How to manifest your 2022 vision + how crystals can help

Though you can manifest your desires at any moment, a new year has a unique energy that feels aligned with change, growth, and renewal – a perfect time to reset and realign with our highest purpose.

In honor of the launch of our Crystal Shop (more on that below!), we’re sharing our favorite methods of manifesting, plus how to incorporate crystals into your manifesting rituals to magnify your intentions and raise your vibrations.


How to create your manifesting ritual

  1. Clarify your intentions – Reflect on what you truly want – what is your intuition telling you is the next right step? If your intuition isn’t speaking loud, try writing to it and asking questions like: ‘‘how can I reach my highest potential?’ or ‘what is the next right step for me?’. You might be surprised at what comes up.
  2. Recognize & release your limiting beliefs – Often the only thing standing in our way is our limiting beliefs about ourselves and our own negative self-talk. We can only receive vibrations that we’re aligned with, so raise your vibrations by releasing the negative stories. Easier said than done, but start by choosing to see yourself with love – literally say ‘I love you self’ and feel into it.
  3. Use crystals to help align with your intentions: Hold your favorite high vibration crystal and use its stable frequency to raise your vibrations to match the energy of your manifestation. You attract what you are, so it’s all about becoming the energy of the thing, situation, or reality you want to attract. Keep reading for how to choose the crystal to match your manifestation.
  4. Surrender your manifestation to the universe – give your desires over to the universe and trust that it’s being taken care of. Thank the universe in advance for bringing this manifestation to your life and act as if it’s already here.
  5. Take action- do one real-life action that takes you closer to your desired reality. It can be small, but it’s a signal to the universe that you’re ready to receive your manifestation.
  6. Pay attention to signals from the universe. Stay open to guidance, synchronicities, and a feeling of ease – these are signs that you’re going in the right direction. The more open and high-vibe you are, the more easily you will attract (and recognize) your manifestation.

How to pick the crystal to match your manifestation

The easiest way to choose your crystal is to match with the chakra you’re hoping to align. For example, if you’d like to attract more love into your life, or work on building self-love, include Rose Quartz in your manifestation ritual. Crystals are able to influence our own frequency so it’s incredibly powerful to do the above practice with a chakra-aligned crystal. 

Keep reading for our top 4 crystals for manifesting your desires! P.S. these are the crystals we chose to bring to our Crystal Shop first - the crystals we feel every manifester should have! 


Aligned with the sacral chakra, citrine magnifies our manifestations and helps reconnect us with our divine feminine energy - the center of our emotions, sexual energy, and sacred creativity.

Choose Citrine if: you’re hoping to manifest more creativity, more pleasure and sensuality, healthier romantic relationships, or the ability to express your emotions and needs more effectively.

Additionally, if you’re hoping to resolve any health conditions, pain, or physical problems in the sacral chakra area like: lady part issues or low back/pelvic/hip pain, then citrine will be a powerful crystal to engage with.




Aligned with the crown chakra, amethyst helps connect us with infinite consciousness - the pure white light and all-knowing wisdom that’s always available to us.

Choose Amethyst if: you want to open the channel to your intuition and feel connected to, and supported by universal consciousness. 

Physically, if you’re experiencing depression, light or sound sensitivity, or difficulty understanding new information, Amethyst could be a great crystal to use alongside your manifestation and rebalancing rituals.


Rose Quartz

Aligned with the heart chakra, rose quartz helps awaken love and compassion for ourselves and for others.

Choose Rose Quartz if: you feel blocked in your ability to give or receive love. Whether that’s in your romantic relationships, friendships, within your family, or mostly important – with yourself. If you have an overwhelming fear or being alone, or tend to go overboard in your relationships, you may have a blocked heart chakra.

Physically, heart chakra blockages can show up as back and shoulder pain, asthma, or arm pain.



Aligned with the third-eye chakra, Opalite strengthens your connection to the divine and raises your energetic frequency to attract the abundance you were meant for. Known as the ‘destiny crystal’, opalite points you towards your unique path and purpose.  

Choose Opalite if: you're seeking more clarity, abundance, imagination, a greater ability to concentrate, a deeper connection to your intuition, and most powerfully – connection with the universal energy and wisdom of the divine.

Physically, third eye chakra blockages show up as headaches, sinus problems, eye strain or blurred vision. 



Having said all of this, if you feel powerfully drawn to a certain crystal, that’s the one for you. Your intuition knows what it needs (and what it needs to manifest first), so let that be your ultimate guide if a strong impulse comes over you.

For more on how crystals work to attune our energy and bring forth our manifestations, plus how to choose the crystal for you, read our blog: Crystals – The Science Behind the Spiritual


Happy manifesting! Sending all the high-vibe, crystalline energy your way.

-ĀTHR Beauty xo

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