that from-within luminosity. It's a just-right mix of metallics for that solid gold, gleaming finish, with a touch of shimmer to bring in the starshine and illuminate that precious metal, dripping in diamonds vibe.



Topaz – Green Gold Metallic

Solar Energy  –  Sun Gold Metallic

Cosmic Awareness– Sienna Brown Gold Shimmer

Rejuvenation – Bronze metallic


There are infinite ways to wear these shades, but for a gilded in gold, brushed with the stars eye look, try out these steps:

  • Brush ‘Rejuvenation’ into the crease.
  • Deepen the crease with ‘Topaz’, blending upward and outward.
  • Apply ‘Solar Energy’ all over the lid and in the inner corner of the eye.
  • Place ‘Cosmic Awareness’ in the outer corner and along the lower lash line.


Topaz releases tension from the face which can cause premature aging. Like all crystals, it’s the smoothing glitter filter of nature, camouflaging texture by reflecting light away from the skin.

Spiritually, topaz is the crystal of manifestation – helping to direct desires and intentions into physical form. Topaz's crystal energy is used to translate creativity and innate wisdom into abundance.


Organic Rosehip Oil: The key to hydrated, radiant, glowing skin. Rich in antioxidant-rich vitamins A and C to boost radiance, combat discoloration and sun damage, and encourage healthy collagen production.

Organic Moringa Oil
Like a multivitamin for your skin, Moringa Oil is rich in vitamin A to help build collagen, vitamin C to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and vitamin E to help heal and prevent inflammation.

Organic, Fair-Trade Coconut Oil & Organic, Fair-Trade Shea Butter

All our palettes are infused with this moisturizing, skin-softening duo. They work together to create that luxuriously smooth and buttery feel. Just one swipe for a velvety, high-impact, effortlessly blendable finish.



“…The pigmentation is out of this world and the colors are so smooth and buttery.” – ROSE


“…We all know the benefits of clean beauty, but we also know that most "clean" products don't perform as well as our toxin filled standbys. ENTER AETHER BEAUTY. Outperforms my favorite eyeshadows. I was a Mac devotee for years, and these palettes and shadows apply SMOOTHER than mac. I love the colors and the shimmer.” – MAL


“Application is gorgeous and the formula is phenomenal. The shades are so beautiful, vibrant, and fun. I love that the brand is clean and sustainable without sacrificing performance.”  – KIRSTY P. 


"All the shades are stunning and apply beautifully to the skin. The formulation feels and applies just like conventional brands, which is hard to find in the clean beauty space." – BETHANY


“I've never worked with shades as rich and bold as these before. Usually such bold shades- whether clean beauty or not- are patchy or need tons of building. But not these. These blend like a dream!” – THERESA R.  


“The color pigmentations are so vibrant, but yet they are so easy to blend. You can have a soft look or create a look that’s more vibrant and dramatic. I’ve had trouble in the past with eyeshadow breaking out my eyelids. No worries here! Thanks for such a fun and clean product.” - BELINDA P.


    We hope you love our newest crystal-charged eyeshadow creation! We can’t wait to see the crystal eyeshadow looks you create – tag us on IG so we don’t miss a thing 💫

    - ĀTHR Beauty xo

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