How to Celebrate Women's Equality Day Today & Everyday

Today we're celebrating the 101st anniversary of women gaining the right to vote - a big step towards the equality we're still fighting for today. Women's Equality Day celebrates this moment in history, is a reminder of how far we've come, and a signal to keep going in the fight for gender equality!

While women have come a long way since the 1920s, there's still work to be done for true equality. Keep reading for more about the gender gap that still exists, plus how you can fight for women’s equality today and everyday. 


Just a few of the ways that women still aren't treated equally to men: 

The gender pay gap

While the gap has narrowed massively over the years, we still don't measure up:

  • White women make 85% of what white males in comparable positions make in the U.S.
  • Black women make just 63% of their white male counterpart’s wages.
  • Latina women make even less at 55%, and
  • Asian women earn the lowest at only 52% - almost half of what a white male makes in the same position!

It's easy to see how the fight for gender equality is intertwined with the fight for racial equality, even between men - white men make substantially more than men of every other racial group.  

Less investment goes to female entrepreneurs

99% of all investment management companies are owned by white men. And under 3% of their capital goes to women-led businesses. 

Female leadership is lacking 

Only 8% of CEOs in the U.S. are female, and in government, it's not much higher - Females only make up 25% of the U.S. congress. That means men make 75% of the congress vote on female matters and all matters.


Gender & poverty 

Women make up 67% of workers earning the minimum wage, and in retirement, women are two times more likely to live below the poverty line than men. 

Trans women and non-binary people are 4 times more likely to live in severe poverty than any other population. 

Whether it's due to the gender pay gap, gender discrimination, or so many other potential factors, these numbers need to change. Keep reading for how you can continue the fight for gender equality. 


Lift up the women around you

Whether it’s by writing a recommendation on a colleague’s LinkedIn or just sending encouraging messages to the ladies in your life, let’s collaborate instead of competing. Society has pitted women against each other for far too long and it’s time to come together to lift up the lives of every woman.


Donate to women’s shelters

Many of the women living in shelters are single mothers living in extreme poverty or women trying to rebuild their lives after escaping domestic violence. Some have had to flee their home and lost all their belongings, or had nothing to begin with.

By donating items like clothing, grooming supplies, gift cards for groceries, and transit fares, these women can return to work, access support services, and rebuild their lives. Click here for more ideas on what to donate.

Volunteer to mentor younger women/girls

When women are invested in the success of other women, that’s when we rise up as a collective. If you’re able, offer to mentor a younger woman in your career field or volunteer at a program for young girls. Either way, let’s be invested in lifting the confidence, capabilities, and opportunities available to all women around us.

Register to vote

It wouldn’t be a celebration of Women’s Equality Day without talking about voting. If you aren’t already registered, click here to register and learn more about the voting process. Voting for our representatives is an easy and powerful way to change the way women are treated, compensated, and the opportunities we’re given. Do your research and vote for the candidates that support gender and racial equality.  

Support women-owned brands

Women are much less likely to receive investment funding than men - that makes growing a brand much more difficult. By buying from women-owned brands, we help these businesses grow and the women behind them rise up. To support women-owned clean beauty brands, visit The Detox Market.


Donate to impactful charities

If you have the extra cash, there’s are some charities out there doing amazing work to promote gender equality here and around the world. Find the charity that speaks to you, and if you're not sure where to start, here’s a few suggestions: 

Women's rights worldwide: The crisis in Afghanistan 

Gender inequality exists all over the world and right now, Afghan women specifically are struggling. Since the Taliban have taken over Afghanistan, women’s rights are severely threatened – all women must now wear burqas and be accompanied by a male relative when they leave home. And that's just the beginning - when the Taliban were last in charge over 20 years ago, women were not allowed to work, girls were banned from school, and violence against women and ethnic minorities was constant.

How can you help?

If you have the extra funds and want to help, you can donate to one of the organizations below who are working for women’s rights in Afghanistan:


Thanks for joining us in celebrating Women's Equality Day and promoting gender and racial equality everyday! 

-ATHR Beauty xo

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