As a white woman, I’ve never been the victim of racial injustice. I know I’ll never fully understand what it feels like to fear for my life when jogging down the street, or feel unsafe in the presence of police.

But I am here to learn, to listen, to educate myself, to stand with you, and share the truth we all need to hear. I’m here to share my platform to help amplify the voices of black leaders and organizations - to support this revolution in any way I can.

Silence is racism and we are all complicit in creating suffering for the black community as long as we don’t speak up about the injustice they’ve been facing. As a brand, and as a woman, I share your protest, I see your suffering, I am taking it to heart, and I pledge to be a part of the revolution. It sickens me that so many people have had to endure this reality for generations and generations.

This month, we’ll be donating all charity proceeds to Communities United Against Police Brutality. And for the month of June, we’ll only be posting content from the black community. We’re here to share our platform for your voices to be heard.

To everyone looking for how to help: keep reading for a list of resources and actions you can take to support this movement and help end racial injustice against the black community.


Attend a protest in your area if possible. Especially as white women and men, we can act as protection for black citizens who are much more likely to be targeted by brutality and violence.

If it isn’t possible to take part in-person, consider donating to organizations that are posting bail for imprisoned protestors all over the country.


There are countless hard-working and effective non-profit organizations working for change that you can support with your donations:


These are actions we can all take to support justice for George Floyd and so many other black men and women who have been victims of police brutality, racial violence, murder, and unjust prosecution.

  • Sign the Justice for George Floyd Petition
  • Sign all petitions on Black Lives Matter for justice for the countless other racial crimes, including the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Regis Korchinski, and Tony McDade.
  • Text FLOYD to 55156 and demand that all the officers that participated in the murder of George Floyd are charged with the crime.
  • Text ENOUGH to 55156 and demand justice for the murder of Breona Taylor by police officers.
  • Text JUSTICE TO 668366
  • Email representatives demanding that the 4 officers involved be charged with George Floyd’s murder. Contact information for those representatives plus sample letters and emails here.


To see real change, we need a government that supports equality and true universal justice. Register to vote early if you’re not already registered. Click here to see when presidential primary elections are being held in your area.


    Documentaries & Videos to Watch

    It’s time to start binge-watching stories that truly matter – to learn the true history of America, the realities that were altered or glazed over in history class. These documentaries, series, and talks are must-watches to educate ourselves about racism, privilege, discrimination, and inequality:

    • Dear White People (on Netflix)
    • 13th (on Netflix)
    • 13th: A Conversation with Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay (on Netflix)
    • King in the Wilderness
    • American Son (on Netflix)
    • When they see us
    • Clemency
    • Fruitvale Station
    • Rachel Cargle’s TED Talk: Coming to terms with Racism’s Inertia
    Books and Docs to Read

    If you’re a reader, these are some of the most recommended books by black activists and leaders to educate yourself on racial injustice, systemic racism, and white privilege and supremacy.

    Leaders to Learn From

    Fill your IG feed with black leaders and organizations that will awaken you to the full truth of racial injustice in our country. These leaders ask not to be used as one-on-one teachers (as in sending DMs and emails), they ask that we use the resources and tools they’ve created to educate ourselves. Share these resources, truths, and tools far and wide to amplify their voices.

    Podcasts to Listen To


    Beautiful skincare and beauty brands founded by black women to support today and every day.

    • Black and Green: an online retailer stocking only black-women-owned, non-toxic skincare and beauty brands.
    • Golde: Superfood lattes for gorgeous skin from within and vegan, ultra-clean superfood face masks.
    • Oui The People: Gorgeous, sustainable razors that will zhuzh up your grooming routine.
    • Pholk Beauty: A plant-based skincare line full of nourishing African oils and extracts.
    • Hana Hana Beauty: 100% natural, plant-based skincare brand with shea butter sourced from the Katariga Women's Shea Cooperative in Ghana.
    • Aba Love Apothecary: Brooklyn-based skincare line made with only essential oils and plant-based oils and extracts.
    • Kaike: A minimalistic skincare line with the shortest ingredient lists you’ve maybe ever seen – just nourishing, healing plant extracts your skin will love.
    • Anne’s Apothecary: 100% natural skincare line for every skin type and concern.
    • Nature Bare: Sustainable, ingredient-conscious skincare developed by a Materials Engineer and mom.
    • Doubledown Cosmetics: A husband and wife team that donates proceeds of their clean cosmetics and skincare line to Domestic Violence Homeless and Addiction Communities.
    • True Moringa: A clean, vegan cosmetics and skincare brand that showcases one of our favorite plant-based oils: Moringa Seed Oil - theirs is sourced directly from Ghana.


    It may seem small in comparison to the bigger picture of racial injustice, but it’s just another sign of systemic racism that WOC have to face on a daily basis – and something I feel compelled to speak about as a clean beauty Founder. The lack of inclusivity in clean beauty is one of the main reasons I started ĀTHR Beauty. When I was a Product Developer at Sephora, I noticed how woefully lacking the shade ranges were in the clean beauty market. While we were producing 40-shade foundation ranges for the Sephora line, black women shopping for clean cosmetics basically had nothing to choose from. And truthfully, that hasn’t changed much in the years since. 1 in 12 beauty products marketed to WOC are deemed toxic and that is inexcusable.

    No one should have to choose between clean ingredients and using the correct shade – no one should have to scour the beauty aisles for a shade deep enough to match their skin tone. You deserve all the options that white women are given. I know it’s small, but I want you to know that I always have and always will formulate for all skin tones.

    Beauty needs to do better. Brands need to CHANGE and not simply donate money from their large VC-backed accounts (although it's great they ARE donating). Beauty brands need to have WOC in the forefront of their product offerings (not just in an add-on shade later). Beauty brands need to hire and have more WOC in executive-level positions.

    I pledge to work with more black influencers, black makeup artists, and to hire more black models. When I'm able to hire a team (I'm still the only employee), I will make sure to hire and promote WOC. I am committed to continuing this conversation with ĀTHR Beauty.


    To all black women and men, I stand with you. In beauty, and in every subtle and blatant area of your life that you’ve had to deal with discrimination, ignorance, injustice, violence, or any other kind of racial bigotry.

    I know I’ll never fully understand your reality from my position of privilege, and that I'll probably say things wrong, but ignorance and all, I am your ally in this revolution. I am listening, I am learning, I am taking action.

    - Tiila

    (Cover image by: @shirien.creates)