How to Get Glowing With Our Desert Glow Oils

Category is: be the light. Embrace your inner cosmic golden goddess and glisten and gleam like the sun itself. Slather yourself in diamond-infused glow oils from perfectly lit brow to light-catching toe with our Glow Getter Illuminating Mini Oil Trio - a shimmering oil for every moment and vibe this summer:

☀️ Desert Sun - ⁠a golden bronze⁠ glimmer
🌙 Desert Moon - an ethereal, ⁠cosmic glow⁠
☁️ Desert Sky - ⁠a mix of gold & pink magic

Three glow- giving oils that boosts collagen, hydrate, protect, and actually improve your skin while you wear them. What more could you ask for, really? Keep reading for all our favorite ways to glow!

Prime With Diamonds

Massage 2-3 drops all over the face. Stop here if you’re going sans makeup and embrace that Twilight sparkling in the sun vibe – we’re here for it.

On a makeup day, apply your foundation over your glow oil and watch the lit-from-within luminous magic happen. You’ll be giving all the golden hour, effortlessly hydrated and glow-ified vibes from dawn till dusk.

Mix for an Instant Golden Hour Moment

For a next-level, all over the visage glow, mix 2 drops in with your foundation and apply all over the face. The luminosity factor just went up a few notches – yet still, it’s a born-with-it vibe.

Capture the Light

Place a dot of oil on both cheekbones, under the brow bones, on the top of the nose, atop the cupids bow, and maybe down the center of your chin. The sun will dance off your flawlessly lit face with every turn and glance.

Diamond Blush

Mix a drop in with your favorite powder blush or pinky eyeshadow for a highlighter-blush hybrid that captures all that magic summer light right atop your blushing cheekbones.

Bathe in Body Oil

Whether you’re sunbathing at the beach, donning a shoulder baring ensemble, or just want a summer glow all year long, these oils are the shimmering, light-reflective hydrators of your dreams. Apply where the hit catches (collarbones, tips of shoulders, shin bones) for a strategic summer gleam, or drench yourself completely and be one with the sun.

Less is More

To take the shimmer factor down a notch (and save some product) mix a few drops in with your favorite body lotion and apply liberally. This is the I-hate-her-why-is-her-skin-so-glowy-and-flawless vibe.

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